Emissaries of the Light & Truth / Jivanmukti / E.M. Nicolay: “Now it is your destiny to access that awareness and regain an understanding of your natural state while you are still in physical incarnation.”


E.M. Nicolay:  “The principle reason why it is so important at this time for each individual, as a carrier of light, to absorb and bring as much light into the physical realm as possible is to balance and harmonize the vibrational energy of the Earth realm.”

VSF:  We have a job to do, which is what many of you came here for.  The time has come for the Emissaries of the Light and Truth to awaken and take part in the evolution of the Third Dimensional Planet Earth Realm.  You know who you are, you have always known. Have Faith in the power of your own Real SELF.  Align your consciousness with the God-within you, in every moment of every day.  You will recognize the harmonies of alignment as they will bring you Joy, even ecstasy.  When we are not in alignment with the God-within, our higher Self and Spirit, it is then that we feel pain, uncomfortable, insecure, lacking, and begin to seek our fulfillment in the external world that offers nothing but further delusion and disappointment.  Thus we know we have fallen from our natural harmony and must realign our consciousness.  This state of ‘discomfort’ in fact is a form of Grace.


E.M. Nicolay:  “For not only are you multi-dimensional beings who have chosen to incarnate at a most extraordinary time for the purpose of your own resurrection and reawakening, but also you are here for the purpose of assisting in raising the vibrational energy that will ultimately bring resurrection and reawakening to the Earth plane as a whole. We honor that noble quest…”


VSF:  We are not the limited current identity small-self that has been ruling and running us all our lives. We are not the data-collecting vehicle, which is the function of the three GUNAS, and that in endlessly repeating compulsions has led us to the abyss of our self-delusion [moha] again and again. We are not that.  We are each of us portions of the One, the eternal, immutable, imperishable, immeasurable, ubiquitous One Source and Presence.  TAT TVAM ASI.  Thou are That.  We are the Cosmogonic Forces that generate this polarity-based universe.  We are the Cosmogonic Forces that the Rishis, the Seers who composed the Rig Veda Hymns, sing to and that they are invoking within their own Being.  We are eternal Beings who have Veiled our true nature to experience limitation within the frequency waveforms, time & space of this Third Dimensional Planet Earth Realm. 

Now is our time to Remember who we are and return Home.


E.M. Nicolay:  “Now it is your destiny to access that awareness and regain an understanding of your natural state while you are still in physical incarnation.”

VSF:  The ancient Sanskrit traditional metaphysical understanding of this phrase “understanding of your natural state while you are still in physical incarnation” is the Sanskrit term JIVANMUKTI.

Jivanmukti, according to Hindu philosophy, is the state of being spiritually liberated while still alive.  The Sanskrit term is derived from the root words, jiva, meaning “life,” and mukti, meaning “freedom.” Jivanmukti is a state in which one possesses limitless knowledge, free from suffering, and enjoys eternal bliss.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras


The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor);
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Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, October 8, 2015.

Message to the Emissaries: INVASION! / E.M. Nicolay: The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions / Timelines Collapse & Universal Ascension / “there are more of them and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.” / We may perceive the entire universe as the result of electromagnetics, the magnetic forces that create and dissolve the appearance of matter or form in the layers that are often termed as dimensional realms.


The Rig Veda

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