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A New Post Has Been Added to the Essence Path Website

“Privacy, please!” How Truth & Privacy are Lessons in Respectfulness

May 24, 2018



As your experience around Truth becomes practical, and as the “Truth” of each individual is brought to light and revealed, each of you comes to realize the importance of respecting your Truth.  Those who state proudly that they have been “true to themselves” do so with good reason.  Once this is mastered, next you become aware of the intrinsic value of everyone’s personal inner information, which, in enlightened individuals, naturally leads to a desire to safe-guard Truth through the protection of private information.

Finding Truth becomes a lesson in self-respect.  Self-respect leads to the consideration of Privacy and provides a lesson in protecting and respecting the inner Truth of every individual.

Secondarily, it is for this reason that individuals from older Soul groups have now come together in an attempt to protect the sanctity of their inner knowledge — their Truth. This is the case in various parts of the world, such as in the European Union, where older Souls, mindful of Privacy, coordinate initiatives whereby an individual is respected and protected. The inner Truth of each person, obtained through technological advancement, is to be respected by being placed out of the reach of lower consciousness entities who would otherwise exploit it through secrecy and deceit. Countries and societies that lag in doing so demonstrate their domination by younger Souls and lower consciousness entities who would rather hold onto and linger in lower dimensional vibration.

As we have said, your world is experiencing an exodus in terms of those Souls who are departing lifetimes within the current realm and who are destined, through Ascension, for lifetimes in higher vibrational universes. 

Those Souls are readily being replaced by a myriad of baby and younger Souls that do not necessarily have the level of consciousness needed to understand the importance of Truth or, as a result, the need to respect personal Privacy.  For the most part the entities destined to continue on within incarnations in the Third Dimension, where Soul growth is primarily obtained through karmic interaction, have no need or desire to curtail access to their private inner worlds, since in many cases the rape of their Truth serves as the fuel of their karmic endeavors and future growth.

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