E.M. Nicolay: “…the futility of trying to falsify Truth or deceive someone about their own path” / My photos of the sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA & NASA Worldview

My photos from my house on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, (above & detail below) morning May 26, 2018.  Contrast enhanced.


“Privacy, please!” How Truth & Privacy are Lessons in Respectfulness
May 24, 2018

E.M. Nicolay


Now, in a world where such inner knowing is prevalent, it becomes clear that Truth is easily recognized and discerned. Furthermore, Privacy, or what you perceive as Privacy, is not necessarily something sought since in knowing the Truth through inner sight, there is nothing left to hide.  In fact a true inner knowledge of exactly what an individual has chosen as their life mission and work, and the reason for such choices, makes the notion of Privacy that you experience seem relatively quaint.

However, such an arrangement is only possible in a dimension where everyone has this same ability, and everyone, as it were, is an open book. This renders the use of such Truth for purposes of deceit, control or manipulation unproductive, if not unconscionable. In other words, if you were to inwardly know without question the “Truth,” understand the deep seated reasons someone acted as they did, knew their impulses and what drove them in advance and realized who they were was related to their Soul’s desired choices for personal growth in that lifetime, would you not be less judgmental and less concerned with trying to force someone to do things your way or to your advantage? Add to this the fact that they also know your Truth, and you see the futility of trying to falsify Truth or deceive someone about their own path.

Entities incarnated on Fifth Dimensional Terra, who are only able to incarnate in such a frequency when they have mastered the need to manipulate, harm or force others to their way of thinking, something younger Souls often do, understand what a gift this particular sense provides. Fifth Dimensional beings are focused on their own personal growth through the understanding of their inner nature and are not at all concerned with the need to manipulate or change others. Manipulating others through clandestine efforts is neither desired nor possible since such manipulation would be readily known.  Therefore, Privacy is not an issue.

But this is NOT the case in Third Dimensional reality. In the Third Universal Dimension, where younger Souls predominate and are increasing incarnations at this time, the arrangement through technology of knowing the inner personal workings of various groups of individuals by those who are intent on controlling and manipulating the individuals they have secretly gathered that inner knowledge from, is an affront to the sanctity of the individual and violates higher universal law.



Australia, Tasmania & the Tasman Sea (above) / May 25, 2018. Not enhanced.                 https://go.nasa.gov/2GSyTQK

Australia, Tasmania & the Tasman Sea (above) / May 25, 2018.  Some slight contrast adjustments.                                                                                                                   https://go.nasa.gov/2Lvz6x1

Australia, Tasmania & the Tasman Sea (above) / May 25, 2018.  Some slight contrast adjustments.                                                                                                                 https://go.nasa.gov/2GRwUfv

Australia, Tasmania & the Tasman Sea (above) / May 25, 2018.  The contrast is adjusted & sepia enhanced to reveal the radiation patterns.                                                     https://go.nasa.gov/2xcAq4T

Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the USA (above) / May 25, 2018.  Contrast adjusted.     https://go.nasa.gov/2xdnJGK

The Atlantic Ocean off Portugal & Spain (above) / May 25, 2018.                                         https://go.nasa.gov/2LxV7eG

The Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin Island & Kamchatka Russia and the Kuril Islands (above) / May 24, 2018.                                                                                                                https://go.nasa.gov/2LusO0A

The Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / May 24, 2018.  The contrast etc. are maxed. https://go.nasa.gov/2xbe8QQ

An older photo taken from my house on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State…contrast enhanced to reveal the scalar wave radiation.

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