The Final Years: Of those whose consciousness has entered into Me [the One eternal, imperishable, immutable, immeasurable] — I soon deliver from the ocean [frequency waveforms as endless ocean waves] of death and transmigration [death and rebirth on the wheel].









VSF:  By now I hope that many of you who read here have understood what is in fact occurring.  In summation we are in the final years of the present Cycle of Time, the Kali Yuga as it is termed in the Sanskrit tradition.  With the information Inanna gave to me while I was still living in New Zealand and the insight of E.M. Nicolay, who is trained in both spiritual disciplines and remote viewing, we may understand that this cycle will be brought to its close through the Invasion Agendas of the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Grey races.

“We lost the planet…”

These two off-planet groups are not friendly to what Nicolay terms the Human Angelic Soul group, meaning those of us who consider planet Earth as our Home and God-given field of Life.  The Dracos and the Zetas have traded scalar-wave plasma Trojan-horse technologies to our very foolish leaders, both state and military, in exchange for our DNA and hormonal secretions that the Zetas have used to create a hybrid race of which there are already millions especially in so-called Third World areas, where there is pressure to migrate into the west.

The Draco and Zeta technologies include geoengineering the entire planet for the purpose of ionizing, ‘metalizing’, and weaponizing Earth’s atmosphere. This not only allows them to generate an electromagnetic field that facilitates their weaponry, but also control of the weather thereby creating droughts and floods, melt the polar regions releasing the methane they like and prefer into the air and simultaneously raise the oceans to inundate our coastal cities.

The idea is to cause as much suffering to the Human Angelics as possible so that we will leave the planet for their hybrid ‘humans’ — which are not a part of our soul group — to completely take over.  The coming implementation of 5G will allow them to control the unconscious masses and electromagnetically herd their hybrids ‘hubrids’ into the ‘one-mind’ culture they find acceptable.  Essentially they are of the Borg mentality and do not tolerate freedom of individual thought.

The Dracos and the Zetas are both tyrant-based races that only respect a service-to-self way.  Might makes right.  They are bullies, highly Machiavellian and the weak are considered useless and disposable.  They have no compassion, sympathy or empathy.  They loath us Human Angelics and our capacity for feeling, empathy, and the Human Angelic way as service-to-others.

Therefore understand that life on this planet will get much worse.  There will be catastrophic earth changes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, methane release, more Fukushima radiation type events, etc. which will encourage the remaining Human Angelics to move into higher states of consciousness and head Home — meaning into a higher dimension, or off the time line altogether back into our One Source, JIVAN MUKTI.

Over the next 200 years, the Earth herself will inevitably throw the invaders off through a series of dire catastrophes that will instigate what Nicolay terms as a plantary RESET, meaning life on Earth will begin all over again for our designated soul group, the Human Angelics.  World without End. Those who have ascended or reached Enlightenment will not be here in the Third Dimensional realm of planet Earth.

Alien Invasion & The Planetary ‘Reset’ in the 26th century: At that time a majority of Beings existing on Third Dimensional Earth will no longer be Human Angelic in origin. / The End Of Humanity: The ruling oligarchs are planning to radically change how the human race functions.

Keep in mind that because of the daily spraying of these toxic metals — aluminum, lithium, barium, strontium, etc. — depending on the strength or weakness of the individual immune system, people will become increasingly disoriented, confused, and diseases such as autism, dementia, respiratory, etc. will become epidemic.  As the weather ‘whiplash’ becomes more severe, the food supply and quality will dry up, diminish. Lack of proper nourishment will also destroy the human immune system.

Pacific Ocean & California coast showing massive spraying operations.

A higher consciousness is our only Refuge…

Once we have fully understood what is occurring and have accepted the fact that time will continue to speed up and chaos increase — we are faced with the truth that a higher consciousness is our only Refuge.  Each of us must turn to the God-within us and find our way Home.

Certainly reach out to any and all who are open and who have ‘the ears to hear’ — but do not concern yourself with those who cannot.  They have already chosen to stay in a service-to-self realm and that is their God-given right.  So work on your own self and let them go their chosen way.


I will endeavor to provide support, both spiritual and real-world evidence of these times as long as I can.  For those of you who resonate with the primordial metaphysics in the Sanskrit tradition, both the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras will serve you.  These two sacred texts are available for free on my primary website.

When I first grasped the reality of the Cycles of Time, I wondered how the Creator would bring about the close of this Kali Yuga.  I feel that this question has been answered for me.


Bhagavad Gita
Through perservering effort, exertion, and a controlled mind, the Yogin [those who are in Union with and have allowed God-Consciousness to pervade their Being] becomes completely cleansed of the impurities of evil [the “sin” of forgetting that we are the One]. And perfected through many births, then goes [Home] to the Supreme highest Goal.
The Yogin [who is in Union with God] is superior to the ascetics, also to the learned, and to those who perform rituals.
Therefore, be a Yogin…
Of all these Yogins, the one who has merged their inner Self in Me [the One God Consciousness] honors Me, full of Faith, and is thought to be the most devoted to Me.


VSF:  By contemplating these verses, we realize that Devotion to and Love for God is the most efficient, valued, and important way to reach God Consciousness. Yes, studying the Sanskrit texts will enhance our thoughts and encourage the mind into Peace. And yes, self-discipline is also important – and rituals do reinforce and remind us of Truth.

However it is Loving God in every moment, in our every act, every breath that will re-connect us to our Source. God is Love — therefore when we generate the frequency waveforms of Love, we will resonate with our own true Self, our eternal Being, that which we have always been and always will be.  We will be Home — and no Draco & Zeta technology, no iononized ‘metalized’ atmosphere, no Lockheed Martin space fence can keep us from the higher vibrational frequencies that we are, our own Essence and Self. Truth.

Bhagavad Gita XII.7
Of those whose consciousness has entered into Me  [the One eternal, imperishable, immutable, immeasurable] — I soon deliver from the ocean [frequency waveforms as endless ocean waves] of death and transmigration [death and rebirth on the wheel].

The world is bliss
There is nothing but bliss
Every moment is a chance for bliss
Beneath the curtain of each atom
Under and within the illusion
Between breaths
Between endings and beginnings
In pleasure and pain
The Illusion is nothing more than an offering of bliss
God is bliss
Everything is bliss
There is nothing but bliss

This illusory world offers you bliss
In the taste of anything
When you touch any thing
In the golden path of sunlight
The clear bright blue sky
The shadows in a dark night
A falling whirling spinning leaf
The flame in a bird song
The stars that pierce your soul
A headache
A heart ache

There is nothing anywhere but bliss
The illusory world is made up of bliss

There is nothing anywhere but bliss
We made it this way
Remember …?

V. Susan Ferguson – written around 2005


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