Transmissions from the Far North of the North Island, New Zealand 2013-2014 / Time is experienced here in this earth plane as compressed and greater density — which produces the solidification of matter. / Coming Home from the war zone.


Photography of New Zealand by Tarzan

Transmissions from the Far North of the North Island, New Zealand

VSF:  The last year I was living in New Zealand, I became increasing ill with chronic digestive issues from barium poisoning.  One symptom was not being able to sleep, which left me in a rather between-worlds state. The God-within me began to transmit information on regular basis, which I proceeded to write down and now offer to you. I will post more of these in time.

In that era of my spiritual awakening, I would often say, “God is crazy! Crazy in Love with the Universe and God’s Creation.”  In response to me, the God-within me, the radiant light Being who long ago back in the 1970s suggested I call this Self of mine Thel Dar, offered an understanding:

TD:  What you think is My “craziness” is really My Delight [madhu and ananda in Sanskrit].  Delight ananda bliss in My own vast magnificent Creation, innumerable universes I ‘Play’ in.

TD:  Time is experienced here in this earth plane as compressed and greater density — which produces the appearance of the solidification of matter. This solidification increases throughout the Cycles of Time.
Space travel cannot take place in such a dense vibratory rate of time. Thus beings here are ‘trapped’ in their own perception of being contained in a human bodily form.
Beings not encased in such perceived forms, move in and out of the Akasha [ether] and thus ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ to the cognition of five-sense perception — as vehicles in the sky [atmosphere – antariksha].

TD:  In the Veiled and Deluded State [of the identity VSF], I have chosen to enjoy [bhoga] the appearance of Free Will that leads to endless entanglements in the state of bondage (to Maya and five-sense perception). Real Freedom is Liberation [moksha] from the illusion of Free Will that binds Me [as VSF] in the temporal illusory hologram that is not the eternal Real.

VSF:  What TD is referring to here is the fact that our believing we have Free Will in this polarity universe is an illusion, because there is only the One. Every act, thought, etc. belong to God. We do nothing. We are not the Doer.

TD:  Nothing ever is. Nothing ever is not. Appearances transfer energy from the imperishable [akshara] state to the perishable [kshara] as electromagnetic energy transference. Soma is the most subtle plasma. Indra kindles Soma into Agni.

TD:  The Rig Veda is a subtle, elusive, the unending mystery, pearls gold and black strung in the Hearts of the Rishis, the ancient Seers. The Rig Veda is the Howling Luminescence, as the Seer Vishvamitra says.  It contains the layers of Life and Beyond, nuclear Spanda [the vibrationless vibration], plasma Prakasha [self-effulgent illumination], the echoes of the Cosmic Fire [Agni] pulsating through the galaxies, the Myriad Worlds. Love is the enigma, the mystical Fire.


The Gayatri Mantra (above)

VSF: When I left New Zealand in 2014, I was very ill. I don’t know how I made that long journey. I had lost most of my muscle, and really came back to the United States to die. Little did I know that my journey was far from over. I wrote these words before I left.

VSF:  The hymns in the Rig Veda are 1028 jewels burning in the night, engulfing me in their song, consuming me, enticing, enchanting, exhausting me, bewildering me, absorbing me, making me their own —imbuing, suffusing, inundating me in their ancient essence, into the frozen past of a subtle realm, unfamiliar, unknown, and unknowable — seducing me in their glory, mystery, and impenetrable monumental sphinx whisperings.

In the Howling Luminescence from the Hallways of Time, the Rishis embrace me.
In the Far End of Nowhere, exiled in the Southern Hemisphere, sensing the ocean currents from Antarctica, this wandering cowgirl —- Texan by birth, New Yorker in heart, a hermit of Nature — in time aging, dissolving, yet expanding in ageless Wisdom.

Forever Yours.  To be no more. To be eternal.  Coming Home from the war zone.  Going Home in Far Memory.  Beyond — beyond.  Forever Yours, forever.  The Embrace.


ELECTROMAGNETICS: Indra and Soma in Rig Veda VI.23.9 / Indra is the Cosmogonic Force that weaves the subtle Aether, coalescing and coagulating the substratum of ‘appearances’ that are perceived through five-sense perception as solidity, polarities of hot and cold, etc.

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