Part II: Transmissions from the Far North of the North Island, New Zealand 2013-2014 / The Rig Veda contains the evidence that planet Earth is in fact a colony — one of hundreds of thousands. The entities that control your planet keep this from you to maintain their control.

Part II: Transmissions from the Far North of the North Island, New Zealand

VSF: The last year I was in New Zealand, I became increasing ill with chronic digestive issues from barium poisoning.  One symptom was not being able to sleep, which left me in a continual state rather between worlds.  The God-within me, who long ago back in the 1970s suggested I call this radiant light Being Self of mine Thel Dar, began to transmit information on regular basis, which I proceeded to write down and now offer to you.

Thel Dar:  The Ship is in the Bay.
You are not Susan, not Inanna, not even Melinar, or other incarnations in various dimensional realms. You are the substratum effulgence of the All ‘playing’ as multiple aspects of the One Self.  You are that One.
You are here to assist the activation of the Chakra system in a particular species that is ready to Know.  Not all the corporal embodied forms are capable.  But many are ready. They are jewels ripe in the Field of Becoming.
The Rig Veda contains the access codes to Immortality in the sense of the Knowledge that we are all never born and never die.  This Knowledge is the Key to Freedom MOKSHA. Tyranny will not be accepted, and will not be allowed when this Wisdom Knowledge is fully groked (absorbed and ‘digested’) by enough beings to make it contagious.
The Truth will set them Free.

TD:  The current ‘threat matrix’ that is being promulgated by the media & internet is just one more ritual-racket from Fear Inc.  Instead of running around the Net searching for more illusions of the world that entrap your consciousness and mess up the synaptic pathways of the brain — focus on your own consciousness by turning within.
There you will find peace, Love, and true Power — even Immortality.

TD:  Collapse the frequency waveforms by removing your consciousness from them.

TD:  The Sun is the Crown Chakra.
The Nadis (subtle nerves) run electrical electromagnetic currents.
The three GUNAS (rajas, sattva, tamas) contain electromagnetic charge.
Rajas = positive
Sattva = rest, equilibrium, balance
Tamas = negative
The Nadis are the upside-down Ashvatha tree and use five-sense perception.
Anger deludes and drives the consciousness into the lower chakras.
The body (flesh & blood) is an illusion created by the interaction between the Sun and the Nadis, which are also creating generating all appearances.
The DNA is composed of is a web, threads in consciousness creating bloodlines in Time through experience.

TD:  Inter-Stellar beings enjoy coming to Third Dimensional planet Earth for the experience of being Veiled in density and Ignorance, within in five-sense perception vehicles — and inevitable eventual Enlightenment.
Inter-Galactic multi-dimensional layers in the astral planes are crores (innumerable). The manifest external Maya-Shakti (the power to create temporal illusory forms) is the un-real.
The Real and the goal is your Return to the un-manifest eternal One, the Source of All that you always are.

TD:  In the term ‘higher vibrational frequency’ the word ‘higher’ refers to a greater totality — not some moral preference. ‘Higher’ means all inclusive — a Totality — the All.

TD:  It is easier for most humans to accept tyrants and be controlled than to take on the responsibility for their own self.  Freedom in this third dimensional realm world and various forms of democracy are both conditions that are messy and fraught with pain — trial and error. Thus most will allow someone else to control their lives.

TD:  Enders. What if you (the elite) knew that most of Earth’s population would become extinct and soon. Your priorities would change, your values shift.  Survival of the few would override democracy, the rule of law, individual freedom, open-ness, access to public information, compassion, and even family — all gone, sacrificed to saving, preserving something of the human gene pool. And you (the elite) keep the population distracted, confused and busy — ignorant. Fear is useful for this purpose.
Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

TD:  Upon their death, the cruel tyrants are stripped of their memory, which is fed into the larger demon Metatron and other unspeakable names — which thereby grow in power through the Cycles of Time. These demonic powers implement acts that serve to test and temper those walking in the Valley of Endurance — Life.
The tyrants with no memory, who have been stripped and ‘eaten’ may continue to feel arrogant in the astral. But one day find themselves back in a womb, suffocating in the fluids of an unfortunate woman who is perhaps saturated permeated in drugs & alcohol and her fears. This recycling continues until they vanish — unless one turns within and begins to seek Truth.

TD:  The Rig Veda contains the evidence that planet Earth is in fact a colony — one of hundreds of thousands. The entities that control your planet keep this from you to maintain their control.  This has been true for many millennia and is now even more so with the ‘breakaway’ civilization created in your lifetime.
Earth is a seed bank — a planet that allows the development of a variety of DNA ‘threads’ for the Woven Universe. Now and again the seeds have to be culled. Thus wars, floods, ice eras, etc. come and go and serve their purpose — not just to make the data-collecting vehicles stronger, but also to create diversity.













TD:  You are My Beloved!


This photograph was taken by ‘Tarzan’ while I was in New Zealand. Remember when you could actually see all the stars?

The Universe is a Living Consciousness / Rig Veda III.26

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