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The ARCTIC: Radiation over Svalbard Norway (left) and Franz Josef Land Islands Russia (above) July 8, 2018.  The contrast etc. is adjusted to reveal the parallel lines that indicate scalar wave technology.                                                                                       

Monday, 9 July 2018
Conditions in the Arctic – 07/08/2018

High ocean temperature, methane emissions and a cyclone in the Arctic
These are sea temperature anomalies on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) as of last night. This is right where there are methane clathrates in shallow sea.
Meanwhile there is another massive cyclone in the Arctic as of yesterday (~968 hPa)

The ARCTIC: The BERING SEA, Russia & Alaska, Bering Strait, The Beaufort Sea & The Yukon & Northwest Territory CANADA.  The contrast etc. is maxed. Note the radiation over Alaska and cracking ice in the Beaufort Sea.                                        

The ARCTIC: The BARENTS SEA (above) July 8, 2018. Novaya Zemlya Russia & the KARA Sea / Franz Josef Lands. With various adjustments, contrast etc.                   

Northern Barents Sea warms dramatically

Scientists link the sharp increase in ocean temperature to a recent decline in sea-ice import. Around Svalbard, this July is worst ever in times of records.

By Thomas Nilsen / The BARENTS OBSERVER
 /July 05, 2018

The northern Barents Sea is an Arctic warming hotspot, says Sigrid Lind with the Marine Research Institute in Tromsø, Norway. Changes go from Arctic to Atlantic climate, concludes a study Lind and other scientists have made. The results are published in a recent article in Nature.

The ocean researchers have used a compilation of hydrographic observations from 1970 to 2016, investigating the link between changing sea-ice import and the warming hotspot of the northern Barents Sea.

“A sharp increase in ocean temperature and salinity is apparent from the mid-2000s, which we show can be linked to a recent decline in sea-ice import and a corresponding loss in freshwater, leading to weakened ocean stratification, enhanced vertical mixing and increased upward fluxes of heat and salt that prevent sea-ice formation and increase ocean heat content,” Sigrid Lind tells in the article.

Thus, the northern Barents Sea may soon complete the transition from a cold Arctic to a warm and well-mixed Atlantic dominated climate regime. In fact, the entire Barents Sea will be ice-free year-around.   “Such a shift would have unknown consequences for the Barents Sea ecosystem,” Lind says.  What happens now due to climate changes is a self-reinforcing cycle.

The BARENTS SEA (above) July 7, 2018. Novaya Zemlya Russia & the KARA SEA. The contrast etc. is maxed – but now showing more turquoise color. Why?                       

The climate tipping point for Arctic sea-ice might already been past since the Barents Sea acts like a buffer between the Arctic Ocean and the North-Atlantic.  Warm Atlantic water will no longer be pressed deeper by freshwater around Svalbard because the fresh water floating south from sea-ice disappears, and with the salter Atlantic water sea-ice formation will decrease. Sea-ice has been the most important souce of fresh water to the northern Barents Sea.

The ocean researchers argue that ice-associated marine mammals and commercial fish stocks are at stake.  Norway’s Meteorological Institute has all summer published highly worrying ice maps for the Barents Sea. Though, better named “ice-free maps” when looking closer.

Wednesday, July 4th, map Svalbard shows the Hinlopen Strait with very little ice. Also, waters around the islands of Nordaustlandet, Kong Karls land and Kvitøya have no sea-ice.
“This is the lowest area for this day of the year in our records dating back to 1967,” Norway Ice Service writes in a tweet.  “For the waters around Svalbard it is a record low ice area by a good margin,” says Nick Hughes, Leader of the Ice Service in Tromsø to the Barents Observer. … From north of Svalbard up to 82 degrees, it is today possible to sail all east to the west coast of Franz Josef Land before meeting sea-ice.

Worse, the heat keeps warming the planet.  Yesterday, the Washington Post published the headline Red-hot planet, quoting a July 3rd weather model by the University of Maine telling all-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week.

North America: A detail of the Pacific Ocean (above) / July 7, 2018.  The screenshot is enhanced with sepia & contrast adjusted. Note the various bizarre cloud forms, which include the erect tufted clouds that contain ‘charged’ spiral-coil helical resonator forms. In all the image explanations I have been able to find and study, these parallel lines indicate scalar wave energy patterns, aka longitudinal waves. Of course they deny this scalar technology – and Tom Bearden’s explanations are IMO intentionally obscure. I honestly think he was lobbying for ‘Star Wars’ funding. These spiral-coil forms are everywhere – all around the entire planet.                                               

E.M. Nicolay: “Geoengineering…there is a faction of individuals (alien in nature but in human incarnation), that are truly attempting to alter the environment, want to have the environment be hotter, with more carbon dioxide…altering the environment to be more compatible with hybrid humans…this is part of the plan, they are human, but their soul origination is not ‘human angelic’ … they are different in nature than most human angelics…the hybrids…an invasion.”

E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

North America: A detail of the Pacific Ocean (above) / July 7, 2018.  The screenshot is enhanced with sepia & contrast adjusted. Note the various bizarre cloud forms. The previous image is taken from this one.                                                       





From the comments on Dane Wigington’s

Comment:  At nine o’clock this morning I sat in an outdoor easy chair resting from weed-eating.  It’s a formidable job so I allot only one hour a day to this task.  But for the fire danger with the advance of summer heat I would not do this at all except for around the cabin.

As I sat there looking off into the distance hillside my eyes looked up above me.  There over top the barn was a cloud that was literally blurry.  There were some microwave induced striations but basically it was flat and “hazy” and almost square in shape.

What struck me about this white ‘apparition’ is try as I might, my eyes seemed unable to focus.  But my eyes were operating just fine. Mind you l, this is not Mount Everest here but at 4,000 feet this altitude gets me up a lot closer to clouds than for those at sea level. And this WAS a blurry cloud. First one for me!

Indeed, a friend is visiting and we both agreed the cloud seemed to be vibrating at an extreme rate, so extraordinarily fast as to create the blur so that the eye could not zero in on any detail whatsoever except for the few striations.  I realize this seems a bit bizarre but that is what went down.

Is there not an official cloud institute?  I recall a couple years ago some government agency adding a whole bunch of new cloud names for the bizarre creations apparently never observed ever, or on very rare occasions but now become freak-normal.  My nomination for this “cloud” is the BLURRY CLOUD.  Or more formally the Cumulus Vibratos Cloud.  “Tomorrow’s forecast is for partial sun in the morning with a very blurry vibrating cloudy afternoon.”  The atmosphere is becoming evermore a genuine freak show.

VSF:  Thank you, for this report, which I find most interesting. On my nightly NASA Worldview rounds (over 13K+ now), I have begun to notice an increase in what I would term “blurring” of various cloud forms, especially over the oceans. You know that this can be accomplished electromagnetically by adjusting various radiation frequencies, ‘turning the dial’ on the transmitter.

I am reading a Springer textbook on ‘The Atmosphere & Ionosphere, Elementary Processes, Discharges, and Plasmoids’ / 2013.  There are too many equations for me, but the depth of insanely comprehensive interest and massive experiments around nanoaerosols in the atmosphere as molecular physics, that have been conducted regarding the dynamics of particle formulation are mind-blowing.

One example: “The interactions of a single aerosol particle with surrounding carrier gas that can contain some condensible vapors (condensation & evaporation), ions (particle charging processes), and the energy exchange between the particle and the surrounding [plasma is an ionized] gas.

There are many sources of particle charging: natural and artificial radioactivity [interferometry transmitters?];  short-wave electromagnetic radiation;  Cosmic Rays [that are constantly bombarding Earth’s Magnetosphere on inter-galactic winds from space]; and intra-atmospheric chemical reactions producing ions.”

Mr. ElectroMagnetics: ‘Depositing’ or Spraying A Computer in the Sky / By placing all of these semiconductor elements into gaseous plasma form, a semiconductor can be created on gaseous plasmonic form. Just as solid state semiconductors form the basis of a solid state computer, gaseous plasmonic semiconductor material could be used to create a gaseous plasmonic computer in the atmosphere above our heads.


North America: Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Pacific Northwest (above) July 8, 2018.  The contrast, saturation, etc. are maxed.                                                       

E.M. Nicolay:  “Unknown to most, it became exceedingly clear by approximately 2025 that governments had in fact reengineered [geoengineered] Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology in such a way as was harmful and in some cases detrimental globally.”  
— Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension

North America: Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Pacific Northwest (above) July 8, 2018.  A close-up detail of the previous screenshot.  A slight contrast adjustment.

The USA Is Now a 3rd World Nation
Charles Hugh Smith
I know it hurts, but the reality is painfully obvious: the USA is now a 3rd World nation.

5. There are two classes that only interact in strictly controlled ways: the wealthy, who live in gated, guarded communities and who rule all the institutions, public and private, and the debt-serfs, who are divided into well-paid factotums, technocrat lackeys and enforcers who serve the interests of the entrenched elites and rest of the populace who own virtually nothing and have zero power.
The elites make a PR show of being a commoner only to burnish the absurd illusion that debt-serf votes actually matter. (They don’t.)

6. Cartels and quasi-monopolies are parasitically extracting the wealth of the nation for their elite owners and managers. Google: quasi-monopoly. Facebook: quasi-monopoly. Healthcare: cartel. Banking: cartel. National defense: cartel. National Security: cartel. Corporate mainstream media: cartel. Higher education: cartel. Student loans: cartel. I think you get the point: every key institution or function is controlled by cartels or quasi-monopolies that serve the interests of the few via parasitic exploitation of the powerless.

7. The elites use the extreme violence and repressive powers of the government to suppress, marginalize and/or destroy any dissent. There are two systems of “law”: one for the elites ($10 million penalties for ripping off the public for $10 billion, no personal liability for outright fraud) and one for the unprotected-unprivileged: “tenners” (10-year prison sentences) for minor drug infractions, renditions or assassinations (all “legal,” of course) and institutional forces of violence (bust down your door on the rumor you’ve got drugs, confiscate your car because we caught you with cash, so you must be a drug dealer, and so on, in sickening profusion).

8. Dysfunctional institutions with unlimited power to extract money via junk fees, licensing fees, parking tickets, penalties, late fees, etc., all without recourse. Mess with the extractive, parasitic bureaucracy and you’ll regret it: there’s no recourse other than another layer of well-paid self-serving functionaries that would make Kafka weep.

9. The well-paid factotums, bureaucrats, technocrat lackeys and enforcers who fatten their own skims and pensions at the expense of the public and slavishly serve the interests of the entrenched elites embrace the delusion that they’re “wealthy” and “the system is working great.” These deluded servants of the elites will defend the dysfunctional system because it serves their interests to do so.

North America: Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Pacific Northwest (above) July 8, 2018.  A close-up detail of the previous screenshot.  A slight contrast adjustment.

More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution
Scientific American Blog Network

As an ecologist and evolutionary biologist, I have had a disturbing window into the accumulating literature on the hazards of plastic pollution. Scientists have long recognized that plastics biodegrade slowly, if at all, and pose multiple threats to wildlife through entanglement and consumption. 

More recent reports highlight dangers posed by absorption of toxic chemicals in the water and by plastic odors that mimic some species’ natural food.

Plastics also accumulate up the food chain, and studies now show that we are likely ingesting it ourselves in seafood. 

If we consumers are to blame, how is it possible that we fail to react when a study reports that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050?
… In fact, the greatest success of Keep America Beautiful has been to shift the onus of environmental responsibility onto the public while simultaneously becoming a trusted name in the environmental movement. This psychological misdirect has built public support for a legal framework that punishes individual litterers with hefty fines or jail time, while imposing almost no responsibility on plastic manufacturers for the numerous environmental, economic and health hazards imposed by their products.

… And yet, some plastic producers continue to oppose legislation that would eat into their profit margins.

North America: The Pacific Ocean (above) July 8, 2018. This close-up detail uses various adjustments including sepia. The geoengineering technicians are always ‘playing’ with vortexes, which occur naturally in plasma.                                                                  

Plasma Vortex Force Field / Proto G
Published on Apr 4, 2016

This video demonstrates how a magnetic field affects the charged particles in a plasma arc. Plasma actually does make a functional force field. A University of Washington group in Seattle has been experimenting with using a bubble of charged plasma, contained by a fine mesh of superconducting wire, to surround a spacecraft. This would protect the spacecraft from interstellar radiation and some particles without needing physical shielding.


E.M. Nicolay: “…the use of scalar weapons on Earth derived from alien technology … These alien participants … provided this technology to their human associates in order to disrupt Earth’s protective energy grid system knowing full well that its demise would lessen the degree of guidance and intensity of energies coming from higher dimensional realms…to provide them with dominance and the potential colonization of this Third Dimensional planetary system in the future.




“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

V. Susan Ferguson

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor);
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; June 6, 2012.

Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, October 8, 2015.



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