Rig Veda I.85: The MARUTS: Cosmic Radiation in Electromagnetic Galactic Waves & Solar Storms


Rig Veda I.85 / translation by V. S. Ferguson
The MARUTS: Cosmic Radiation in Electromagnetic Galactic Waves & Solar Storms

Wave rays sound-light particles,
the Maruts, emerge
from the center of galaxies
and heart of Suns.

Upon being born, the seven children
of roaring Rudra-power, the howling luminescence,
spread shining silent sound,
moving advancing, bright-flying
rapidly along.

Indeed they boldly dance about
the cosmos, heavens & earth,
whirling round, abound spinning,
brushing against, increasing
knowledge, polishing wisdom.


Ever expanding full spreading wide across
the vast canopy sky of space-time,
these silent ones, drops of un-struck sound,
spin-whirling shedding discharging emitting
cosmic-mother-rays fierce and terrible,
a guardian above offering generating holding
protection over earth’s nestling offspring.


Shining sound, those mother-rays of Light
that glitter through senses, heart & mind,
a brilliant weapon, drips, oozing, instills
weaves, forms covering the pure One
by obstructing all around, everywhere,
taking away clear perception thinking,
veiling with sense impressions,
as the river’s course cuts the land,
a wheel marks tracks on a path.


The multitude, conquering hosts,
these drops, sound-light particles
are showering, sprinkling freely chariot-vehicle
bodies, alerting enliven enlightening the mind,
in shining illumination, glittering
union with the Universal Spirit,
and as the double edge sword, others
streaming forth, trickle, merely shake about
in separation, falling away.


Flashing light-drops, shining silent sound,
particle fragments, flow rushing out,
mountain clouds thundering, clapping fire-bolts
electric spray, scatter shoot freely,
the radiant sun red-horse rays
pour forth streams, spring issue out away,
bursting skin-like earth shield covering!


The sound-light plasma particle-drops
spread onward carrying,
as though in many dreaded arms
their fire-beams radiant,
bestowing imparting, settling
sinking down in the prepared abode
the honey sweet Soma wisdom-nectar,
rapturous, ecstatic, quick-flowing,
moving fast, quick-flying, nimble.


Whirling round the firmament, deep space infinite,
wide pliable they, the Maruts magnify,
increasing one’s own inherent power by might,
greatness, onward direct moving
on the abode of our being.

Indeed that nearby pouring
out of Knowledge, wisdom
certainty, sprinkling, fertile,
circles reeling with inspiration,
as a weaving bird fans out above, exhilaration,
honey-rapture permeating, sinking in nicely.

Flashing Maruts, wave-rays,
resplendent illumining radiance,
flying marching together,
glorious herds of renown warriors
powerful, in battle array, ready,
glittering, vehement awful,
feared by all the world
for their impartial indifference.


Breath-out force repels expands
intelligence sense-mind Indra
blowing-out subduing, throwing down
breaking splitting cutting-off killing dark
clouds, vaporous, undifferentiated matter
covered by serpent Vritra, holding the waters,
fire springing up, arising in foaming oceans
the thousand armed thunderbolt imperishable,
the shaper creator reducer’s
golden semen substance, order,
electromagnetism bringing into being.


One hundred strings weaving
sound blowing bellowing, melting
radiation, whirling round, humming
jingling pushing propelling,
upward-above down-below,
those cloud-mountains
thought piercing firmly away, vigorously
grasping honey-sweet Soma.


Melting heat flowing blowing,
swelling out streaming bubble waves,
spheres, sound clear soothing
shaking inwardly, agitate
onward bright variegated
light, desire-photons shine
indwelling, spread pervading
going away weakened force
placed below, push-shake-up
arousing in all direction-regions
trajectories, currents of proclivity
aligned, magnetic inclinations
sprinkling soaking moisten
conquering thirst of the Seers.


The weaving-water, that
ocean-air stretched along above,
dancing leaping bounding,
together strung, woven webs,
those particles joined connected
charged light-sound-silent,
holding moving velocity
sphere-sacks firm with potency-sperm,
wealth raining sprinkling fertilizing,
bestows the three-fold layered stratum,
primordial, the elements, matter.

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