The MARUTS in the Rig Veda: The Maruts are a causal intelligence, a self-organizing Cosmic Electromagnetic Wind breeding, inducing, inciting the eternal life-currents into their rotations, revolvings — spin.


VSF:  The following translation is more of a compilation of the many verses I am every morning transcribing and transposing on the Maruts. Often considered as a Cosmic Wind, I intuitively feel that they are far more. There is considerable speculation regarding the true meaning of these Cosmogonic Forces. Here I offer my recent conclusions. The Rishi who composed these hymns to the Maruts in Book Five is Shavashva Atreyah.

THE MARUTS: Rig Veda V.58.7

The Maruts, sons of Rudra, the Howling Luminescence, are Divine Cosmic Radiations showering a spectrum of superb and subtle emissions — their own glowing radiant rain perspiration.

The Maruts are a causal intelligence, a self-organizing Cosmic Electromagnetic Wind breeding, inducing, inciting the eternal life-currents into their rotations, revolvings — spin.

Charged electromagnetic, the Maruts are indeed united, yoking to the Axle, the whirling spokes of the spinning Wheel of Time.

Expanding their passage deep into earth, the sacred desire of the Maruts places their own child in Her — spreading, sprinkling their spectrum of seed rays, accelerating in fleet momentum, rapidity, the Maruts impregnate Her, just as the husband seeds the sacred embryo.

V. Susan Ferguson / July 19, 2018


E.M. Nicolay:  “…the Tree of Life, the system of Chakra orientation in the physical body, is one that mimics the spin and dynamics of your own galaxy and solar system. This is not by accident. Each Chakra and the energy contained therein spins in such a way that it creates electromagnetic waves that not only enable communication with your Soul, but also enable you to manifest what we will call the spark of physical life.”

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; June 6, 2012.


Anthony L. Peratt:  “For plasmas, there is neutral force region where filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry.” — Physics of the Plasma Universe

Olivier Boucher:  “Electronic transitions require relatively large energies that correspond to the wavelengths of ultraviolet and visible radiation. In practice, during an electronic transition, there are also vibrational and rotational transitions — that are converted into thermal energy, or the resulting radicals can be in excited states.” — Atmospheric Aerosols, Properties and Climate Impacts, Springer, 2015.

Anthony L. Peratt:  “Most cosmological objects, including galaxies, are emitters of synchrotron radiation, over a relatively wide band encompassing radio frequencies through optical frequencies.” — Physics of the Plasma Universe, Springer, 2015.

K.V. Khodatev:  “A regular current flows through the atmosphere from the terrestrial surface to the ionosphere, which assumes the presence of electrical conductivity. … Necessary regular conductivity at the surface of the ground is supported by Cosmic Rays.”  — Chapter 5, Discharge Processes, The Atmosphere and Ionosphere, Elementary Processes, Discharges, and Plasmoids, Springer.










Anthony L. Peratt:  “Transport of Cosmic Radiation: The refractive index of plasma depends on the wave frequency, magnetic field strength and orientation, plasma temperature, plasma constituency, and collision frequency.” — Physics of the Plasma Universe

Tom Bearden:  “Thus scalar EM electromagnetic waves are continually exchanged by all nuclei of the universe and the vacuum is — among other things — a seething cauldron of scalar radiation.  In fact, it is this seething scalar wave cauldron that creates the virtual particles and the virtual particle flux of vacuum itself.  Since the scalar EM electromagnetic wave represents an oscillation of the curvature of spacetime, and since everything — virtual or observable — is a curvature of spacetime, then scalar waves can be taken as the universal generatrix.

“The intensity of the trapped scalar flux in the nucleus of an atom is responsible for the mass and inertia of the nucleus. Mass is localized trapped scalar resonance. The trapping agent is the spin of the particle.

“The mass and inertia of the particle are due to the scalar resonance that is trapped. Increasing the amplitude of the trapped scalar resonance increases the mass and inertia; decreasing the amplitude decreases the mass and inertia.”   — Fer De Lance, Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons, 1986.

Nicola Tesla:  “Everything is the Light. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”





Abhinavagupta (above), Kashmir Shaivite Saint & Scholar:  “Spandana means some sort of movement. … movement from the essential nature of the Divine … Therefore Spanda is only a throb, a heaving of spiritual rapture in the essential nature of the Divine which excludes all succession. … Movement or motion occurs only in a spatio-temporal framework.  The Supreme transcends all notions of space and time.  Spanda … is the throb of the ecstasy of Divine I-Consciousness (vimarsha). The Divine I-Consciousness is spiritual dynamism.  It is the Divine creative pulsation.  It is the throb of Shiva’s absolute freedom — svatantrya.”

Spanda-Karikas, The Divine Creative Pulsation, by Jaideva Singh, 1980.


















Swami Lakshmanjoo (above photo), Kashmir Shaivite Saint & Scholar on the Reality of SPANDA:

“There is only one God Consciousness, which pervades everywhere. This is the reality of Spanda. And it pervades everywhere, at the time of knowing, and at the time of not knowing. If you know, still It pervades. If you don’t know, still It pervades. … At the time of the realization of God Consciousness in samadhi … When you enter into samadhi, then you feel that, It was already there.  I had nothing to achieve.  When you realize the state of God Consciousness in samadhi, at that time, in the background of your mind: It was there already with me. It is not new.”

The Mystery of Vibrationless-Vibration in Kashmir Shaivism, Vasugupta’s Spanda Karika & Kshemaraja’s Spanda Sandoha, Lakshmanjoo Academy Book Series, 2016.

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