Alien Abduction video Dr. David Jacobs: “The planetary acquisition through the creation of human-like hybrids.” / Alien-human hybrids are engaged in a covert program of infiltration into human society worldwide. / E.M. Nicolay: …an alien presence in your world and its attempt to infiltrate the planet via hybrid physical human bodies that can accommodate their Soul group. / …in order to provide them with dominance and the potential colonization of this Third Dimensional planetary system in the future. / … trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species and purposes.


E.M. Nicolay: “Indeed there are those beings that would attempt to access those dimensional rays [meaning the higher vibrational frequencies that make up God Consciousness, what they term the ‘12th dimension’ or ‘All That Is’] through you [meaning through the Chakra system possessed by what they call the Human Angelic Soul group inhabiting the human subtle/spiritual and physical body], as well as utilize the Earth’s unique time and higher dimensional portals and pathways, and for this reason we suggest that not all alien (to you) life forms that visit your realm are necessarily friendly or come without a desire to exploit what you have not yet become aware that you possess.”

E.M. Nicolay: “Geoengineering…there is a faction of individuals (alien in nature but in human incarnation), that are truly attempting to alter the environment, want to have the environment be hotter, with more carbon dioxide…altering the environment to be more compatible with hybrid humans…this is part of the plan, they are human, but their soul origination is not ‘human angelic’ … they are different in nature than most human angelics…the hybrids…an invasion.


Published on Aug 3, 2016

The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) is an organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy information about UFO abductions. The ICAR will provide accurate information to therapists and lay individuals who are interested in abductions, and help them cope with the variety of problems that arise from the use of hypnosis and other memory collection procedures. David M. Jacobs is the Director of the ICAR and there is a small Board.

“First and foremost, the abductees are not allowed to remember what happened to them.” ~ Dr. David Jacobs

Amongst the most controversial people in the world of Ufology is David Jacobs, Ph.D. According to Wikipedia, the recently retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in 20th century American history and culture. Jacobs is particularly well known in the field of Ufology for his research and authoring of books on the subject of alleged alien abductions. Jacobs obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1973, in the field of intellectual history. He wrote his dissertation on the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America. A revised edition of his dissertation was published as The UFO Controversy in America by Indiana University Press in 1975, and sold out (very unusual for an academic work). As a faculty member of the Department of History at Temple University, Jacobs specialized in history of 20th-century American popular culture. He stated that his current research interests “involve a delineation of the role of anomalous experiences in personal and cultural life.”

For over 25 years Jacobs has taught a course on “UFOs in American Society.” In this exclusive interview for EMN shot at Contact in The Desert, Joshua Tree California, Jacobs suggests that the abduction phenomenon is not a benevolent, other-dimensional spiritual experience like so many people report. Rather, Jacobs’ research through hypnotic regression with alleged alien abductees suggests that alien-human hybrids are engaged in a covert program of infiltration into human society worldwide.

“These human hybrids are training to live here,” Jacobs asserts, “and they are being trained by the abductees.” 

And what is the end game according to Dr. David Jacobs? “The planetary acquisition through the creation of human-like hybrids.”

“The more you look at this”, says Jacobs, “the more rational it becomes.”


E.M. Nicolay:  “Though the vast majority of Human Angelic Souls might Ascend to Fifth Dimensional Terra … an alien presence in your world and its attempt to infiltrate the planet via hybrid physical human bodies that can accommodate their Soul group, changes the fate of Third Dimensional Earth somewhat drastically.”

VSF:  As I have stated many times over the years, highly advanced technologies in no way indicate a spiritually evolved race of entities.  Are the invading ETs spiritually evolved? Perhaps this is the question our governments should have asked the extraterrestrial groups they made their contractual agreements with — when they unwittingly signed our planet away and exchanged our DNA (to be used in ET hybridization programs) for technology.  That glittering technology they were so greedy to possess was in fact an unstoppable Trojan horse. In retrospect it seems as if every technological advance they received was in fact designed to inundate our planet with toxic-to-humans poisons that insidiously insinuated and invaded every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, to our clothing and our homes.

E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

E.M. Nicolay: “These alien participants … provided this technology to their human associates in order to disrupt Earth’s protective energy grid system knowing full well that its demise would lessen the degree of guidance and intensity of energies coming from the higher dimensional realms.  Their intention was to stifle the ability of Human Angelic Souls to perpetuate further incarnations on Third Dimensional Earth in order to provide them with dominance and the potential colonization of this Third Dimensional planetary system in the future.”

E.M. Nicolay:  “What is important is the fact that the vast majority of Earth changes occurring during the period were magnified substantially by the significant interference of various governments and organizations [the Deep State that is ultimately controlled by the Dracos] all of which were manipulating the already awesome cleansing forces that were sweeping the planet. It is in fact the unnatural natural events that caused the most imbalance and lasting alterations to the planet’s systems and these affected mankind most severely long term.”


VSF:  In the chapter entitled ‘The Weaponization of Nature Leading to Catastrophic Earth’s Changes and Occurrences’, the author E.M Nicolay reveals the truth about geoengineering our planet. 

Nicolay says that by 2025 it will be very clear to us that “governments had in fact reengineered Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology.”

This reengineering is said to be harmful and in some cases detrimental on a global scale. We are living in an increasing era of insane technological experimentation that is cutting us off from the Sun and the stars as a milky haze of metal oxides creates layers of toxic pollution which can be used by the military and the corporatocracy that is profiting.

Nicolay says that their geoengineering technology proceeded slowly at first — “until alien collaborations with secret factions of the US government took place beginning in the 1980s.”

My NASA Worldview screen shots confirm this insanity.

E.M. Nicolay:  “All of this means it is possible, through free will and choice, to invite into your world the participation and potentially the manipulation of those beings and entities from other worlds that have malevolent intent or self-serving interests. … a reality … there have been associations and alliances made, in particular through your secret government organizations, with certain groups of such extraterrestrial beings, some of whom have enticed decision makers with offers to assist them by providing advanced technologies that would serve … to gain worldly success and unlimited power. … many of the technological advances, some still unknown to most humans on Earth … have been developed … during the past 50 years and more importantly in the past 25 years.”

VSF:  At this point in our time I would say that most, if not all the people who have gained positions of power here on our planet — the heads of state, the upper echelons of the military, and CEOs in the corporatocracy — are in fact beings who through and based on “pre-lifetime arrangements and karmic Soul associations have invited the direct participation of extraterrestrial entities and alien civilizations that do not necessarily have the best interest of Earth’s angelic Soul human population at heart.”

E.M. Nicolay:  “Unbeknownst to their ‘human’ associates … these extraterrestrials … principle objective [is] the hampering of your universal Ascension and even the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it. Their efforts are geared toward potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species and purposes.”

E.M. Nicolay says that we in fact have been invaded, but not from outer space as we have often seen in science fiction films. The alien conquest of Earth is being attempted from within the human form itself — a Bio-Invasion.

“The potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to Human Angelic to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.”

Nicolay warns us that “the continued existence of Earth as it is today in the Third Dimension does remain in question … the potential exists … for Human Angelic to become extinct on Third Dimensional Earth”

This is why your own consciousness is so vital at this time. Those who Know, who have been moving towards Home, towards the God-within us all, have the key capacity to raise the resonant frequency waveform in consciousness of this planet. Without our efforts, the truth is that “a bio invasion of alien Souls into human form could ultimately replace Human Angelic incarnates on Earth.”

If we cannot create the protective Refuge and canopy of God-Consciousness on our beloved planet, then according to Nicolay between the 26th and 27th centuries on the current timeline, “Third Dimensional Earth will act to rid itself of these invaders by eliminating all life upon it.”

These will be earth-changes of catastrophic proportions. Those who have not reached their own Enlightenment, or who have not Ascended to a higher dimension, will wait in the many astral planes that are connected with this dimensional realm.

Nicolay states clearly that it is the clandestine alien interventions that are responsible for recent genetic manipulations of our human DNA.

The Draco Reptilians, the Zeta Reticuli Greys, and alien entities are the ultimate source of the more than fifty years of geoengineering our planet, the ‘metalizing’ and weaponizing of our atmosphere with toxic materials, the poisoning with radiation and chemicals of our oceans, water sources, foods that are synthetic & toxic with preservatives, GMO seeds, the polluted air we breathe, and our bodies — all of which takes place with the cooperation of the secret governments, the Deep State, the CIA, NSA, and the banks that fund them. These effects will eventually render the human body obsolete for incarnation by Human Angelic Souls.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

V. Susan Ferguson

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor);
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