The Future: “The spiritual path and our Divine connection is the ONLY thing we should be concerned with.”









VSF:  This is from the woman, Margo that Seemorerocks in New Zealand often posts. She has acknowledged many metaphysical ideas that I agree with, that are in fact in my 1995 book ‘Inanna Returns’ — and so I am posting her words along with my comments in italics.  The Inter-Galactic Council is my trusted connection for over 30 years via Inanna. You each are likely members here on this planet to assist at this time, as I am. Thus our unexpected Resonance. 

Margo: “The spiritual path and our Divine connection is the ONLY thing we should be concerned with.”

Margo: “I have seen clients come into direct contact with Jesus, along with their angels, guides and their Star Family. They are not separate. They are all part of the same team. I have seen the Galactic Council many times and the various beings that meet concerning the well-being of Earth and its inhabitants.”

Is Earth Ascending?
A New Perspective on Heaven and Hell / Margo

As I delve deeper into this work, my own experiences become more and more amazing, especially when removing implants from people and viewing into the other dimensions to heal and align their other dimensional bodies. I was recently working with a client and I had one of those experiences. I had removed their implants and given them the shielding technique. Then while viewing the other dimensions for attacks on those bodies, I saw some amazing things on 4D and 5D. I also received clarification regarding Earth’s Ascension, and Heaven and Hell.

I always start this part of the session by viewing on the highest dimension that I am guided to and then work my way down to 1D. In this particular session, when I came to 5D, I saw the Arcturians there. I know the Arcturians are from higher than the 5th dimension, but they can manifest on any dimension.  They basically go where they are needed.

I saw them monitoring the 5th dimension, which I also realized is the Christian Heaven.

VSF:  This is what E.M. Nicolay also says, that from our Third Dimensional Earth perspective, the Fifth Dimension appears as a heaven.

They are protecting it and keeping it ready for the Great One (what I call the soul of Earth). They will be overseeing the birth of our planet into 5D and monitoring which souls will come along. I have also received information in the past that as the Earth moves forward, there will come a point when the timelines will split.

VSF:  The idea of the timelines “split” is in my 1995 book “Inanna Returns.”

One timeline will involve the Earth moving into 5D along with the highest spiritual or awakened souls. In that timeline it will be like what is described in the Bible as the New Earth and 1,000 years of peace. The dark masters and rulers will not be able to go to that world.

VSF:  The frequency of their consciousness will not allow them entry. It is that simple. Location is a consequence of consciousness, which again shows us how important it is for each of us to keep our consciousness in the higher realms, connected to the God-within us all.

In the other timeline, there will be a dead planet as the soul of the Earth will have left.

VSF:  I do not agree with this. The soul of our Earth will remain and allow the invaders their time to provide the mechanisms for the sorting of those who wish to remain in a Thrid Dimensional realm and those who want to move into the Fifth or higher or off the timeline altogether. Then she will shake off the invaders with earth changes that are proportional to the damage that has been done and begin again. This is what the remote viewer E.M. Nicolay has seen.

The dark rulers will continue to reign with their technology and artificial intelligence. In this realm, the humans who did not move into 5D will be enslaved by the Trans-humanist movement and will become robots themselves. This will be a pocket dimension from which no one will be able to escape and it will eventually self-destruct.

VSF:  The vision of a Borg-like world will occur, but only the world of the invaders will self-destruct. The Earth will eventually inevitably heal herself and life will go on. World without end. The purpose of the Ascension process is to transform the dimensional realms, to ‘refresh’ them with new adventures for the beings who desire to experience the Veils of Limitation in a vast spectrum of form.

When I viewed 4D, I saw much darkness, demons, earthbound spirits, black Nazi UFO’s, technology, control panels, chaos and what I would describe as Hell.  The message I received at this point was that the Earth IS ascending, but it cannot jump directly from 3D to 5D. In order to get to 5D, it has to go through 4D.

VSF: I cannot disagree with this. Her vision of the Fourth Dimension may be quite true. Certainly the Creator provides an array of tests, opportunities for us to bring out the best in each of us as we master the power of illusions, MAYA SHAKTI.

I then thought of the Mayan Calendar and about the last age ending in 2012, at which point the Earth would move to a new reality. I believe the ascension did start then, but instead of moving immediately into the better reality, it started moving into 4D. CERN came fully online in 2009. I also believe it is playing a big part in opening up dark portals and allowing the demonic entities into this world.

VSF: According to Rene Guenon, this has been ongoing for a long time. Allowing demonic entities and forces into our realm is simply part of the end of the cycle of time, the Kali Yuga and a technical necessity in any Dissolution, PRALAYA.

The world has been witnessing an ever increasing evil in ever aspect. Every form of life on the planet is under assault. It has only been getting worse. I believe it is because we are actually moving deeper into 4D. In 4D, the darkness rules…we are in Satan’s domain.

The rules have changed. Human rights are becoming non-existent. Blood sacrifices and dark rituals are coming out in the open. Satanism and pedophilia is being openly displayed. With genetic modification, the sacredness of God’s creation is being destroyed and perverted. I now understand this is all part of this dark 4th dimension. I also understand that as we pass through this realm, we must be the most discerning and wise.

We must not be lured off our spiritual path. The spiritual path and our Divine connection is the ONLY thing we should be concerned with.

I’ve never been a Bible thumping Christian. Much of my life, I didn’t even think about Jesus or consider that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. I never thought much about Hell. I didn’t know if it existed or not. At certain times in my life, I considered myself to be an atheist.

I followed the New Age Movement quite a lot and much of my work was considered New Age. But now I’m seeing how the dark forces have infiltrated everything on this planet in order to control and manipulate as many souls as possible to their side.

VSF:  I also feel that the New Age has been infiltrated.  Actually I understood this many years ago, which is the reason I sought the traditional metaphysical Wisdom-Knowledge in the Sanskrit texts and have stayed on that course.  My appreciation for E.M. Nicolay is based on the fact that he has a very deep comprehensive understanding of the Sanskrit metaphysics, which he is able to express with superb simplicity.

I believe that many people following the New Age are being completely deceived.  They think that everything is love and light. They don’t believe there is evil and think nothing bad will befall them. Well, how do you explain Christians being beheaded because of their belief? Is that not evil? Is sacrificing innocent children for the dark ones to drink their blood not evil? Is poisoning our water and food on the entire planet not evil? The list of atrocities goes on and on. We have all been victims here. But the time is coming for us to awaken and not be victims any longer.

VSF:  Well, there are no victims.  As pieces of the One God who have chosen this experience, to Veil our Real nature in the Illusion of Limitation and play in time & space, we cannot consider ourselves as victims. Thinking like a victim renders us powerless and is a falsehood. We are all the One Veiled.  TAT TVAM ASI. Thou art That.

Going through 4D is the hardest part of this journey. This is when the darkness will prevail and will be the most encompassing. This is also the time in which the dark ones will be able to influence people the most and lure them to the dark path.  Many will go unknowingly, simply by living their lives and being unaware. They are asleep to the reality of this horror.  If one is aligned with God, Jesus and the light forces, one can be guided through the maze ahead and cloaked and protected.

VSF:  In other words, keep our consciousness aligned with the higher frequencies, service-to-others, enlightenment, jivan mukti, and God-Consciousness.  Our Refuge is a higher consciousness and leads us to Liberation from doubt, confusion, and Delusion.

In my work, I have seen clients come into direct contact with Jesus, along with their angels, guides and their Star Family. They are not separate. They are all part of the same team.

VSF:  All the great enlightened masters are part of the ‘Star Family’ so to speak, and this includes Jesus who has had a key role in the consciousness of our planet.  Unless we understand that everything and everyone is God, we cannot gain entry into the higher realms.  A tyrant based consciousness is limited to the lower service-to-self realms, which nevertheless serve as foundational energy for the universe.

I have seen the Galactic Council many times and the various beings that meet concerning the well-being of Earth and its inhabitants.

I know this sounds fantastic, but this is more real to me than what I see with my 3D eyes.

VSF:  Yes, more real, indeed it is. For this realm is but an illusion, a temporal illusory hologram among thousands.  As the Sanskrit prayer and mantra goes: Lead me from the Unreal, to the Real.

The more I do this work, the more I an confirmed in what I see and experience, and the closer I come to God and Jesus on a very personal level. They are here and we can contact them. They want us to reach out. Until we do, they remain in the background.

A division of the planet is coming. We can see it happening. When the time comes to make the choice, which will you make?  Consider this – by not making a choice, you have chosen the lower path by default, the one that most people will go on. Is that what you really want?  Could Jesus’ descent into Hell and rescuing the saints be his coming to rescue us as we move through the 4th dimension?
May 13, 2016


“We lost the planet…”
Posted on April 12, 2016 by Susan Ferguson

Inanna Returns 2016

There are over 500 billion galaxies. Planet Earth is only one of millions of genetic experiments producing a spectrum of life forms in the universe. Planets that cannot achieve even a rudimentary state of enlightened God-Consciousness within a number of time-cycles cannot be permitted to join the Inter-Galactic Council.

The human species has shown itself insufficient in this regard for millenium. By its own choice it has surrendered it sovereignty to an alien species that traded their advanced technology for human DNA.

Those humans who are able to reach Enlightenment will be liberated from this alien consciousness that is rapidly terraforming the planet and altering the previous forms of human DNA.

“We lost the planet…”


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