The Maruts, Agni & Indra in the Rig Veda / Part One: All the Cosmogonic Forces work together to ‘weave’ the appearance of the universe. We cannot take Agni, Indra, the Maruts as separate and discrete.


The Maruts, Agni & Indra in the Rig Veda

At the ultimate deepest highest levels, the Core of all layers in the apparent dimensional layered universe, there is no sole ‘personal’ form of God.  Of course the One immeasurable immutable imperishable all pervading Presence does manifest in all forms, thus we are free to imagine God to be as we prefer and worship that form.

However at the Core, the substratum that is ‘beneath the curtain of each atom’ only the Cosmogonic Forces exist in the Aether as potentials in what we may now understand as scalar waves (oscillations in the rate of time flow itself) — and electromagnetic waves (a longitudinal EM wave that Tesla called a ‘sound wave in the nonmaterial Aether’) .

The Rig Veda is 1028 hymns that are an invocation to these Cosmogonic Forces, which not only exist throughout space & time, but also dwell within each of us in the chakras.  The ancient Seers, the Rishis who composed the Rig Veda are invoking these forces within their own being.  It is only by the Grace of God that we may perceive and realize eternal Truth, SATYA. We are that One. TAT TVAM ASI. Thou are That.

May the Grace of God grant that we always see and feel the Presence of God everywhere — and by God’s Grace, may we Become that which we always are eternally, may we Return Home.

There are more hymns in the Rig Veda to Agni, Indra, and the Maruts than to any of the other Cosmogonic Forces. Agni is not mere fire — Agni is the principle of energy itself, the cosmic power of heat and light [R.L. Kashyap].

Agni is Cosmic Fire as ignition, kinetics, moving charge, nuclear fission, solar radiation, and the mystic fire that impels us all to seek God. Agni dwells within all human beings, and is said to manifest in multiple ways for the world. According to Rig Veda I.31.1, the Rishis were born by the actions of Agni and they are the Seers who act by knowledge. The Maruts are also said to be born by the actions of Agni. Indra can be understood as the kindling of the Cosmogonic acts, a function of the Divine Mind [R.L.Kashyap], intuitive intelligence that is divine coalescence.

All the Cosmogonic Forces work together to ‘weave’ the appearance of the universe. We cannot take Agni, Indra, the Maruts as separate and discrete. They are interconnected and each interacts with the others. The Sanskrit names Indra and Agni are often written as one word — INDRAGNI, which the Indian scholar Shyam Ghosh interprets to mean ‘the light of intelligence produced by impact and life energy.’ Indra is a cosmic gravitational field that kindles, coalesces, and conquers the formless to create form.

Agni as the Living Breath of the Universe. In Rig Veda III.26.7, the Rishi Vishvamitra seeks complete identification with Agni.

I am Agni the Cosmic Energy by birth, since my first manifestation I am omniscient, born cognizant with Wisdom-Knowledge. Light is my Eye, my mouth is Immortality.  I am the living breath of the three-fold universe.  I am the triple ray of the mid-world.  I am the measurer of the vast firmament.  I am the unceasing illumination, the inexhaustible warmth.  My name is the sacrificial oblation, the sacred offering.

In Rig Veda III.26.1 & 2 — Agni is said to be the universal godhead, termed Vaishvanara in Sanskrit.  The follower of Truth, SATYA quickly finds the the world of the Sun, the rapturous realms of Light — and the Knowers who have mastered the word, who comprehend, grow into the Mother, the Cosmic Breath that permeates the firmament, and they attain divinity.


Scalar physics is the science of reality’s hidden understructure…

The Maruts are the sons of Rudra. Described as the ‘howling luminescence’ Rudra became Shiva in the later Sanskrit texts. I am interpreting and equating Rudra with scalar wave physics, and the Maruts as the various wave forms of the electromagnetic spectrum that are produced, manifested out of scalar. Thus scalar is the substratum of electromagnetic wave forms. Scalar fields are actually what exists in the so-called vacuum.

“Scalar physics is the science of reality’s hidden under-structure. The electric, magnetic, and gravitational force fields are only the surface layer. These forces arise from deeper fields known as potentials, which themselves arise from a superpotential, which some scientists consider the AETHER. The scalar superpotential is the substratum of physicality, the Aether permeating and underlying the universe, from which all matter and force fields derive.”   [‘The Covert Colonzation of Our Solar System’ by Herbert Dorsey, 2016]

According to Tom Bearden, there is a scalar electromagnetic or electrogravitational kind of electromagnetics.  In the scalar view of electromagnetics, “action at a distance is possible, and is the norm rather than the exception.  In addition, a new kind of resonance — scalar resonance — exists.  The scalar EM wave does not interact with orbital electrons, but rather with the interior of the nuclei of atoms.  Thus the new scalar EM resonance is between nuclei and within nuclei.”    [‘Fer De Lance’ by Tom Bearden, 1986]

The Maruts are the sons of Rudra, the scalar field and their various frequencies of radiation serve to break the symmetry of the harmonious equilibrium — which in Samkhya is termed SATTVA, the GUNA that is in equilibrium, balance. Everything in this universe is subject to the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas. These three modes of energy are in perpetual constant motion — except in between aeons, Kalpas, the over all cycle of time.

The Maruts are the forces that break the symmetry of the equilibrium and release the electromagnetic spectrum that is contained within the potential of the Aether, the so-called Void or vacuum, which isn’t empty at all, but rather is full of potentiality and creates all of the normal electromagnetic force fields.


The Maruts work with Indra — the force that kindles and coalesces — as a unified theory of electromagnetics and gravity, which are two aspects of a single more fundamental field that exists within the Aether.  Bearden calls this the fifth dimension gravitational field.  Science has accepted the idea that “the vacuum is not an emptiness, but a plenum. It’s teeming with an incredible amount of raw energy, existing totally as the temporary bits of energy of virtual particles. That is, the vacuum ‘energy’ exists as the nonintegrated energies of the little particles that appear from nothing almost instantly (are spontaneously created) and disappear into nothing (are spontaneously annihilated) almost instantly. … The vacuum in a violent place where particles of plasma are fleeting. Space-time has a substructure.”  [Bearden]

E.M Nicolay describes the state of SATTVA as a pole of ‘neutrality’ — which is “in fact an energetic charge that is vital and important, if not more important than what you know as positive and negative.”

This pole of neutrality, which is the equilibrium, provides the potential. In the Sanskrit tradition and the Bhagavad Gita, the consciousness of neutrality is expressed as non-attachment.  God is All, both positive and negative, good and evil are both created by the same Source. When we raise our consciousness and become closer to God-Consciousness, we begin to resonate with this Sattvic waveform frequency that is nonjudgmental, neutral, and unattached to our previous and petty subjective opinions.

Part I

V. Susan Ferguson

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