The Maruts in Rig Veda / Part Two: The ‘appearance of solidity’ depends on spin, on rotation…In their River of Radiance, in the streams of its wide-flowing flood, the Maruts cover, purifying all — and with the rim of their chariots, they rend, break open the mountains with their power, might.


The Maruts in Rig Veda / Part II

Nikola Tesla: “Everything is the Light.
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Light is Geometry. And Energy, Frequency and Vibration are Light. Geometry is a mirror reflecting, that we perceive as reality, on mental projection.” [‘Geometry of Space Generated by Metric and Torsion, the Field Equations’ – Yaremenko Mikola, Ukraine; Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017.]

VSF:  The Maruts are called the ‘silent particles of sound’ by the Indian scholar Shyam Ghosh. While we may intuit that the Rishis were inwardly hearing cosmic sounds in their reveries — it may be that the composers of these hymns understood that sound waves, acoustics are simply another wave form in the electromagnetic spectrum.

A classical propagating traveling wave is defined as a self-sustaining disturbance of a medium, which moves through space transporting energy and momentum, while the medium itself is not transported — a disturbance of some kind, a change from the equilibrium (undisturbed) condition.


Rig Veda III.26.5
The Maruts, the life gods, silent particles of sound, are dependent on the glory of Agni, the Cosmic Fire. The Maruts are cultivating, attracting all, existing in the universe, in people. They are the fierce radiance we seek. These storming offspring, the sons of Rudra are resounding, roaring, thunderous. They are the givers of great rivers [of electromagnetic waveforms] creating wholly, showering purity.

We ask for the luminous energy, the divine Fire radiance of Agni, the power of the Maruts, host upon host, count and number, in many forms, variegated and accelerated, speeding. The dispensers of unfailing lasting wealth, they come to the sacred offerings of the wise, those who are steady, persevering, and bold.

Light is an electromagnetic wave. Maxwell defined light as the transverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena. The electromagnetic spectrum is currently defined as gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light [color], infrared, microwave, RF as radio frequency.

The Maruts simultaneously rotate between the three modes, the GUNAS, the states of Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas. Rotational displacement from the equilibrium, Sattva, allows for creation of the ‘appearances of solidity’ — aggregate form, RUPA in Sanskrit.


Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

Waves are called transverse because their displacement is perpendicular to the direction of propagation and transverse waves are Rajas. The mode Tamas describes longitudinal waves and in a longitudinal wave, the displacement from equilibrium [Sattva] is along the direction of propagation. Sound waves are longitudinal.

“For plasmas, there is a neutral force region where filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry.”   [‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’ by Anthony L. Peratt, Springer, 2015.]

The ‘appearance of solidity’ depends on spin, on rotation…

The Sanskrit words BHRAM and BHRAMATI are used to describe spin. The appearance of solidity depends on spin, on rotation.  The Earth is spinning, our chakras, CAKRA, are in various states of spin.

“Matter is made of atoms. Atoms are made up of electrons and nuclei. Each atomic nucleus has four important physical properties: mass, electric charge, and spin. The mass of bulk matter is largely due to the mass of the nuclei. … The electric charge of atomic nuclei is supremely important. Atoms and molecules are bound together by strong electrostatic interactions between the positively charged nuclei and the negatively charged electrons. The chemical properties of each element are determined by the electric charge on the atomic nuclei. …

“The nuclear magnetism of a nucleus implies that it interacts with magnetic fields. … The spin of a nucleus indicates that … the atomic nucleus behaves as if it is spinning around, rotating in space like a tiny planet. … Magnetic nuclei interact with magnetic fields. These magnetic fields may come from the molecular environment, e.g. the surrounding electrons, or from other nuclear spins in the same molecule.”   [‘Spin Dynamics, Basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance’ by Malcolm H. Levitt, Wiley, 2015.]


The Rishis, Seers who composed the hymns of the Rig Veda say that the Maruts are swift-charging and sprinklers of the diffusion, they leap beyond darkness in their vast expansion of radiance. The Maruts protect mortals, they are generous givers. They are Light that comes of itself, a splendor like roaring torrents which spontaneously break forth. Lightnings obey the Maruts — releasing their searching spears, by their golden gleaming, shining battling handsome weapons.

The Maruts infuse the chakra system of our planet Earth and the chakras in each of our bodies with the photon energies coming from space, flowing in the Rivers of Light of the vast heaven. They are the powerful photon energies that E.M. Nicolay says are coming from the Galactic Core through our Sun, into the earth and our bodies.

The Rig Veda tells us that in their place in the vast heaven, the Maruts flow in rivers [of photons]. They increase, augment well our earth-space in the vastness of the wide intervening spaces. The Maruts have Truth, SATYA as their power. They charge forward, mobile, gliding along, self-yoked in bliss.

In their River of Radiance, in the streams of its wide-flowing flood, the Maruts cover, purifying all — and with the rim of their chariots, they rend, break open the mountains with their power, might. The phrase ‘break open the mountains’ may refer to the energies that precipitate earthquakes.

R.L.Kasyap: “With the paths that come home to us, paths that radiate out wide from us, paths within us, and paths that follow our movements, by all these, are extended the names [the Word becomes form] of our sacred offerings.”

The Maruts are also considered as moving wind, which can be thought of as pressure systems created by various interactions of electromagnetic radiation. The Maruts are increasers, splendid to behold in the eye, a blazing force in the vision, they thirst for the waters and dance about the source.

The Maruts are the Creators of Harmony, who are bright with lightning lances, they are full of Wisdom. Who knows their birth. Who resides in their bliss. The Maruts are the givers of joy, they drink the rapturous Soma, bliss.

“Electrons not only spin, they also revolve around the nucleus.

“All magnetic phenomena are due to electric charges in motion. On the atomic scale a piece of magnetic material is tiny currents, electrons orbiting around nuclei and spinning about their axes. These currents are so small that they are treated as magnetic dipoles [positive & negative]. Magnetism is not due to magnetic monopoles, but rather to moving electric charges. There is no such thing as a single magnetic North Pole or South Pole. Magnetic dipoles are tiny current loops. Electrons not only spin, they also revolve around the nucleus.”   [‘Introduction to Electrodynamics’ by David J. Griffiths, Pearson, 2018.]


Rig Veda III.26.8
By dissolving and sanctifying the rays by the three purifiers, the Seer [who has Become identified with Agni] creates through the Heart the Knowledge of Starlight that is made visible all around. Indeed he embraces the supreme treasure of ecstasy by following the spontaneous Self Laws of his nature.

The Seer [who has Become identified with Agni] is thus an imperishable inexhaustible channel of hundreds of streams [of eternal Wisdom-Knowledge] , master of the illumined consciousness, the Word, as expressible sounds, the hymns. The delighting roar of raptures fulfill the Speaker of Truth [SATYA], as the father and mother near, Heaven and Earth [RODASI].

V. Susan Ferguson


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