When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge rises in the heavens of the Heart…


The Eye of Knowledge contemplates the One Source as It is in Itself, abounding in Bliss, pervading all things; but the eye of ignorance discovers It not, discerns It not, even as a blind man perceives not the sensible light.

The SELF (the God-within all) being illumined by meditation [when a theoretical and therefore still indirect knowledge makes it appear as if it were receiving the Light from a source other than itself, which is still an illusory distraction], and then burning with the Fire of Knowledge [realizing its essential identity with the Supreme Light], is delivered from all accidents [all contingent modifications], and shines in its own splendor, like gold which is purified in the fire.

When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge rises in the heavens of the Heart [that is at the center of the being], it dispels darkness [of ignorance veiling the single absolute reality], it pervades all and illumines all.

He who has made the pilgrimage of his own SELF (the God-within), a pilgrimage not concerned with situation, place or time [or any particular circumstance or condition], which is everywhere, [and always in the immutability of the ‘eternal present’], in which neither heat nor cold are experienced [no more than any other sense or mental impression], which procures lasting felicity and a final deliverance from all disturbance, all modification. Such a one Knows all things and attains Eternal Bliss.

Shankaracharya, from Rene Guenon: Man & His Becoming according to Vedanta; Sophia Perennis, 1925, 2001.

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