Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden


VSF: Listen to what Bearden says about what has happened to those inventors who came up with “free” energy!


Atlantic Ocean, the West coast of France, etc.                                                     https://go.nasa.gov/2FDTHPY

Sea of Okhotsk Russia  (above)                                                                                https://go.nasa.gov/2U2DPK4


Mr. ElectroMagnetics: ‘Depositing’ or Spraying A Computer in the Sky / By placing all of these semiconductor elements into gaseous plasma form, a semiconductor can be created on gaseous plasmonic form. Just as solid state semiconductors form the basis of a solid state computer, gaseous plasmonic semiconductor material could be used to create a gaseous plasmonic computer in the atmosphere above our heads.

Atlantic Ocean east of Nova Scotia / radiation  (below)                               https://go.nasa.gov/2TZpBd0

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