North America & Antarctica: NASA Worldview screenshot images / Jan.20, 2019

North America / Jan.20, 2019                      

Aerosol spraying                                                                                              

Radiation over eastern states with slight sepia & contrast enhancement

Radiation over eastern states
contrast et. max enhancement

The Esoteric Implications of the Zeta Reticuli Grey Invasion: The Zeta are, according to E.M. Nicolay, a doomed civilization whose bodies have begun to deteriorate. This impending inevitable doom is what drives them to invade our planet Earth and implement, carry out their hybridization operations — technology in exchange for human DNA & hormones.


Antarctica, the Ross Sea area                                                                        

Antarctica, the Weddell Sea area                                                                     

Antarctica, the Weddell Sea area – with the contrast etc. maxed           

Antarctica, the Weddell Sea area – with the contrast etc. maxed            

The Draco Reptilians are the RAKSHASAS in the Sanskrit Epics ‘The Ramayana’ and ‘The Mahabharata’ / The Draco Reptilians are the infamous bloodlines that have been in control of our planet in what we know as written history … the invisible claw that keeps us in perpetual conflict, wars, famine — a prison planet. Rakshasas were great sorcerers (this fact is mentioned very often), could suddenly appear and disappear, become  invisible … Sometimes Rakshasas had appearance of ordinary people, including seductive women… Children born from Rakshasas and people, could have a human appearance… Vimanas …



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