Invoking the Primordial Eternal Cosmogonic Forces: My Journey into the Rig Veda / Rig Veda I.134 & 135

Invoking the Primordial Eternal Cosmogonic Forces:
My Journey into the Rig Veda

Every morning for the last seven years, I have transcribed, translated, and intuitively interpreted one single verse from the Rig Veda — the source of all the other sacred Sanskrit texts. The Rig Veda is grouped into 1028 hymns (suktas) composed by various Seers, the Rishis who ‘saw’ Truth and brought that ‘seen’ Wisdom Knowledge into their words of Vedic Sanskrit. At first I was keen to write down my intuited translations and share what I was exploring. However the deeper I got into the Ten Books, I began to realize that these verses can indeed be interpreted in many ways as they simultaneously contain the Wisdom Knowledge of the infinite layers of Creation.

As a method of approach, I write each verse in the Sanskrit Devanagari script, with the transliteration beneath it, and translations of individual words from five complete translations from Indian scholars only (with the occasional exception of H.H. Wilson), a few incomplete translations (the wonderful Shyam Ghosh for example), and multiple dictionaries including M. Monier-Williams. Thus I have sought to utilize all the scholarly endeavors that are available to me — and have intentionally ignored most western scholarship as I feel they do not understand.

Over the years, as my transcribed work grew in many books of hand written verses, I have come to intuitive conclusions which I will share with you here. These are only my conclusions based on my studies, seen through my ‘lens filtering’ — and you may find very different Truths in the potent miraculous and wonder-filled puzzlement of these sacred words.




Sacrifice as Transformation

I strongly feel that these hymns originated in second Cycle of Time, the Treta Yuga, which was a Cycle of Time that involved YAJNA, or sacrifice. However the true meaning of sacrifice in the highest spiritual sense is transformation, changing one form of energy into another.

The Rishis are Invoking the Primordial Eternal Cosmogonic Forces.

These Cosmogonic Forces were later personified as deities — Agni, Indra, Vayu, the Ashvins, Maruts, Ribhus, and others. The Seers, the ancient Rishis understood that these Cosmogonic Forces were states of consciousness that simultaneously existed within them throughout the Chakra System.

States of Consciousness

As states of consciousness, these eternal Cosmogonic Forces could be invoked, activated, called forth by sound. The acoustics of the words that make up the hymns along with their specific meters (such as Gayatri, Trishtup, Anushtup, etc.) were meticulously designed and crafted to invoke these Cosmogonic Forces, which are interconnected creative states of consciousness.

The Rishis knew, actually ‘saw’ with the Inner-Eye that they were a part of a grand elegant system, mysterious in its perfection, a subtle yet violent intensity of eloquence that was potentially a perpetual flowing exchange of these Cosmogonic Forces — in concurrence, nourishing, nurturing and feeding the Rishis – and both at once, simultaneously enhancing, returning to the imperishable One God that pervades and permeates All.




Flowing SOMA

These Cosmogonic Forces were (and still are) coming forth in cycles from the Galactic Core, moving through our Sun into Earth’s magnetosphere, and flowing (pavamAna) into each Rishi as Soma. The Forces would then move through the individual Chakra Systems of each Seer according to their capacities and ability to absorb, transform and utilize them.

In a never ending process of re-circulation and Resonance — the unceasing, unending, imperishable, perpetually flowing energies would be returned, reabsorbed as an expanded nurtured infusion generated by ecstatic Union.

Essentially, the Rishi’s would be ‘making love’ with these Cosmogonic Forces.

Energies would be exchanged, imbued, absorbed, alignments and resonances adjusted — just as energy is transformed in the experience of union between two lovers, only this is Divine Love, Divine Union, the Kundalini experienced in Tantric practices. Your partner is God, the Cosmogonic Forces that the Creator uses in partnership with us to generate form, the temporal appearance of solidity, multiple universes to ‘play’ within, the Divine LILA.  Your Lover is God!




The Rishis are ‘making love’ with Cosmogonic Forces — enhancing, expanding primordial energies in perpetual exchange that is the result of Resonance.

Rig Veda I.134.2
May our heaven-ward drop of Soma juice exhilarate you [the scalar waveforms of Vayu, air, the atmosphere].

Our human Chakra System is interconnected, linked by Resonance to the Chakra Systems of both our Sun and the Galactic Core. These connections allow for the perpetual nurturing, feeding of each other. There is a constant possibility of such a sacred Flow, an interaction that can be invoked within us even today. This is what the Rishis were in fact doing.


In terms of electromagnetics, Soma may be thought of as plasma, a charged energy that travels in Aether. The flow of Soma is often termed ‘milk’ and the Cosmogonic Forces are termed ‘Ray-Cows’ — (I agree on this with R.L. Kashyap).

Soma juices are described as ‘sweet honey’ ecstasy and are said to move flowing in waveforms for this exchange between the invoker and the Cosmogonic Forces. In the terms of electromagnetics, the Ray-Cows would be the EM electromagnetic spectrum beginning with cosmic radiation, Cosmic Rays, Gamma rays, etc.  Perhaps a deeper understanding of Scalar Waves would be more accurate.










Rig Veda I.134.4
The eternal nectar within the ecstasy yielding Ray-Cow spreads wide the auspicious raiment, blissful robes in inviting rays. Vayu [waveforms of varying frequencies] have brought the Maruts [the electromagnetic effects of atmosphere in movement, cosmic wind] into being from the wombs in the firmament, from the breasts of heaven that pour treasures as milk.

These various Cosmogonic Forces are the sacred mechanism, the Way by which the universe is nurtured, fed by the Creator — as it expands, sustains and dissolves temporal appearances throughout the Cycles of Time.

Soma flows through the Rishis.

Therefore it may flow through us, our chakras as Kundalini and is enhanced, a flowing fire, and offered back, into these Cosmogonic Forces to expand, nurture and feed all of Creation. The entire system is self-sustaining, self-organizing, and self-perpetuating, just as the trees on planet earth are breathing to sustain life here.

God needs us. We need God.







Rig Veda I.135.3
With hundreds of thousands of waveforms harnessed through the YAJNA [sacrifice as transformation], through the self-perpetuating cycles of transformation, accept and partake of our sacred invocations. Come, share, and consume as the Soma elixir that becomes brilliant offered by those who sacrifice to Truth.

V. Susan Ferguson

SOMA in the Rig Veda is Not a Plant to Drink! / by R.L.Kashyap

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