DEW-Direct Energy Weapons: New Bill Would See US Taxpayers Subsidize Experimental Israeli Laser Weapons
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My photo of scalar wave radiation over the Olympic Peninsula WA State, with the contrast etc. enhanced to reveal the parallel scalar lines more clearly.

New Bill Would See US Taxpayers Subsidize Experimental Israeli Laser Weapons

The U.S.-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act would deepen Israel’s access to grotesque weapons of war that have been developed by the U.S. military but have also been banned for use by American troops.

by Whitney Webb / Mint Press News / March 23, 2019
WASHINGTON — Last Thursday, Reps. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced the “U.S.-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act,” which would authorize “the Department of Defense to carry out bilateral cooperation with Israel to develop directed energy capabilities,” according to a press release.

Rep. Elise Stefanik‏Verified account @RepStefanik
@RepTedLieu & I introduced the U.S.-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act today. This bipartisan bill allows us to collaborate w/ Israel to counter global adversarial threats by increasing our cooperation on directed energy technology.

Directed energy weapons include laser weapons and particle beams; they are highly destructive but embraced by militaries for their “infinite magazines” and “incredible speed and range.”

More specifically, the bill — which is identical to a bill of the same name that Lieu and Stefanik introduced last year but failed to pass — would allow the Pentagon “to carry out research, development, test, and evaluation activities, on a joint basis with Israel, to establish directed energy capabilities that address threats to the United States, deployed forces of the United States, or Israel, and for other purposes.”

Arguably more troubling is the fact that this bill would deepen Israel’s access to grotesque weapons of war that have been developed by the U.S. military but have also been banned for use by American troops.  For instance, in the late 1990s, the U.S. and Israel collaborated on the “Nautilus” program that created lasers that cause permanent blindness in those targeted by literally “melting the eyeball.”

Though the “Nautilus” lasers were banned for use by the U.S. under the Clinton administration because they could cause permanent blindness, they were nevertheless shared with Israel’s government. A spokesman for U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, John Cunningham, at the time told the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs that the decision to share the technology with Israel had not been made by the command — which was the lead agency overseeing the program — and instead stated that “We are taking our orders from the Secretary of Defense [William Perry] and President Clinton.”

The “Nautilus” lasers were later shelved for use as missile defense by Israel in 2006, despite the U.S. and Israel having spent $300 million, owing to the “prohibitive cost” of their operation. However, Israel has continued to use the highly experimental technology to develop a new system it claimed was on the “verge of completion” this past December.
In light of this current bill, it is important to revisit the “Nautilus” example, as it clearly shows that the U.S. government, in past “collaborative” efforts, has provided experimental, hi-tech weapons to Israel even when they are so controversial, potent and deadly that the U.S.’ own military is banned from using them. This point is even more troubling when one considers that Israel regularly tests its experimental and newly developed weapons on Palestinians, including civilians, who live in the blockaded Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

U.S. to subsidize Israeli arsenal

While it has been touted as a means of “jointly” researching directed energy weapons, the text of the bill reveals that it would be used to funnel U.S. taxpayer funds to subsidize Israeli directed energy weapon research in Israel.

For instance, the bill states: “The Secretary of Defense is authorized to provide maintenance and sustainment support to Israel for the directed energy capabilities research, development, test, and evaluation activities authorized.” It then states that Israel’s financial contribution to said research would not necessarily need to be equal to the U.S.’ contribution, but merely “an amount that otherwise meets the best efforts of Israel, as mutually agreed to by the United States and Israel.”

Furthermore, the “memorandum of agreement” between the two countries states that the bill would require “the United States Government to receive semiannual reports on expenditure of funds, if any, by the Government of Israel, including a description of what the funds have been used for, when funds were expended, and an identification of entities that expended the funds.” This passage strongly suggests that the research will take place in Israel under Israeli government supervision.

The bill is part of a recent congressional effort to mandate close cooperation between the Israeli and U.S. governments in sensitive technology, despite Israel’s history of using such collaboration to steal state secrets. For instance, a widely overlooked provision of the United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 — which was nearly passed but ultimately blocked last year in the Senate by Rand Paul (R-KY) — would have mandated that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) work closely with the Israel Space Agency (ISA) “to identify and cooperatively pursue peaceful space exploration and science initiatives in areas of mutual interest.”
The provision was included despite the fact that an Israeli postdoctoral student, Amir Gat, at Caltech had illegally transmitted to Israel classified information on NASA technology. Gat is now employed by an Israeli state-run research institution.

Considering the source(s)
This current bill appears not to provide any direct benefit to the United States and, instead, promises to be a way of subsidizing hi-tech weapons research of an allied government that regularly commits war crimes.

Though Rep. Lieu has claimed that the legislation is an “opportunity” for the U.S. and would “save lives,” it seems that the $31,850 Lieu received from the pro-Israel lobby just last year may have swayed his opinion.

Yet, in contrast, the bill’s other sponsor, Rep. Stefanik, has not received such largesse from the Israel lobby. Instead, Stefanik is connected with and used to work for the country’s most notorious and zealously pro-Israel neoconservatives, when she served as communications director for the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI). FPI was founded in 2009 by neoconservatives Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol as the successor to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which had fallen into disrepute for its role in promoting — and some argue helping to plan — the Iraq War. Yet, Stefanik’s association with neoconservatives goes beyond her association with FPI, as neocon National Security Adviser John Bolton endorsed her re-election campaign bid in 2017.

Given the lack of benefit for the U.S. — and Israel’s history of war crimes and testing its newly developed weapons on disenfranchised Palestinians in blockaded Gaza or the occupied West Bank — this bill is a perfect example of yet another “Israel first” bill now making its way through the U.S. Congress.

New Bill Would See US Taxpayers Subsidize Experimental Israeli Laser Weapons

My photo of scalarwave radiation over the Olympic Peninsula WA.

Israel’s Genocidal Arms Customers

by Richard Siverstein / 11/17/18

For the past few years, a group of nine Israelis led by human rights lawyer Eitay Mack has sought to peel back the layer of secrecy shrouding Israel’s collusion with some of the worst genocide regimes in the world. They have done so by filing freedom of information requests with their country’s defense ministry, seeking documents concerning Israeli arms deals, consulting contracts, and training of the armed forces in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Serbia, South Sudan, and Rwanda during decades of ethnic conflict in those nations. They’ve sought to learn the extent of the trade, what weapons were supplied and to whom, how the weapons were used, and how long the trade continued.

In every instance, the ministry denied their request, and they were forced to appeal to the Supreme Court. In every appeal, the court has sided with the military and ruled that such information was legitimately sealed from public view in order to protect the security of the nation.

It’s difficult to understand how the knowledge that Israel armed Rwandan murderers in the 1990s would harm national security. Much more likely, this exposure would damage Israel’s reputation and give ammunition to critics who claim it is a rogue state intent on violating international law and norms of conduct.

Protecting the State

In Israel, a national security state in which individual rights and the public’s right to know are subordinated to the interests of the military-intelligence apparatus, these two factors are often conflated. It is much easier to justify secrecy using the concept of protecting the state and its citizens than it is to admit that secrecy is meant to protect the reputation of the very security apparatus charged with protecting them.

Israel has recently censored two major reports claiming that the country was secretly arming nations and groups engaged in genocide or mass violence. The first again concerned Eitay Mack, who had appealed to the Supreme Court to permit exposure of Israeli arms trade to Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese forces. These forces exterminated the Tamil Tiger rebellion during a thirty-year civil war that ended in 2009, with the loss of forty thousand to seventy-five thousand civilians and combatants.

Here is Mack’s account of the major role Israeli weapons played in some of the worst massacres of that thirty-year civil war:

In Sri Lanka the State of Israel played a most pivotal role in war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out there: [it] supplied drones which directed planes and warships made in Israel, and these deliberately targeted and bombed civilians and . . . humanitarian sites, and determined the fate of the war at an extremely high human cost. Sri Lankan forces which carried out the crimes had received [Israel Defense Forces] IDF training (especially from the Israeli Air Force and Navy), as well as from the Israeli Police. …

The World’s Seventh-Largest Arms Exporter

Sri Lanka is only one of Israel’s many weapons buyers. The country is one of the largest arms exporters in the world.
It is the seventh-largest exporter of weapons systems worldwide, while its GDP, $350 billion, ranks only thirty-second in the world. This means that the nation’s arms industry is not just one of the export engines of the economy, but it plays a far more prominent role than in other major arms-exporting nations, which have much larger economies than Israel’s.

The armaments industry is powered by ongoing conflicts between Israel and its frontline neighbors. They develop, test, and deploy some of the world’s most advanced weapons systems, which maximize the death and suffering of its enemies. Then it turns around and exports not just the weapons systems, but the suffering they cause.

In effect, just as Israel destabilizes the Middle East with invasions, assassinations, air assaults, and repeated military operations outside its own borders, it offers its clients the capability to inflict maximum damage on their own rivals and enemies. This makes Israel a major force for destabilization among the nations of the world.

Half of Israel’s overall weapons sales are to India, whose government is also engaged in an illegal occupation of Kashmir. It is the largest supplier of weapons to India as well.

When Duterte Came Shopping for Israeli Guns

Last summer, the Philippines’ president and accused war criminal, Rodrigo Duterte, completed a highly successful visit to Israel, during which he signed contracts to purchase some of Israel’s most advanced weapons. Duterte stands accused of the murder of tens of thousands of Filipinos targeted in so-called drug busts. …

There appears to be no dictator too brutal, no thug too murderous to be considered treif as far as the Israeli arms industry is concerned. …

Arming Serbian and Rwandan War Criminals

In 2016, Brown also revealed that Israel supplied military training and weapons to the Serbian war criminal Radko Mladic, who commanded Serbian forces that massacred thousands of Bosnian civilians at Srebrenica.

Yet another Israeli court refused to release documentary evidence that Israel armed the Rwandan militias, which ultimately murdered eight hundred thousand Tutsis during the 1994 genocide. Again, a court determined that Israel’s facilitation of genocide was news the world should not hear, because it would hurt the country’s reputation.  …

Myanmar’s Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, Aided by Israeli Naval Warships
Last year, during the ethnic cleansing of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority, the same group of activists led by attorney Eitay Mack brought to the public’s attention Israeli arms sales to the Myanmar military junta. The court refused to intervene to stop the trade and even refused to permit its ruling to be made public.  …

Israel Fuels Genocide in Sudan

Israel has also interceded in the Sudanese civil war, selling weapons to both sides in a conflict that has taken four hundred thousand lives.

Acknowledging, Then Censoring

The second major story that broke last month is the censoring of a Jerusalem Post article that confirmed to Israelis for the first time that the IDF has supplied weapons and ammunition to the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, al-Nusra.  I’ve reported before that the Israeli military has physically coordinated with these Islamist rebels, providing intelligence gathering and communications gear. It also built a camp just inside the Israeli occupation zone in the Golan that housed the families of Syrian militant fighters.  …

Israel has flown hundreds of air sorties attacking Syrian air bases and targeting Hezbollah and Iranian weapons convoys. Further, it has assassinated leading Syrian, Iranian, and Hezbollah military commanders inside Syria. …

About the Author
Richard Silverstein blogs at Tikun Olam, where he covers the the Israeli national security state. He has contributed to the essay collections, A Time to Speak Out: Independent Jewish Voices on Israel, Zionism and Jewish Identity and Israel and Palestine: Alternate Perspectives on Statehood.

Aerosol spraying over the Olympic Peninsula WA.

Visiongain Report Claims There is Huge Potential within the $5.8 Billion Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Market
News provided by Visiongain / Feb 20, 2019

LONDON, Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —
Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Market Report 2019-2029
Forecasts by Product Type (High Powered Microwave HPM, High Powered Laser HPL). Analysis of Defensive, Offensive, C-UAV & Non-Lethal Applications for Leading Defence & Civilian Companies with DEW Technologies High Energy Laser (HEL), Airborne Laser (ABL), Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL), Free Electron Laser (FEL), Solid-State Laser (SSL), Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW), Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Plus Analysis of Defensive, Offensive, C-UAV & Non-Lethal Applications for Leading Defence Contractors & Civilian Companies

A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is the future weapon system that emits highly focused energy for target destruction. The potential applications of this advanced technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defence system, and the disabling of lightly armoured vehicles. The use of DEW systems is much more cost effective than the massive cost associated with a single missile launch. With fast-track innovations in the military technology, such weapons are tools for future warfare.

The growing demand for non-lethal weapons is a primary driver of the market. Visiongain expects that countries such as Russia, the US, the UK, Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and the UAE will increase their demand for these weapons, during the forecast period owing to the increasing extremist attacks and territorial disputes.

Such weapons have a number of advantages such as enhanced accuracy, reduced violence, limited damage, and multiple target attack. The integration of directed energy in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defence helps in effective limitation of its impact on human lives and the environment by detecting the nuclear radiation through laser and high-power microwave systems. Similarly, the progressive demand for laser weapon systems that have enhanced attack capabilities such as accuracy and undetectable characteristic are key drivers of the market.

This report splits the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) market into two product type submarket categories: high-powered microwaves and high-energy lasers. Microwaves and lasers both operate on the electromagnetic spectrum, however, laser wavelengths are about 10,000 times smaller than microwaves, which means high-energy microwaves are more suited to emitting pulses of radiation at a wide angle, while high-energy lasers direct more focused beams of lower-powered energy using one of two mechanisms: chemical fuel or electric power.

Report Scope
View detailed company profiles of key players within the market with analysis of their product portfolios and strategies.
• Azimuth Corporation
• BAE Systems plc
• Battelle
The Boeing Company
• General Atomics
• General Dynamics Corporation
• Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
Lockheed Martin Corporation
• Northrop Grumman Corporation
• Thales Group
Raytheon Company
• Rheinmetall AG
Review The Global Directed Energy Weapons Market Forecast From 2019-2029

Aerosol spraying of toxic metal nanoparticles over the Olympic Peninsula WA.

See Forecasts For Regional Directed Energy Weapons Markets From 2019-2029
• Australia Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• Canada Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• Germany Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• India Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• Israel Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• Japan Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• UK Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• US Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
• Rest of the World (RoW) Direct Energy Weapons Market Forecast 2019-2029
Examine Directed Energy Weapons Forecast By Submarkets
• High Powered Microwave (HPM)
• High Powered Laser (HPL)
View prospects for DEW in the leading regions and countries
Discover individual revenue forecasts for 9 leading national Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) market markets and RoW from 2019-2029: Each of the 8 leading national markets as well as the ROW are further segmented by the two submarkets for High Powered Microwave (HPM) and High Powered Laser (HPL)
• Australia
• Canada
• Germany
• India
• Israel
• Japan
• UK
• US
Detailed information on Directed Energy Weapons can be used to help develop your business plans and strategy.

Aérospatiale-Matra Missiles
Airway Inc
Alenia Difesa
Alenia Marconi Systems
Applied Physical Sciences
Argon ST, Inc.
Astro Limited
Aviall Services, Inc.
Aviall UK, Inc.
Aviall, Inc.
Azimuth Corporation
Babcock International Group plc
BAe Dynamics
BAE Intelligence and Security
BAE Systems
BAE Systems (Operations) Limited
BAE Systems Controls Inc.
BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc
BAE Systems Information Solutions Inc
BAE Systems Land & Armaments LP
BAE Systems Oman
BAE Systems Safety Products Inc
BAE Systems Saudi Arabia
BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited
BAE Systems Tensylon High Performance Materials Inc
Battelle Japan
BCC Cove Corporation
BCC Equipment Leasing Corporation
Beriev Aircraft Company
Bharat Electronics Ltd
Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc.
Boeing Airborne Surveillance Enterprises, Inc.
Boeing Aircraft Holding Company
Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.
Boeing Capital Corporation
Boeing Capital Loan Corporation
Boeing CAS Holding GmbH
Boeing Commercial Space Company
Boeing Company, The
Boeing Defence UK Limited
Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing Company
Boeing International B.V. & Co. Holding KGaA
Boeing International Logistics Spares, Inc.
Boeing Logistics Spares, Inc.
Boeing North American Space Alliance Company
Boeing Operations International, Inc
Boeing Satellite Systems International, Inc.
China Poly Group Corporation
Commercial Armored Vehicles LLC
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd
Defence Support Group
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Deposition Sciences Inc
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EADS Aerospatiale Matra Missiles
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Force Protection Inc
Foreground Security
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GEC-Marconi Radar & Defence
General Atomics
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HUAYU Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
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IRIS Acquisition Sub LLC.
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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Israel Military Industries (IMI)
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Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
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Lindsay Goldberg LLC
Lockheed Martin Corporation
M5 Network Security
Marshall Defence and Aerospace
Matra BAe Dynamics
Matra Defense
MBDA Deutschland GmbH
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Metro Machine Imperial Docks Inc
Miltec Corporation
Narus, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Australia
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman Integrated Defence Services Pty Limited
OASYS Technology LLC
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Veritas Capital
Visual Analytics Inc
Vought Aircraft Industries
Winner Water Services
Wireless Facilities Incorporated
Zeta Associates, Inc

Aerosol spraying over the Olympic Peninsula WA.

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