For the Emissaries: The Refuge and Jivan Mukti

For the Emissaries: The Refuge and Jivan Mukti

VSF: This post is for those of you who have long understood that our planet Earth has indeed been invaded, as E.M. Nicolay puts it a ‘bio-invasion’ that has been intentionally covered up and kept secret by the invaders — the Draco Reptilians and their deceiving ruthless deviant minion-partners the Zeta Reticuli. As I have previously shared I received this tragic news while I was still living in New Zealand, when Inanna revealed to me the terrible truth – “We lost the planet.”

Upon returning to the United States in 2014 my life has been an unfolding series of events that have provided me with hard evidence of the Invasion. Living as I do in an electronic warfare EW zone, every day I am observing and photographing the bizarre completely abnormal patterns of cloud formations being generated by the Navy here on the Olympic Peninsula.

These electri-fried plasma clouds are not only a basic element of electronic warfare that the military does admit to, they are also in integral component of the geoengineering that is not admitted. Geoengineering is in fact emphatically denied even though technologies to geoengineer the planet have been patented and increasingly refined for some 70 years now — my lifetime.

No off-planet race of extraterrestrial beings would colonize a planet without knowledge of geoengineering. It would be foolish to invade a planet without the ability to alter its atmosphere, geology, water sources, etc. — to move mountains, redirect rivers, manipulate the jet stream and the ocean currents.

As researcher Dr. David Jacobs has said, this kind of bio-invasion has been done many times before. It has been proven successful on other planets and is succeeding here and now on Earth.

The implementation of 5G is already underway. Nothing will stop this, just as nothing will stop the geoengineering of the planet by multinational corporations like Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, American Elements to name a few. These corporations wield enormous power, they are making vast fortunes, and through contractual agreements are under the control of the Invaders.

5G will essentially allow, enhance and empower the complete Invasion of our human bodies, which have now been inundated saturated with a plethora of metal oxides — aluminum (dementia), lithium (makes you passive, tired), barium (a poison that remains in the digestive tract), strontium, and a multitude of nano-particles that are based in fungi. It has become impossible to get samples analyzed as laboratories with (very expensive) equipment, which could reveal the precise content of the ‘grey dust’ that accumulates in our homes, refuse to do so.

5G frequency waveforms will not only continue to invade our brains with thoughts we do not even recognize as being our own — it will also begin to alter our DNA. The Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli races are ‘service to self’ and the Human Angelic is ‘service to others.’ As E.M. Nicolay has said, the Draco & Zeta Agenda is to rid this planet of the Human Angelic Soul group to leave the planet clear for their own Soul groups. Total conquest. This process includes cutting us off from the Higher Guidance, which during this Ascension time period is naturally coming to us from our Galactic Core

SCALAR Technology

E.M. Nicolay often uses the term ‘scalar’ to describe the technologies being used by the invaders. He states that blasts of sound energy and “manipulated scalar frequencies” being used in our oceans are highly disruptive to ocean mammals and individual Soul beings like us. These blasts of sonar sound also cut off communications with the Higher Selves of these beings, their Souls, and in doing so mankind [the Navy unknowingly in league with the Invaders] is comitting one of the gravest sins known in the universe — “interference with a sentient being’s access to it higher consciousness, its guides and its Soul.”

E.M. Nicolay / The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: “Scalar frequencies and waves are now being haphazardly used in your skies and under the Earth as well, and what you do not understand is that this is also having a profound effect on limiting your own connection to your Soul and your own higher guidance. What is more concerning is that this is not being done accidentally, but intentionally in order to block much of your ability to connect to the higher energetic waves emanating from the galactic center at this time.”

The invaders have manipulated our military and the power elite to believe that these heinous to-all-life technologies will give them superior military force to dominate enemy nations and adversaries around the planet. However because the military has no knowledge of metaphysical realities, they do not understand the real purpose of what is being termed the ‘Space Fence’ — the ionization of the atmosphere by countless transmitters using interferometry now located in strategic positions globally.

The real core goal is to cut off the Human Angelic Soul group from the current Ascension energies and usher souls that are in a miasma of amnesia, confusion and somnolent into various astral planes, where they will be sequestered, imprisoned, used as slaves energetically.

E.M. Nicolay: “You are not able to reach the higher realms in the astral state and in essence you are being blocked by the array of electromagnetic rays being propagated for telecommunication [wifi, 5G, cell towers, Nexrad, etc.] … you are being assaulted with electromagnetic pollution.”

Our only Refuge is a Higher Consciousness.

We are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. As the days quickly pass, I am more and more convinced that the only Refuge in these ever darkening times is a Higher Consciousness, Jivan Mukti. I respect the fact that all of you have by now have found and are continuing to find ways to uplift your consciousness — to stand on what I call ‘higher ground’ that cannot be reached by the Invaders, who do not have to ability to resonate with the frequency waveforms that sing out the Wisdom Knowledge filled with the understanding of Creation as the ONE.

Unite your consciousness into the God-within you and thus become a beacon of Light for others.

I do recommend to you the sacred Sanskrit texts which are offered freely on my primary website. Personally I have found my humble efforts of teaching myself Sanskrit to be very purifying and expanding. I realize the Sanskrit path is not for everyone. However, the sacred texts are now available and there are some splendid translations by the Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo, the enlightened master & scholar Swami Muni Narayana Prasad, and Swami Krishnananda (free). The Gayatri Mantra is also excellent.

For a complete understanding of the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Invasion, do read E.M. Nicolay. His prescience is flawless. And remember — especially for those of us who are weary of ‘playing’ in this time/space dimension — that as Nicolay says, this time is a wonderful opportunity “for growth to be participated in by all Souls, particularly those cycling off the time line forever.”

We meet in the Heart,


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