We never left Home …

VSF: Sometime ago the God-within me sent these words. Perhaps they may be of use to you.

The Dissolution — PRALAYA
We never left Home. Use this most auspicious opportunity in the Illusion of Time — as Time is speeding up, moving towards the Dissolution [of this Kali Yuga cycle]. Now you can move further into your Enlightenment, even if you never thought of doing this before.

The God-within will spontaneously awaken you in the most unexpected charming loving ways. God loves surprise — the unknown, unexpected.

God is Love.

March 9, 2016

Yes, your planet Earth is being poisoned by demonic forces, who want most of Earth’s people to slowly perish. This is the inevitable consequence of the consciousness that has pervaded this planet for 6000 years — increasing ‘density’ to the point of planetary suicide. Omnicide.

Just as pain purifies the individual, so will Earth’s suffering lead to a planetary purification. Eventually the consequences of these terrible acts [the poisoning of air, water & earth] will lead to the Great Purification and the Earth will restore Herself.

Galactic Time Cycles can extend into millions of years.

God is Love.

The prevailing consciousness [of power & greed] has brought the inevitable consequences. The demonic are attracted by these low density frequencies and thus the terrestrial inhabitants of planet Earth have brought this to themselves.

God is Love.

The Refuge of Infinite Love, Joy and Peace is residing eternally within each man, woman and child.

God is Love.

God is everywhere — ubiquitous, in everything and everything is interconnected.

The Woven Universe.

God is Love — and so are we all.
TAT TVAM ASI — Thou are That.

Use this auspicious time to come Home. You never left Home.

The demonic ‘evil’ ones who are bringing this Dissolution will be destroyed by their own acts. They will implode, collapse, dissolve themselves. Forgive them. They are you and they are acting out the corrupt thinking of the entire species.

Become a ‘Beacon of Light’ for others. Let the Light of God Consciousness shine from you. The pain you have suffered serves to purify you to make room for God-Consciousness.

Let your body become a Home for the God-within you. Nothing but this will bring you Joy and happiness now. With God Realization, everything brings Joy and Bliss because God is in everything — God is residing in all ‘appearances.’ Ubiquitous.

Come Home, Beloved.
You ARE Me! You never left Home. I have always been inside you, inside your Heart and Mind, waiting patiently for you to turn completely to Me and Dissolve in our Embrace.
I am HERE always!
I am.

Doubt Free Knowledge is God Realization! Live within God always 24/7. Remain in Peace! Thought free. Thoughts come around and about objects. Remain indifferent. Let thoughts come and go. Remain indifferent in the outer world. Remain indifferent — or suffer in polarity, in judgement.

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