We never left Home part 2: Love will be your fuel in this battle, the Force that guides you Home.

VSF: Part Two of transmissions from the God-within me in 2016. Even three years ago I was being told to remain in a state of Love. These are very violent hard times on our planet and the insanity will increase exponentially. Protect yourself and your loved ones by holding a high consciousness, with an adamantine Will move to ‘higher ground’ where the demons have no access. God is waiting for each one of us always.

April 2016

There is nothing you have ever done or been that is not and was not ME [the God-within]. With this understanding in Wisdom and for this reason,
you are released from any and all ‘attachment’ — that which binds you in the temporal illusory holographic matrix. You are liberated from ‘attachment’ to your acts upon Realization that ALL is Me [the God-within all].

Love conquers anger & fear

Anger is easily come by in these days. Anger and fear are the two sides of the same coin.

Finding sacred Love in this desolation requires a greater Self-Mastery and is far more powerful — because Love is the greatest Force, the ultimate Source of Real and lasting power in this and all worlds.

God is Love.

Therefore in whatever ways you can do so, seek to remain in a state of Love. Allow that Love flow from you. Find Love in your heart for who and whatever you are able — Love for your family, children, your beloved, your home, pets, Love for the Earth, her forests, the animals, oceans, stars and endless galaxies.

Even your science now tells you that billions of galaxies exist. In such an unlimited infinite universe, surely in humble reverence there is much to Love, to hold sacred within your Hearts.

Love and Truth

Hate comes easily. Hate is the product of Fear. Hate and fear weaken you and lower your consciousness. Yes, this is a terrible moment on your planet Earth — a time of looking deeply into your very Being, a time of a cleansing purification both externally and within. Know beyond all doubt that Truth, goodness, mercy, compassion and integrity will return to the third dimensional earth-plane — and inevitably vanquish the Dark, as Truth always does. Love and Truth.

Reach into your Heart and find Love. Be That. Emanate That.

Love will be your fuel in this battle, the Force that guides you Home.

God is Love.

The tyrant ETs are literally short circuiting the brain waves of the entire planet. The entire atmosphere of your planet is now saturated with their toxic radiation. They are covering the planet with a “net” [Space Fence] of rf radio frequency/microwave/scalar wave frequencies that alter the human brain and its capacity to receive and process information coming through five sense perception and from the higher realms.

If the ‘demonic’ entities could experience God-Consciousness, true Enlightenment, and in this understanding Realize they too are a part of the One God — they would not waste their lives and time seeking worldly powers and obscene wealth.

God is Love.
Polarity Universes produce Ecstasy for their Creators.

Whatever is created, manifested also is existing as ‘destroyed’ in the un-manifest. Therefore whatever is created will become destroyed, dissolved, returned to its latent state to be recreated again. This mechanism of creation and destruction are inseparable.

The uncreated or dissolved-destroyed is inherent, existing within the created manifest. Just as the created manifest is inherently existing in the uncreated dissolved—PRALYAYA—destroyed. Always. This is the metaphysical structure of a Polarity Universe. Death is contained in birth, as birth is in death.

Think of yourself as part of the volunteers for special projects in the United Confederation of InterGalactic Space Warriors.

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