The Invasion is succeeding and the hybrids have infiltrated every aspect of our world!

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang
Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension
The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra
Chapter 8: The Weaponization of Nature Leading to Catastrophic Earth Changes and Occurences
Forethought Publishing, 2015

“… it became exceedingly clear by approximately 2025 that governments had in fact reengineered [geoengineered] Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology in such a way that was harmful and in some cases detrimental globally. …

“Frankly it was naive of world residents not to believe or to discount reports that their governments were experimenting with the weaponization of the atmosphere, including tampering with weather and all manner of natural Earth events. By the late 2010’s, one needed only to look up at the increasingly greying, hazy [milky haze] and unnatural streaking of usually blue skies, hear about the extraordinary natural occurrences, experience extreme weather patterns, see mass disorientation and beachings of Cetaceans [death by sonar], or witness the unprecedented extermination of bird and animal species to know that something profound and unusual was taking place.”

VSF: I understand how difficult this information is for those who have never seen a UFO and have no five-sense experienced data to ground their possible acceptance in. I have struggled with this all my life.

However it has been the remote-viewing abilities of E.M. Nicolay — who unlike most other remote-viewers, has a profound understanding of Sanskrit metaphysics — Nicolay confirmed my own visions and conclusions over the many years.

We have been invaded by an ET force and they are systematically taking over every aspect of life on our planet.

When you read the news, what there is of it that has even a germ of real — put yourself in the mindset of the Draco Reptilians and their minions the Zeta Reticuli. Every piece of news, every event that sounds like bewildering madness, will become very clear.

For example ….

Who would inundate and flood the American breadbasket states (Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri, etc.) so that Spring planting cannot take place? Does this not insure a major shortfall in the world food supply? Why would the American leaders allow the use of this technology to destroy the ‘heartland’ fields or drought parts of the planet? Long term, does this not mean that we will be forced to eat their genetically modified foods — GMOs.

Are we quickly accelerating into a Soylent Green scenario? And who benefits? The Zeta hybrids will thrive on GMOs, while the Human Angelic Soul group will continue to die off leaving the planet free for the Zeta hybrids and the eventual take-over of the Dracos.

Why has the western world become plagued with an opioid crisis — the pharmaceutical corporatocracy is making vast fortunes pushing its “side effects include” poisonous pills on the unsuspecting ill and in pain who do not realize that their medical insurance often only pays a fraction of the cost. Millions of Americans [70 million] are now in perpetual debt because they cannot pay medical and hospital bills. Debt is slavery, a kind of mental and emotional disability that leaves individuals in depression, fear, living in a permanent sense of failure in a culture that only respects money, the rich and the powerful.

Whose values are respect, admiration, and adulation for the heartless, ruthless and successful [the elite CEOs, the power hungry, military leaders] that have subsumed and crushed all ideals of compassion, kindness and sacrifice for the greater good?

These are the values of the Draco Reptilians. For those of you who know the character of the Rakshasas in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana — you have to look no further to get an idea of how ‘Service to Self’ and not ‘Service to Others’ plays out in actions — or as I say ‘My will be done’ never ‘Thy will be done.’

I am having some difficulty, which I hope will be fixed, posting the NASA Worldview images that clearly show the toxic poisoning of our atmosphere, the weaponization of the Ionosphere, and the destruction of our oceans with tons of metal oxides being dispersed – along with the radiation that is still pouring from Fukushima constantly.

E.M. Nicolay: “Geoengineering … there is a faction of individuals (alien in nature but in human incarnation), that are truly attempting to alter the environment, want to have the environment be hotter, with more carbon dioxide … altering the environment to be more compatible with hybrid humans … this is part of the plan, they are human, but their soul origination is not ‘human angelic’ … they are different in nature than most human angelics…the hybrids…an invasion.”

Universal Electromagnetic Sciences

The genetic engineering that was achieved by the Zetas had the consequence of moving their consciousness towards a group mind, away from individual free will. ‘The group mind led them to advances in telepathy, mind control, thought fencing, and electromagnetic blocking techniques that are now unsurpassed…’

Nicolay says that it is a serious mistake to underestimate these beings and their intention to take our planet for their own Soul Group. The Zetas possess technological proficiency in time and space-shaping physics, and the ability to use universal electromagnetic sciences. They are indeed a service-to-self species to be reckoned with.

As a highly intelligent technologically advanced race, the Zeta Greys are said to be ‘extremely aggressive and ambitious.’ Because of their group mind, they have little or no capacity for empathy, for understanding individual emotions, or processing the idea of individual freedoms. In other words, they have complete contempt for the Angelic Human Soul group with its spectrum of emotions and love of individual freedom.

Nicolay says that the Zetas have particular contempt for Earth’s human angelic Souls that are of Lyran decent, which according to him is the ‘origination system of the Earth human Founder and Guardian races.’  This deep contempt inclines the Zetas to justify ‘the use of any and all means at their disposal’ — anything is acceptable to complete their Invasion of our planet and our genome.

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