The Zeta Agenda: The Zetas don’t just want our planet — they want our bodies to incarnate in, but our present DNA does not resonate with their Soul group.

The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Chapter 10: Earth’s Ascension and The Extraterrestrial Presence

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang
Forethought Publishing, 2012

E.M. Nicolay: “There are more of the Zeta Reticuli Grey race and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.”

VSF: Using the amazing prescient work of E.M. Nicolay, the result of over ten years of telepathic work and remote viewing, I hope to clearly explain to you in my own words, why our planet has been invaded, how their Invasion Agenda effects us as humans, and the relationship of the Zeta Reticuli Greys to the Draco Reptilians. Even though I have written extensively, quoting E.M. Nicolay, I am approaching the Invasion with a fresh understanding so that the truth will be revealed.

This is a ‘Spiritual’ War!
The real Invasion Agenda is to block our Human Angelic Soul Group from human bodies, convert the human DNA into a modified version that resonates with the Zeta Reticuli and the Draco Reptilian Soul groups.

The obstacles to this truth are a complete lack of knowledge regarding universal metaphysics — along with the absurd idea that in a universe with billions of galaxies, we are alone, God’s sole and only creation. We have been indoctrinated, brainwashed with unrelenting propaganda to fear the unseen beyond limited five-sense perception, the occult (hidden) is said to be evil, yet occult only means what has been strategically hidden from us to keep us ignorant, vulnerable, stupid. This ignorance is intentional on the part of our jailers who have kept us in a virtual psychic prison for the past 6000 years (the present Kali Yuga).

Nicolay tells us that the Zeta Greys are literally in a race against “time” because in their own Solar System experiments, that they did not understand, manipulating time-space resulted in a “punched hole in the fabric of time and space.” This hole exhibited the properties of a black hole and began to grow “at an alarming rate to the point where it began pulling into it the very substance of the Solar System they call home.”

In their own Solar System, the Zetas were relentlessly experimenting “with electromagnetic particle acceleration and resulting time-space folding manipulation.” Perhaps something like the particle accelerators at CERN? Here on planet Earth in covert black-operations, the humans who consider themselves to be an elite (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, American Elements, etc.) are using off-world technologies they have acquired through contractual agreements with the Draco Reptilians and their minions the Zetas. Under the black-ops of geoengineering, they are charging and changing the Ionosphere – using literally tons of metal oxide nanoparticles (aluminum, strontium, barium, lithium, etc.), which they are everyday dispersing into Earth’s atmosphere all around the planet.

The creation of this punched rip ‘black hole’ in the Zeta Reticuli Solar System generated a Civil War that resulted in massive radiation contamination and their genetic degeneration. The Zetas can no longer reproduce through their own bodies. This is one of the reasons why they have created their hybrid race here on our planet — beginning around the 1970s when abduction reports began to increase and be documented. Do read the work of Dr. David Jacobs, “Walking Among Us” or watch his many online videos.

The Zetas discovered that the rip in time-space they had created, the black hole had catastrophic consequences. In their Solar System matter was beginning to show evidence of deterioration: “It is for this reason that not only have they become a doomed civilization, but as a consequence their physical bodies have begun to deteriorate as well and cannot endure much longer as a viable species in their own Solar System.”

We learn that there are dire consequences for pushing the Laws of God too far. A race may in fact cause their own extinction by sheer arrogance, selfishness and stupidity. In metaphysical terms, in their “inevitable descent into the destructive pull of the rip in time and space” the Zetas may themselves “become trapped and unable to extradite the energy chords that connect them to the physical bodies of the being incarnated in their physical world.”

E.M. Nicolay says that the Zeta Greys risk being returned to dust and ultimately lost forever. In a desperate attempt to save themselves, the Zetas searched existing timelines and found our planet’s Ascension period (1900-2250) suitable to allow them to “amend their situation easily from within Earth’s current time line by returning to their past … to go back and definitively seal the rip in space-time they had created in their system.” Thus the Zeta evacuation plan to Earth was soon initiated — and the Invasion of our planet Earth began.

In order to succeed and save them from final annihilation, “the Zetas need to have a genetic Earth race into which its Soul matrices can incarnate.” You can understand why it is so easy for the Invaders to hide their true Agenda. Most human beings have no understanding of what happens to us when we die, leave our physical body, and how Souls (the spirit body – Sharira in Sanskrit) are magnetically pulled (by the GUNAS) into lifetime after lifetime.

The Zetas don’t just want our planet — they want our bodies to incarnate in, but our present DNA does not resonate with their Soul group. Therefore our human DNA is being altered irrevocably by the ongoing inundation of thousands of poisonous chemicals into our food, water, air, medicines, and the massive amounts of toxic metal oxides used in geoengineering the planet, all to suit the requirements of the Zetas and the Dracos.


Nicolay says that the critical Ascension period here on our planet is now: 2012-2025. This is the reason that the Invasion Agenda is recently rapidly speeding up and there are thousands of Zeta Hybrids already in positions of power and authority who are very much aligned with the Zeta Agenda, consciously or unconsciously. They like being ‘Borg-ed’.

There are now also many in human bodies who have ‘soul agreements’ with the Zetas or the Dracos and have the same ruthless characteristics of Service to Self. They have no compassion, loath individualism, and have become accustomed to the group mind way of thinking. Almost every self-help article online these days tells the young how to be a better corporate slave-worker.

The Draco Reptilians have been here since before Atlantis and Nicolay tells us that they played a big part in the destruction of Atlantis. Do read his books. There are thousands of the Draco Soul group now incarnated in human bodies. Perhaps you may recognize many of them by their familiar traits of selfish power-hungry greed — both male and female.

It is only through the permission of the Dracos that the Zetas have been allowed to implement their invasion. The higher dimensional Draco Reptilians “agreed not to hinder the Greys intrusion on Earth … in exchange for assurances that Draco Reptilian Soul matrices currently incarnated in human physical bodies would be guaranteed further Earth incarnations…” In my words, the Zetas have been instructed to leave intact the portion of the hybrid-human DNA that resonates with the Draco Soul group.

The Dracos are said to be a very successful race throughout the universe with many colonized and conquered planets. It is my own intuition that the Dracos have some surprises in store for the Zetas. The Dracos want our planet for themselves and are using the Zetas to invade and exterminate us, the Human Angelic Soul group (Nicolay’s term).

My sincere gratitude to E.M. Nicolay.
All quotations are his.

V. Susan Ferguson

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