A Higher Consciousness is Our Only Refuge / E.M. Nicolay: “… in the world of dimensional frequency, higher can see the lower, but lower does not affect higher.”

How to protect yourself, your DNA, health, and loved ones…

V. Susan Ferguson

For those of you who have read my many posts regarding the reasons for the Invasion, you know I always conclude by saying: “A higher consciousness is our only Refuge.”

While this may sound idealistic, it is in fact grounded in metaphysical reality. This ‘apparent’ universe is just that — an electromagnetic appearance in time & space that is made of a vast spectrum of frequency waveforms. We are ‘living’ electromagnetics.

In fact, I am coming to the conclusion that in the Rig Veda, both Indra and Agni along with ‘flowing’ Soma are descriptions of electromagnetism, scalar waves in motion — forever creating, sustaining, and dissolving temporal appearances.

These temporal appearances are received as signals by our five senses and interpreted by the individual brain in synaptic paths that reflect the individual’s proclivities, the nature of their conditioned perceptions, via unique-to-each of us, our three GUNAS (Rajas, Sattva, Tamas).

Thus we all have vastly different reactions and perceptions. We are at different levels of intelligence, experience and evolution. We are at different stages on the roadway Home.

Service-to-Self & Service-to-Others

The Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys are Service-to-Self Soul groups. This means that they live in a lower frequency waveform than those Soul groups that are part of a Service-to-Others way of living. This does not mean that they are ‘bad’ or evil — only they think differently than the Human Angelic Soul group. Therefore they are vibrating at a lower frequency.

E.M. Nicolay tells us that the higher frequency beings can perceive the lower, meaning the beings in the higher dimensional realms can look into the lower ones. However the lower dimensional realms cannot perceive the higher.

E.M. Nicolay: “… in the world of dimensional frequency, higher can see the lower, but lower does not affect higher.”

It is simply reasonable to understand that when we can maintain a higher consciousness, an enlightened God-Consciousness that views all of Its Creation as portions of Its own immeasurable, immutable, eternally expanding Greatness — we cannot be harmed by those pieces of the One who are Veiled in delusion and have ‘forgotten’ that they too are alive, enjoying life only because God resides within them.

An amusing version of this understanding came out in my book Inanna Returns. The character Gracie is a multidimensional self of Inanna, while Marduk is the archetypal villainous tyrant. Note that he uses some sort of ‘scanner’ to measure fear, which for him is a commodity he feeds from:

Marduk spilled his champagne. A terrible vision confronted him. On the screens of his energy-monitoring scanners, there was suddenly evidence of a large drop in productivity. In less than an Earth minute, the supply of fear had dwindled dismally. Marduk sprang up from his golden throne and stubbed his toe — well, his claw.

There must be some mistake; his vast supply of resources could not have vanished so quickly. He began to shriek at his servants and to push all sorts of electronic alarm buttons.

Marduk was freaking out, actually. His eyes were bulging and his face became contorted. He waved his arms wildly in the air and screamed at his clones. But Gracie and all the others like her were beyond him. Marduk could no longer influence or harm them, because they had mutated their genetic codes and moved out of his frequency. They were vibrating in a spectrum he could not even see, much less touch.

I never said this would be easy. Everyday we must fight for our health – and the clarity of discernment amidst an unending assault of mountains of lies. This is war, an Invasion! We are being bombarded with toxic metal oxide nano-particles in the air we breath, nano-particulate that are now so small they can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier. Our food is full of chemicals. You know all this. It has become very difficult to move away from invasive pollution in every aspect of our lives. Do what you can.

E.M. Nicolay talks about how important it is to detoxify and that meditation & prayer do have real results in terms of our “raising your energetic vibrational level, calling in frequency levels from the 10th, 11th, and even the 12th universal dimension.”

Based on my own experiences, my personal path has led me to the sacred Sanskrit texts. I sincerely recommend that your read the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras again and again. Both are available for free on my primary website. You will always find some new revelations in their verses which will guide you in just the precise moment you need them.

I play the Gayatri Mantra, and of course recite it myself. Find sacred words you resonate with and use them to alter the frequency waveforms in your mind, Heart, and the rooms you live in. Don’t feed the demons. Lift your consciousness above fear and anxiety.

You don’t need a guru at this point. Turn to the God-within you with all your Heart, Mind and Soul — and most of all, LOVE GOD!

God is Love.
We meet in the Heart.

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Chapter 10: Earth’s Ascension and The Extraterrestrial Presence
E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang

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