Evil: Former lover exposes Eric Schmidt, DARPA, Highlands Group forums, China

VSF:  This is a very evil report and yet it will prove most valuable to you — because it ties together so many otherwise insane acts that have generated what is now surely a ‘frequency prison’ we are all confined to. Think how powerless so many feel under the metals that are constantly falling from the skies in the spraying ops. Contemplate how confined our thinking as become as we limit our knowledge to the Net, which itself is everyday being reduced to perverse propaganda and endless lies. This article gives us insight into the strategic processes of these arrogant ego-driven mad-men. 

Please go to the link and read the entire article. I am giving you excerpts here to lead you across the evil abyss that is destroying our way of life and our planet. Anyway you choose to look at these monsters, even as minion ‘slaves’ of the demonic forces, these entities are not human.

“DARPA is a death machine…”


Former lover exposes Eric Schmidt

The following is a transcript of an interview with a Google/Facebook/DARPA insider / July 1st, 2019.

JANE DOE: Eric [Schmidt] is all about AI and believes that perhaps he will become the AI of the Internet in the future. He actually entertains such thoughts. Just one word comes to mind – megalomaniac. … Eric is going down and I hope, with honest people coming forward, he will take China with him.

PATRIOT: Wow. My brain needs oxygen. What you are describing is my worst fears about Silicon Valley – more like a nightmare. And you have been right in among the war demons and the goblins who makes the weapons. … Really, DARPA and the whole thing. I have only ever spoken to one other person who has attended Highlands Group forums and she said those people were pure evil and could burn a hole through you with their demonic eyes. Cold-hearted, blood-thirsty warlords, plain and simple.

JANE DOE: Well, she was right. I couldn’t have described it better. Sitting with the international think tank that assures continued war is breath-taking. I didn’t know that weapons dealers, both conventional and virtual, sit around and calculate the deaths that will arise from going forward with a new project. 

But DARPA is a death machine; pure and simple. … I really have no justification for any of those programs. Now remember, when I say those DARPA projects, I am referring to taxpayer funded weaponization of the Internet, Facebook, PayPal, Google, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, etcetera. It disgusts me to know what I know about those fake corporations and their take-over of the world. I helped create those programs. …

PATRIOT: Can we stop the overthrow of free speech by Google, Alphabet, Facebook, etc.?

JANE DOE: I don’t know. It may be too late. Stopping the spread of Broadcom/Qualcomm was a good start. But then they gave the software out to many companies and the $40 billion yearly subsidizing of 5G may be the end of America as we know it. I am encouraged by the actions against  Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Chinese semi-conductors and micro-chips, and other such actions. But China marches on no matter how many troops may die.

… the Highlands Group, it works out of the Naval Intelligence Net Assessment Office
and basically is the international group of corporations, venture capitalists, military and corporate intelligence, and the CIA’s In-Q-Tel agency that uses SAIC and Leidos as their corporate arm. Highlands Group was run by Andrew Marshall for decades and essentially this group assessed new patents, DARPA/In-Q-Tel projects, and military desires for new weapons. ……

Eric’s Dragonfly has already put 33 million Chinese in a more-or-less “digital prison” because of a Social Credit Score determined by online digital use. In America this is also already going into place. Eric worked with the Atlantic Council, donations from the Open Society Foundation, and the Cambridge Digital Forensic Investigation Laboratory to control the Internet before the 2012, 2016, and 2018 elections. Eric did this in 2012 and 2016 through Groundworks and other high-tech start-ups. … Hilary Clinton and Obama … both were controlled by Eric and his controllers.

Americans don’t even know that Eric, who wishes to be the king of the digital world, has already brought these programs from Europe and China to the Internet to control Americans.I have such a long history with Eric …  the aggressive 5G attack on Americans came through Eric and Hillary using Richard Walker, again, as a shill for Broadcom working with Qualcomm to roll out endless poisonous 5G antennae broadcasters throughout America. 

Broadcom is China and the plan was to sterilize every American exposed to 5G before any studies could be done. Then, China conquers America without firing a shot. Eric donated $1.5 billion to create for Hillary the U.S. Digital Service which tried to control the 2016 presidential election results. Eric believes that during the 2020 election he will be able to make all of the systems work together to elect a Democrat.

Eric hates Trump and more than anything wants him destroyed. Trump stands in the way of Chinese domination.

What is Eric’s Big Plan?

JANE DOE: That is simple. Total Chinese control of the world. Digital “world peace” Eric calls it. You see, Eric is being worse than blackmailed by the Chinese. … So far, over 1.5 million Chinese Muslims have died being reprogrammed. Eric is directly responsible for those deaths and the brutal control of the Chinese people by Eric’s Social Credit System.

…  how Eric became so rich that he owns a piece of every digital pie at this point.JANE DOE: That’s the way of the military as they create mythical cyber geniuses as facades for Silicon Valley corporations and then allow those idiots to buy into the next DARPA no-bid government contract that eventually becomes a monopoly subsidized by the government.…

At DARPA, we used taxpayer money up front to pay for people like Larry Brin and Sergey Page to win the DARPA contest. Then, we make sure that the insider traders from the Highlands Group …

… They were chosen because they would lie, not because they invented something. They were given a top-secret DARPA program called Memex which we had used as the best search engine we could develop. It was all military and the “dark web” at first. We used it to sucker in the enemy unbeknownst to them and then subliminally brain-wash them attempting to create behavioral outcomes through digital dopamine reward systems and adrenalin excretions.

It worked like a charm, so the CIA’s In-Q-Tel agency suggested we give the system out to everyone in the world and see if we can’t control the world globally through digital addiction and manipulation.  Again, it worked like a charm so we created the fake National Science Project that Brin and Page participated in. They simply did the best job of the dozen people involved but they didn’t invent anything, they simply used Memex and made it commercial. Facebook and Zuckerberg did the same thing with Lifelog, which was another DARPA/In-Q-Tel project that needed a boy-genius as the front-man. Mark was simply used.

I have seen too much to let Eric and the gang sell us out to China and sterilize every American in the process. The whole system of DARPA weaponization of patents and inventions must stop immediately. Letting Andrew Marshall and his warlords weaponize every invention must stop now. I will keep speaking out against this evil group of people, with Eric at the head.… These are idiots who are psychopaths with delusions of grandeur.


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