The Orion Net & the Lockheed Martin Space Fence / The Metaphysics of the Alien Invasion

The Orion Net & the Lockheed Martin Space Fence

VSF: A crucial component in our enlightenment during this era is an understanding of the metaphysical causes for our current predicament — essentially connecting the purpose of this alien Invasion and our spiritual evolution. I have found the ‘channeled’ transmissions of Lyssa Royal from the 1980s, “The Prism of Lyra, An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage” to be an excellent key source.

I chose Lyssa Royal because her primary work was done before the onslaught of tidal-wave confused and confusing information, which likely often comes from professional miltary-trolls, those whose intent was and is to muddy the waters beyond all possible clarity. What I found is in my view, highly valuable.

In the 1980s the idea of a ‘net’ covering an entire planet, or planetary system would not have been a commonly known technology. Our planet Earth’s atmosphere has been turned into a vast metalized covering — through the global aerosol dispersions of nano-size metal oxides such as aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium, viruses, bacteria and others embedded in fungi. The Earth’s atmosphere is now basically a transmitter, an antenna, a circuit board which serves many functions and is a sort of computer in the sky over us.

Lockheed-Martin calls this the ‘Space Fence’ and its functions are well known as military (national defense – thus cloaked in secrecy), directed energy weapons, communication technologies, radar, geoengineered climate control, and the potential pulsed generation of earthquakes, fires, and other electromagnetic phenomena.

What is less well known are the metaphysical implications of such a ‘covering’ — some might use the term occult, black magic, satanic purposes.

Lyssa Royal:

“… the Orions … created … the Orion Net. It was an electromagnetic field around their planetary systems that actually trapped the souls of people when they died, so the soul could not leave the system. The Net would force the soul to reincarnate back into the system. … This is how the Orions were able to maintain this recycling of souls within the system, driving the system further and further into darkness.”

Through my ten years of studying and translating the Rig Veda, I have come to the conclusion that the Draco Reptilian race has indeed been taking human incarnations for the past 25,000 years. I will write more on this later, but do consider the warlike races in both Epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The Reptilians are able to incarnate into human form and use human DNA because, as Lyssa Royal’s transmissions report — the early genetic experimentation in the “creation of a race of primarily Reptilian beings” was based on the technology that spliced “humanoid DNA and Reptilian DNA to create a being that was technically mammal, but who appeared Reptilian-like.”

The story of the Orion Net correlates with what is taking place on our planet Third Dimensional planet Earth. We are being intentionally, soon forcibly herded into a group mind — a process that is accelerating with ever increasing speed as 5G is being firmly establish all around the planet. Do read the expose on Eric Schmidt and Google.

5G will exponentially ‘lock-down’ the electromagnetic covering that shuts out the Cosmic energy coming to Earth as part of the Ascension time, cuts us off from starlight and the vast cosmogonic wonder of the heavens above, and serves the Invaders to manipulate our thoughts, hormone secretions, immune system, and the communications within our nervous system.

Lyssa Royal paints a picture of what happened in the Orion System that is strikingly very similar to what we are currently experiencing. There is was group in the Orion System that used its powers — both psychic and energetic technologies — to create “one of the most polarized civilizations that ever existed… They kept absolute supreme reign over the population. They kept the population disempowered at every turn.”

Over time a group Royal terms as ‘freedom fighters’ formed and made every effort to combat the iron grip of tyranny that reigned throughout the Orion Empire. “… [the freedom fighters] intention was to free the people and bring sovereignty to all, to teach everyone the connection to Source [God is within All], they felt that the way to fight fire was with fire. … they would use the same techniques [technology] used by the Empire, which of course only generated a bigger fire. … You cannot ever fight fire with fire and expect that you will get peace as a result.”

A few of these ‘freedom fighter’ spiritual masters escaped [through a sort of stargate hole] to Earth.

Lyssa Royal: “The Empire realizing that people were escaping, followed them. So the Earth is a continuation of the Orion drama, correlating to much of your post-flood history up to present day.”

Many years ago I realized that we as human beings were not going to beat these aliens with force. Their technology is so far in advance of ours and the technology we have developed was given to us by these ETs through clandestine ‘deals’ our leaders, political & military made with these tyrant-based ‘service-to-self’ ETs. These deal allowed the exchange of abductions/hormone secretions/blood for ET technology.

Do you honestly think they would give us any technology that would give us the advantage and allow us to defeat them? What these strategically clever ETs have done is imbedded a Trojan Horse in every aspect of our lives, in our hearts & minds with propaganda [Edward Bernays] and now the internet, altering our DNA through radiation, and covering the entire planet via the ‘space net’ using aerosol spraying geoengineering plasma technologies. These toxic-to-life metal oxides are inundating air, water, soil, killing our trees that once connected us into Earth’s atmosphere and the heavens above, and are bringing a slow-death that is destroying our immune system.

The truth is, as Lyssa Royal says — No one can save us! “No one person can save you.” We must all stop looking for a savior, an external god-like person, master or avatar who will defeat the Invasion for us.

The key to sovereignty, to our ‘stargate’ Home is clear. We must each of us find the the God-within us, our CHRIST within,. Our own Christ Consciousness — our own God-Consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson / The Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

The Prism of Lyra, An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage
Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest
Light Technology Publishing / 2011

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