Connecting the Gnostic Scriptures with the Sacred Sanskrit Wisdom / Part One

Connecting the Gnostic Scriptures with the Sacred Sanskrit Wisdom / Part One

The Nag Hammadi

Throughout my life I had attempted to read the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Scriptures — but insight into these texts remained veiled in unfamiliar-to-me names and symbols. However because of my many years of studying the sacred Sanskrit texts, their meaning is now beginning to be understood. The Nag Hammadi is “transforming what we know about Christianity.”

“… the unexpected discovery of over fifty ancient texts, most of them Christian, has demonstrated what the Church fathers long had indicated: that these familiar gospels are only a small selection … from the early generations of the Christian movement, circulated among groups throughout the known world.”

What strikes me as of great value, is that these revelations are to me conclusive evidence that the Master Jesus Christ did bring the Wisdom-Knowledge from the east — to the west. Using three books in the Nag Hammadi, I will share my intuitive insights. I am not a scholar, nor do I know Greek or Coptic. The Nag Hammadi is a series of religious texts found in 1945 in Egypt.

As everyone knows, the Gnostic teachings and texts were excluded from the Bible beginning in 325 AD when the First Council of Nicea created the ‘Nicene Creed’ from a selection of redacted scriptures allowed by the patriarchal church and enforced by the Roman Empire. Some fifty Gnostic texts were declared as heresy.

Thus the west has been effectively locked into ‘prisons of religious dogma’ designed to keep the human race in guilt and fear — by denying the existence of God within each of us; our right to speak directly with God, not through corruptible priests; and the idea of transmigration or reincarnation of the soul. This truncation of Gnostic texts effectively left humanity in ignorance, believing that we only had one life to live and that one life was sufficient to condemn us to eternal hell, or into a heaven that if we were rich enough we might buy entry into through indulgences.

These texts were well known during the early Christian era, and some were popular before the birth of Jesus. They contain ideas that can be understood in the terms found in the sacred Sanskrit texts. For example a very popular Gnostic scripture, ‘The Secret Book of John’ often reads as if it could have been taken from the sacred Sanskrit texts, especially the Upanishads & the Bhagavad Gita — a text that often contains direct quotations from various Upanishads.

‘The Secret Book of John’ describes the One God as illimitable (avinashinam), unfathomable (avyakta), immeasurable (aprameyasa), eternal (nitya, sanatanas), etc.

Jesus says: “I am the remembrance of Fullness” (brahma = expanding fullness). ‘The Secret Book of John’ talks about the different ‘spheres’ that each have their own realm, which I take to mean the various layers of astral planes within dimensional realms.

The ultimate victory of Light over darkness is described: “ … the authorities [the demonic archons, rulers of darkness] will surrender their years and ages.  Their [dark] angels will weep over their destruction, and their demons will mourn over their death.  Then all the children of the light will know the truth, and their root, and the Father of All, and the holy Spirit.”

The Archons

‘The Origin of the World’ states that the ‘archons’ — demonic entities & their darkside angels were created through the power of the One in the form of Sophia [Prakriti Maya Shakti as the Matrix] “…when she became forgetful in the darkness of ignorance” (Sanskrit moha).

Thus the cyclical descending of the Light into the darkness and the solidification of matter through the aeons. These archons are forces that delude us for the purpose of control — and I say that these archontic demonic tyrannical forces include the Reptilians and the Greys now infesting and invading our planet.

We are told that “…all these things came to be by the will of the Father of All” and therefore we understand that the One created the multitude of conflicting warring polarities that we are experiencing in the adventure of consciousness in Time & Space. This polarity universe is God’s Will.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

“… envy became something androgynous. This was the beginning of envy.  Envy produced death, death produced children, and death put each in charge of a heaven. All the heavens of chaos were full of their masses.  But all these things came to be by the will of the Father of All, after the pattern of all that is above, so that the sum total of chaos might be reached.”

There are numerous correlations in the Gnostic scriptures with the Wisdom-Knowledge of the sacred Sanskrit. These Gnostic texts are evidence that the Master Jesus did spend his early years in India, perhaps indeed in Kashmir as has been asserted.

The Purpose of the Archons

The Gnostic term for the demonic negative forces of darkness that exist along with the Light is Archon. They are also called the ‘rulers’ as they do indeed rule our deluded world that sinks into evermore darkness and differentiated perception. Since God is All That Is, meaning God is everything including these archontic demonic forces, we come to understand that the creation of these darkside villains is the means by which the eternal immutable immeasurable One Veils Itself in Time & Space and expands into centrifugal patterns of manifestation appearing in endless forms of matter. The events we term history, and the confusion of conflicting theories that intend to explain it all are the result.

Each being represents a small portion of the eternal One and sees Creation through its own eyes, its uniquely individual lens. The universe itself is reflected in the Mirror of God’s Consciousness. Each one of us is observing this reflection ‘mirror’ (pratibimba in Kashmir Shaivism) through our individual perceptions. The lens through which we perceive is based on our accumulated experiences throughout hundreds of lives, as we incarnate in various bodily forms in multiple dimensional realms.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

The Archons or demons are the negative attenuating polarity mechanisms by which we as portions of the One, Veil our consciousness so that we may ‘play’ in this Veil of Delusion, termed the Divine LILA in Sanskrit. We become attached to our delusions and imagine that the temporal appearances of solidity, interpreted by five-sense perception are real. [In Shaivism these appearances (ābhasas) are real as they are created out of the universal light (para prakasha) of the creator. It is the prism of differentiated perception that causes one to remain in ignorance (moha) of the underlying/unifying light of God Consciousness.]

Thus we remain ‘bound’ in a deceitful miasma of amnesia, as if tied in ropes of delusion by our own ignorance, our forgetting who we are. Archons and demonic forces are the negative polarity mechanisms of our bondage. We go on playing in our self-generated delusions until we grow weary of the potentials inherent in polarities and turn within to reach and return to Home — the Enlightened Knowledge that God is always within us all.

The Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo calls this delusional state that we ourselves are creating a “fraud filled world!”

The Secret Book of John:
“ Forethought … narrates in the first person her three salvific descents into the world of darkness to awaken her ‘seed’ from the deep sleep by the archontic powers and to elevate them into the supernal light … Thus the ultimate restoration of Seth’s progeny [Seth is the third son of Adam], who continue to live on earth, will be accomplished in the last days [of the aeon].”

The Hypostasis of the Archons / The Reality of the Rulers

The word ‘hypostasis’ means the underlying state or underlying substance, the fundamental reality that supports all else. I like the term ‘substratum’ which suggests not only foundation, but also the idea of the material of which something is made and from which it derives it special qualities. The Archons may be named as the demonic, service-to-self tyrants, an ‘evil god’ that is described as a ‘malevolent demiurge.’

The Archons are real, they exist and their influence continues to increase throughout the Cycles of Time. As the density of ignorance and the solidification of matter increases, the power and intensity of the influence of the archontic forces grows, further binding us in our delusion. We are quickly falling deeper into their psychic-prisons, as the archons are weaving webs of confinement, limitation, and servitude into our minds.

Evidence is seen in the consciousness of our delusional rulers, who now appear to be merely self-serving monsters willing to implement a level of corruption that would impress the greatest tyrants in history. Earth’s oceans are poisoned, her forests burned. Our food, air and water are inundating our bodies with toxic metal oxides, unknowable chemicals, and microplastics — everywhere, even the once pristine Arctic.

The Archons as ‘demonic’ ETs

We may come to understand that the current Invasion Agenda of the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys represents the genocidal operations of the Archons. According to E.M. Nicolay and others, these service-to-self demonic forces seek to further enslave the human race and are using the DNA from abductees to produce hybrids suitable to their soul group and clones.

Rene Guenon: ‘The Fissures in the Great Wall’

The great French metaphysical writer Rene Guenon has warned us: Space Invaders for Real! Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off our planet and did that time come to an end?
This is a polarity universe and as a temporal illusory hologram, our universe exists only because both positive and negative forces hold it in time and space. This means that along with the Light, there is also the other – the Darkside. In the first cycles of time the Light is manifest and in full view, while the Darkside is cloaked, hidden, the underneath, which is still there doing its job, but not apparent.
As we move through the Four Cycles of Time, the Dark begins to emerge and reveal itself – while the Light withdraws. By the time we arrive at the Kali Yuga (our current cycle or age), the Light has become more veiled, and the Darkside begins to rule. By the Twilight of the Kali Yuga – which began in 1939 with atomic fission – the Darkside rules and goodness, although it still exists with us, is hard to find.
One element of the rule of the Darkside Tyrants in the Kali Yuga is the entry of entities into our third dimensional earth plane world.

The Great Wall: Unanticipated Interferences
In Rene Guenon’s the chapter on ‘The Fissures in the Great Wall’ in his book “The Reign of Quantity”, Guenon warned that our world was being threatened by what he called unanticipated interferences. As we have come to accept matter as the only reality, meaning as the solidification of the world has progressed, we have come near to the limits to that solidification. And because the world can never become a completely closed system, what Guenon calls fissures have occurred in the protective barrier that surrounds our world. This protective barrier is known in metaphysics as the Great Wall and it exists to protect us.
When I first read this idea of fissures forming in the Great Wall, what immediately came to mind were the infamous Montauk Experiments. Those of you who are familiar with this story will recall that when the time warp was achieved with their Tesla-like frequency emissions there was a tear, as in a rip, in the time field.

Whatever protects the 3rd dimensional planet Earth from ETs and astral forces — was opened. It was reported that through this tear many ETs – friendly or not – slipped into this dimension. The increase in sightings and abductions is evidence.
Guenon points out that the Great Wall is, as he terms it, a shell — and as such not only keeps energies out to act as our protection, it also serves as a limitation, a container. This may explain why so many have said that 3rd dimensional planet earth is under some sort of quarantine. Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off the planet and our consciousness — perhaps in compliance with the Law of Non-Interference? Has that agreement been recently broken over and over? Has that formal and supposedly ‘legal’ limitation come to an end.
As Guenon says, the Great Wall exists to ensure that we are protected from being attacked by enemies from below. I assume this implies that many of these entities are not particularly evolved and may have a somewhat Darkside consciousness.
Apparently in previous cycles of time before the current solidification of the world, there existed openings in the top of this protective shell that allowed us to communicate with the higher realms. Such communication was the purpose of the ancient Spiritual Centers clustered all over the planet which function as time portals. Most of these are now abandoned and have been intentionally taken over by the Darkside, so that they may feed off the residual frequencies once generated there. Think of how many once sacred sites are the focal point of ongoing wars and human misery.
Our current acceptance of the doctrine of materialism allows us to believe only that which comes to us through the 5 senses. Our own limited way of thinking has shut us off from communication with the higher more evolved domains and access to the higher realms through these sacred centers is now closed.
More than ever before, we are on our own here!

The Real Nature of the Archons is described as “the authorities of darkness … our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the authorities of the world and the spirit of wickedness … The leader of the authorities [Archons] is blind. … [because of his power, ignorance, and arrogance he said, ‘I am God; there is no other but me.’ When he said this he sinned against [the realm of the All.]”

V. Susan Ferguson
To be continued …

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