The Archontic Draco Reptilian & Zeta Grey Holographic Matrix

The Archontic Draco Reptilian & Zeta Grey Holographic Matrix

God dwells within each and everyone of us, patiently waiting for us to turn our consciousness, our focused awareness from the external manifestations that have intrigued, beguiled, deluded and deceived us for thousands of years. The Taoist call this the ‘ten thousand things’ that desire as a cosmic force (KAMA in Sanskrit) compels us to sink into and become ever further lost from Rembrance that we are the One.

Abhinavagupta was a 10th century Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar who many consider as India’s greatest genius. In his Paramarthasara, or the Essence of the Exact Reality ( Abhinavagupta said:

No diversity is the Real Truth.
The whole universe appears in me.
Pure consciousness manifests the reflections of its own divine powers of Godhead inside its own psychic luster of consciousness.
[After] Realization of the Truth … No other aim in life remains to be accomplished.

We are all projecting our own ongoing uniquely individual ‘virtual realty’ hologram. As Veiled portions of the great unlimited, immeasurable, eternal One, we are playing, enjoying our adventures in time & space. In the Divine LILA (‘play’) we experience limitation, death & birth, entrapment in five-sense perception, and the vagaries of a polarity universe that are often confined to and result in war — the struggle for power, dominance and greed for acquisition.

Why would the Creator intentionally confine portions of Its Infinite Consciousness in a dimensional realm that brings unending pain and suffering? The Sanskrit words for pain and pleasure are often written as one word: SUKHA-DUHKHA. The ancient Seers understood that all pleasures inevitably lead to pain. Just as life ends in death, we must soon let go of everything we desire. Civilizations rise and fall, our family & loved ones leave us and die. So as crops in the field must be cleared to make way for new plantings — everything in our temporal universe ends!

A fraud-filled world ….

The great Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo has said this is a fraud-filled world — with a smile … “Enjoy hell!” This realm has indeed been a hell world for centuries — and now corruption and fraud have infected every part of our world including the medical profession that dispenses prescription drugs that make us sicker, the judicial system that only serves the elite rich, a military that exists to protect the corporatocracy and the 1%, along with absurd lies covering up the geoengineering/terraforming of our planet.

While there is much we cannot know about the previous cycles of time, we do know that within the Kali Yuga there has been unending war. Writing is a ‘symptom’ of the Kali Yuga, like an illness. All we know of history was written in the Kali Yuga.

The Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata, which contains the Wisdom-Knowledge in the Bhagavad Gita, is the story of a great war, the world war of that time. Indeed the sacred dialogue between Krishna as the ‘voice of God’ and Arjuna, the greatest warrior of his time, takes place on the battlefield before the war commences. The Mahabharata is said to be from the Dvapara Yuga, the third cycle of time..

The Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana is said to be from the Treta Yuga, the second cycle of time. Again we have the story of a great war taking place between the demonic Rakshasas (who I say were Reptilian incarnates) — and Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya who personifies DHARMA, and whose purity of consciousness and inimitable courage against evil are exemplary.

The Archons are aggregates of energies

The Gnostic texts provide a remarkable understanding why God, the imperishable One, would choose to descend into matter and ever-increasing density. Gnosis means knowledge and the gnostics believed that knowledge would release us forom our self-imposed delusions and bring about the Remembrance of the God-within.

In the Nag Hammadi, found in Egypt 1945, one of the most translated and read Gnostic texts is the Secret Book of John. Written in Coptic, originally in Greek, the Secret Book of John contains revelations on our descent into solidity.

Matter is actually a mere reflection, a distortion of the higher realms. The Gnostics believed that an understanding of our ‘descent’ would enable us to reverse the process and ascend back into the realms of higher consciousness frequency wave forms.

The translation & annotation of the ‘Secret Book of John’ by Steven Davies is excellent. Keep in mind that ALL is God, including the demonic, satanic, darkside, shadows, etc. are all God. How could it be otherwise? Davies sums up the causal factor as SOPHIA, the Greek word for Wisdom, who “seeks to know an image of herself apart from the fullness.”

I would connect the Sanskrit word MATRIKA or SHAKTI-MAYA with Sophia. Equating God with the ‘fullness’ brings to mind the Sanskrit word BRAHMA as a metaphysical principal of an ever-expanding fullness — not a deity. After ten years of translating the sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda, I have concluded that these ancient words are in fact metaphysical principles, cosmic forces, or as I prefer Cosmogonic Forces. They became personified as a matter of convenience to communicate subtle ideas to a population that in the Kali Yuga was losing its ability to comprehend such subtlety.

A bad copy…

Sophia’s individual desire to create apart from the fullness produces “disastrous results” as the monster named Yaldabaoth, who “begins to construct a world based on his inadequate, half-witted knowledge of the higher realms of God’s mind. This is an artificial world, a bad imitation of the real world, a world that becomes our world. Yaldabaoth brings beings into existence who are his subordinate rulers: demons [archons] who dominate this lower artificial world.” [Davies]

Perpetual cloning results in diminishing returns.

Davies reminds us that the entities named and nameless that are depicted in the Gnostic texts are symbolic, they are metaphors for states of consciousness in the Mind of God: “Sophia, God’s wisdom, is not a person distinct from God; Sophia is a form of God’s own consciousness. … God seems to be human [takes on the appearance of being human] and falls into the multiple personalities we know as human beings. Humankind is fallen God.”

We also understand that the Archons are not individuals, not entities as such, rather they are an energy or an aggregate of energies. Beings with a low frequency waveform consciousness resonate with these Archontic energies and therefore through the Laws of Magnetism attract the Archontic frequencies.

The beings who resonate with Archontic energies are typically service-to-self races such as the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys who have currently invaded our planet. This invasion is a “foothold invasion” like a beach head that must be defended and repelled and defeated by raising the frequency waveform of our individual consciousness into God Consciousness, the Spirit of Truth and Love.

V. Susan Ferguson / September 11, 2019

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