The Four Cycles of Time Reconciled & Re-fitted into the Twelve Dimensional Realms

The Four Cycles of Time Reconciled & Re-fitted into the Twelve Dimensional Realms

V. Susan Ferguson

The sacred texts say that “near the end, everything that has been hidden will be revealed.” For many years I have had difficulty with the numbers from Indian scholars, meaning their contradictory ‘official’ time lines on the Four Yugas. There is so much disagreement and unending heated arguments about the dates.

I do believe that we are in the closing years of a cycle of time — a Kali Yuga in Sanskrit definition. Any Kali Yuga would be infested with Archontic energies and potentially AI. God within uses these energies to Veil itself in delusion, illusions, and Forgetting.

Most of the information available on the Four Yugas in the Sanskrit texts comes from the Puranas — which were written in the Middle Ages and are very biased on their particular deity (Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, etc.). Indian scholars, for the most part, do not trust the Puranas, which are considered ‘popular’ appeals seeking patronage from kings and also disciples, texts that support various schools.

We also have evidence on the four yugas from the Sanskrit epics. The consciousness in the great epic, the Mahabharata is said to represent the Dvapara Yuga (3rd). The Ramayana is said to be from the Treta Yuga (2nd); the Ramayana was in fact seen, received, ‘channeled’ by the visionary Sage Valmiki around the first millennium BC — although no one in India doubts its sacred authenticity.

Both epics are about World Wars, which shows that these earlier cycles, the Treta and the Dvapara, were filled with conflict and catastrophe.

Expanding our consciousness out into the Universe

From reading E.M. Nicolay, I have begun to construct a new way of thinking about the cycles of time. I feel that Nicolay’s information is authentic and a heroic effort to expand our consciousness beyond the limited frequencies of this current cycle, beyond the limitations of five sense perception, out into the universe and the dimensional realms.

Using your visual sense, let us regenerate and transpose the Four Cycles of time into the Twelve Dimensions. 

Let us say that the Satya Yuga represents the 12th dimension (states of consciousness within the highest beings, no form) through the 9th dimension (light bodies).

The Treta Yuga represents the 7th through the 5th dimensions (our next stop if we choose Ascension).
The Dvapara Yuga includes the 5th down to the 4th dimension.

The Kali Yuga (our current era) is the term used for the 3rd dimension (the dimension we now exist within) down to the 1st.

Nicolay says that the dimensions do overlap.

The higher dimensions can actually ’see’ the lower ones, although they are generally not very interested. One dimension is somewhat affected by the others — and each dimension has twelve sub-levels of its own astral planes (think fibonacci numbers and fractals). Therefore these dimensional layers are many, multiple layers of consciousness — and not so neatly cut into compartmentalization as our bicameral polarity brains might prefer.

Thus we have a much more deeply meaningful and complex view of the dimensional realms than that given to us by the Vedic Cycles of Time.

A friend has commented: I like this way of thinking very much. It helps to intuit all the dimensions existing simultaneously and therefore the cycles, which then dovetails with the concept of “a non-linear time” at least, AND past, present & future existing all at once.

Keep in mind that Enlightenment and Ascension are not the same experience. Enlightenment gets us off the wheel altogether. While Ascension is the mechanism by which the Creator refreshes, alters, changes the various layered dimensions to keep the ‘play’ the Divine Lila interesting, non-repetitive.

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