Edward Snowden Interview / Sept.2019 / “Mass surveillance is not about public safety, it is not about terrorism — it is about POWER…”

VSF: Please, I urge you to watch this interview with Edward Snowden. When we are drowning in insanity, stupidity and confusion, listening to Snowden is like a healing cleansing rain of pure intelligence and truth. Snowden is obviously a man of depth and intelligence. His understanding of where we have found ourselves in this era of mass surveillance is clarifying, amazing and refreshing. Truth rings in his speech, his logic, and the undeniable brilliance of his mind. No wonder the agencies are terrified of him. He makes common sense out of the nonsense they labor to perpetuate. Snowden lifts up the curtain on the evil that threatens life on Earth.Over 2 million views since Sept. 17, 2019.

Excerpts paraphrased by me:

SNOWDEN:  We have no restrictions on the data collected by big companies … all these records belong to us, the people — not to the companies that are collecting them.  @49:00  Mass surveillance is not about public safety, it is not about terrorism — it is about POWER, economic espionage, it is about diplomatic manipulation, and it is about social influence.  It is about understanding the actions of everyone in the world, no matter who they are, no matter how innocent their life.

Our founding fathers would be shocked at what they would see today. They understood that an overly efficient government becomes very dangerous.  The government should be afraid of the people — people should not be afraid of the government.

The founding father were all considered to be traitors — by the British! The signing & writing of the Declaration of Independence was an outrageous act of treason, but it was also right.  What is legal is not always the same as what is moral. Look at the facts. Today you know that the US government broke the law in this country and around the world. Would you rather not know?

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