Plasma: Merging Rajas and Tamas into Sattva through Resonance / The Biot-Savart Force law

The images are screenshots taken from NASA Worldview and show the ‘spiral coils’ which in my observation represent the Biot-Savart Force law. The geoengineering technicians around our planet are charging the plasma in the clouds to control the jet stream, to control the weather, to facilitate electronic warfare, and other secret covert operations we are paying for not only by taxation, but also to the detriment of our immune system. Toxic metals like aluminum, strontium, barium, lithium, and more give them more options to manipulate the ionosphere, the stratosphere, and our atmosphere.

Merging Rajas and Tamas into Sattva through Resonance

V. Susan Ferguson

Rajas is Centrifugal Force
Tamas is Centripetal Force

When both these forces are tuned into a Resonance, a harmonic frequency, a frequency wherein the Centrifugal Force is in resonant harmony with the Centripetal Force — the two opposing forces Rajas and Tamas reach Sattva, and a state of unlimited power that is created by the merging of the two polarities, Rajas and Tamas.

The toroidal field overcomes gravity producing levitation in the accomplished Yogi, and anti-gravity in UFO aerial ships.

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
The Evolution of Field-Aligned Currents
The Biot-Savart Force law states that current filaments or wires running in the same direction attract, while those in opposite directions repulse. For plasmas there is a neutral force region where the filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry. (p.343)

The Evolution of Plasma Filaments via the Biot-Savart Force
In the early stages of the filaments are micropinches. The filaments converge to a strong pinch (center) where they twist into a helix structure before untwisting … (p.348)

Waves are reflected at cutoffs and absorbed at resonances.
A “plasma pond” is a diagram that describes a two-component plasma where cross-sections of the allowable wave normal surfaces are shown. The surfaces are typically in the form of spheres, ellipsoids, and wheel and dumbbell lemniscoids. (wave equation @ p.384)

VSF: Here is why the geoengineers are ‘playing’ with plasma to control the weather and control the world:

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces. The charged particles are usually clouds, or beams of electrons, ions, and neutrals or a mixture of electrons, ions, and neutrals — but can also be charged grains or dust particles. …
While all matter is subject to gravitational forces, the positively charged nuclei, or ions, and the negatively charged electrons of plasmas react strongly to electromagnetic forces (Maxwell’s equations). …

Because of their strong interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity of structure and motion that far exceeds that found in matter in the gaseous, liquid, or solid states. …
In addition to cellular morphology, plasmas often display a filamentary structure. This structure derives from the fact that plasma, because of its free electrons, is a good conductor of electricity, far exceeding the conducting properties of metals such as copper or gold. … the charged particle flow produces a ring of magnetic field around the current, pinching the current into filamentary strands of conducting currents. …

Nearly all matter in the universe exists in the plasma state … in the Sun and stars and interstellar space … in the sea of electrons that moves freely within energy bands in the crystalline structure of metallic solids, and in many other objects.

Plasmas are prodigious producers of electromagnetic radiation.

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
Springer Science, 1992, 2015

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