My understanding of Marshall Summers’ “The Allies of Humanity: Book Four” / …consider all the materials and fuel sources that must be necessary to build civilizations throughout the millions of Third Dimensional galactic systems… It’s a business, an inter-galatic business mafia-style.

A Perspective of the Third Dimension

by V. Susan Ferguson

After reading Marshall Summer’s new book “The Allies of Humanity: Book Four,” I have concluded that his people, the Allies for Humanity are limited to the perspective of the Third Dimension. In the Fourth Briefing chapter  ‘Higher Powers’ they say that the physical universe is only “forces that were set in motion at the beginning of time. There is no Divine Plan organizing everything, controlling everything, for the physical universe is largely chaotic and governed by … forces. And it is running itself now.”

No enlightened races in the universe?

He also says that “there are no enlightened races in the universe that we are aware of” — I cannot agree with this statement. As you know both the Sanskrit tradition, and Taoist & Tibetan traditions speak at length of many realms of enlightened Masters (within the Myriad Worlds or various Lokas). Therefore I conclude that Summer’s source Allies are limited to the Third Dimension and have no awareness of the existence of higher realms.

Summers does attribute higher consciousness to what he terms the ’Networks of the Wise’ who exist on ‘free’ planets. Freedom is the primary concern of the Allies. The Wise remain hidden in secrecy on the various ‘free’ planets where they provide guidance to nations by their connection to the Higher Powers (Angelic Forces). The Wise are not in positions of temporal power, they remain hidden. The point of Summers revealing this is to make clear that no enlightened race is going to come here and enlighten the human race. We have to enlighten ourselves, we have to reach God Consciousness on an individual level. We are very much on our own here and now.

He also talks about the fact that most of the universe is run like a greedy control-freak corporatocracy (my choice of words). This fits in with E.M. Nicolay, who states that the Draco Reptilian races are a highly successful group on the Third Dimensional Realm, also the Fourth, and soon to be the Fifth (they plan to invade Fifth Dimensional Terra/Earth after this Ascension period).

Inter-Galactic mafia-style Economic Hitmen

Summers’ perpetrators of Intervention (invasion or interference) are greedy for resources. When we consider all the materials and fuel sources that must be necessary to build civilizations throughout the millions of Third Dimensional galactic systems, you can understand why these Intervention entities are constantly seeking new supplies. It’s a business, an inter-galatic business mafia-style.

Thus Summers’ Allies paint a picture of the Third dimension as a tyrannical trade operation where planets are enslaved and their natural resources raped in order to feed the beast, the corporatocracy — which I am assuming is made up of the highly successful Reptilian races E,M. Nicolay describes (who can & do incarnate into human bodies). The Draco Reptilians are a service-to-self greedy, cruel might-makes-right creatures who want our planet and have assisted the Zeta Greys in their silent hybrid infiltration Invasion (Bezos, Gates, and many thousands of others).

I stopped reading ‘channeled’ material many years ago when I realized that the material was limited not only by the consciousness of the channeler — but also the entities being channeled. I am convinced that Marshall Summers’ Allies are sincere, but limited in their understanding of the greater universe.

E.M. Nicolay’s people SA-MU-EL appear to have a bigger picture. However there are certain reports in both that fit together — like the creation of a hybrid race to take over running our planet, which I believe is happening quickly (Dr. David Jacobs regressing abductees).

Also the description of a race of resource traders infiltrating planets fits with E.M. Nicolay’s assessment of the Dracos. Think of what Trump has allowed regarding all environmental protections, and the reports from John Perkins “Economic Hit Man” — we are doing the same pillage on our planet and it is being done to our planet by low consciousness ETs.

Summers’ Allies also give dire warnings about the technology these ETs have given us.

However, there is value in what the Allies have to say — very practical, boots on the ground intel, and useful to those who do not intend to reach Enlightenment or Ascend to a higher dimension, but have chosen to remain in this Third Dimensional realm planet Earth and fight the good fight for planetary Freedom.

A critical review from amazon:

did not find the “Allies” to be allies at all 
March 29, 2013
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I feel that Marshall is sincere, dedicated, and devoted. This review has nothing negative to say about him. What I found, however – and it took a good while of immersing myself in his work – is that these supposed allies are very tricky fellows. I found them to be – my opinion, only – dark beings posing as Beings of Light.

I’m not here to try to convince anyone. Each one leads his/her own life and makes their own choices. I’m just sharing mine, so please take it for what it’s worth. There is nothing more important for you than following your own guidance, your own heart – not someone else’s.

In the end I feel they have an agenda – one in which it’s very important for us to take on and be aware of our very junior or lesser state. We are the “newbies” on the galactic block, so to speak – that is how they clearly and strongly portray us. Well, to me that stinks from the start. We are not these human bodies or minds, my friends. We are, one and all, great spiritual Beings – beings of Light, ourselves – just not all fully awakened to that, yet.

If read in this light, it is easy enough to see how inculcating that particular, rather subservient attitude in us could be a prelude to “helping” us, but also to taking control. After all, they present themselves as those who know best – right?

So do step back from what they present, here. That is my hopefully helpful advice. It is fine to read and explore this or anything – but it is even finer to do so from a well centered state – firmly aware of one’s own innate worth and divinity. I don’t find the Allies’ voices to be that much different from those of TPTW (The Powers That Were) in all of their guises wherein they attempt to take more control from us.

Finally, some might wonder, “Why 3 stars?” For the Allies I give 1 star, but for Marshall I give the other 2. Besides, we are not such helpless, fragile things that we can’t explore both the dark side and the Light 😉

The bottom line? No one can take from us what we refuse to give 🙂

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