ET Intervention on Earth / by Kerry Cassidy

VSF: By posting this video, I am not necessarily endorsing everything that Kerry Cassidy has said. However I do agree with much of her presentation. Use your own discernment and investigate everything for yourself.

I do agree that most who are talking about the ET presences are either too optimistic ‘new age’ – and/or keep too narrow a focus. The geopolitical chaos we see increasing is directly related to the ET Intervention – what I term a foot-hold Invasion, or bio-Invasion as E.M. Nicolay says.

Kerry Cassidy says flat out that the Zionists in Israel are Reptilian. Note that Israel has rejected 5G. Read the Protocols of Zion below.

Obviously if I did not feel this would be of value to you, I would not post it on my blog. And while this may seem ridiculous, I recommend that those of you who can have access, do watch the Stargate SG1 and Atlantis made for TV series. There are many hidden innuendos of truth within the episodes, especially regarding the racial complexity of the universe – and the agendas of the various agencies and their corporate benefactors that have been taken over by hostile ETs. At the very least, it will give you an expanded vision of life beyond planet Earth.

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