When Truth and Illusion Collide: Why what is happening is happening / new from E.M. Nicolay / “Are you ready to reject illusion, and the mythologies that have hidden it?”

VSF: E.M. Nicolay has posted a new article. Here are a few excerpts. Please do read the entire piece at the link. We live in the time when endless layers of lies will be revealed, as more than 6000 years of manipulation, suppression, and virtual enslavement by the Reptilian race ruled over our planet Earth.

Nicolay has also released a new book which is explained below. I continue to support his work and urge you to read him, especially Book Three and Four which contain detailed explanations of the ET Invasion and our probable future time line.

When Truth and Illusion Collide: Why what is happening is happening

E.M. Nicolay / October 27, 2019

Long ago we mentioned that when Ascension energies prevail, as they do now, falsehood falls away, the Truth is revealed and evil is unmasked. We would go as far as to say that during periods of Ascension such as the one you are navigating today, aside from the ever increasing polarity between young Souls who dive head-first into karmic adventures and old Souls preparing to cycle off to incarnations in higher dimensions, Truth rises to the forefront and whatever myth has masked Truth until now is revealed.
Many of you reading this in the current unstable environment, will immediately think that what is happening in the United States and in the world today is precisely this  — the unveiling of Truth. You applaud and feel comforted that politicians and world leaders, many of whom are grossly corrupt, are being unmasked and finally defeated.

Most hope that the intense struggle will end peacefully with triumph over evil, at which point everyone can return to the way it was before their rude awakening and the daily turmoil that is turning the world upside down. But a deeper look is always warranted, if indeed, Truth is to be told. And this look may not conform to your wishes for good to overtake evil and find happiness, peace and harmony thereafter.

We will not here go into a further discussion of how the current world situation is being instigated by baby and young Souls with an immature consciousness who will remain in Third Dimensional incarnations in opposition to mature or older Souls preparing to cycle off incarnations in the Third Dimension permanently. If what you see is disturbing however, it is important to know that as the Truth about a century of cultural and societal missteps is revealed, and what has been covert for so many years is now unmasked by its very perpetrators, the stage is set for the balance of karmic energies for your culture, your society and your country.
The question is: Are you prepared through a higher level of consciousness, empathy and vibrational state to see the Truth? Are you ready to reject illusion, and the mythologies that have hidden it? Are you ready to re-examine and create a new Truth in order to move into the future? Or will you become trapped in the idea of an ideal Truth, and succumb to the new lies, deceit and mythology that are being used by those in power currently who wish you to trade one blindness for yet another of their making?


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