Transmissions from the God-within me for the Emissaries

Transmissions from the God-within me for the Emissaries

March 9, 2016
Yes, your planet is being poisoned by demonic forces [the Draco Reptilian & Zeta Grey ETs infested possessed with archontic energies]. These entities want most of Earth’s people to slowly perish, the rest used as slaves both energetically and physically. This is the inevitable consequence of the consciousness that has pervaded your planet for 6000 years, increasing density to the point of suicide — omnicide.

Just as pain purifies the individual, so will Earth’s suffering lead to an eventual planetary purification. Inevitably the consequences of these terrible acts [by the alien invaders] will lead to the Great Purification and the planet will then be able to restore Herself.

Galactic Time Cycles can extend millions of years.

God is Love.

The collective consciousness of the human beings living on planet Earth have brought this upon themselves. God is Love.

The Refuge of Infinite Love, Joy, and Peace is eternally always residing within each man, woman, and child. God is Love. God is everywhere ubiquitous in everything [including the archonitic energies] and everything is inter-connected — The Woven Universe.

God is Love and so are we all. TAT TVAM ASI — Thou art That. Use this time to come Home. You never left Home. The evil ones who are bringing this Dissolution [PRALAYA] about will be destroyed by the own acts. They will implode, ‘dissolve’ themselves. Forgive them. They are you — acting out the corrupt thinking of the entire species.

The United Confederation of Spiritual Space Warriors volunteer for special projects.

What is most important technologically are the massive amounts of radiation being driven into the atmosphere as SCALAR WAVES.

The tyrant ETs are literally short-circuiting the brain waves of the entire planet. They are covering the planet with a ‘net’ of scalar waves, microwaves, and other frequencies that alter and block the human brain capacity to receive and process information coming through the five senses and from the Galactic Core. [This is a standard military tactic used by the Draco Reptilian invaders to subdue hundreds of planets.]

If the demonic could experience God-Consciousness they would not waste their time seeking worldly powers and wealth.

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