The ET Alien Invasion: “…the most significant and consequential aspect of their plan would be the next stage, which would call for the temporary enslavement and eventual elimination of the current angelic Soul population in favor of human Zeta Soul incarnates”

E.M. Nicolay: “For not only are you multi-dimensional beings who have chosen to incarnate at a most extraordinary time for the purpose of your own resurrection and reawakening, but also you are here for the purpose of assisting in raising the vibrational energy that will ultimately bring resurrection and reawakening to the Earth plane as a whole. We honor that noble quest…”

VSF: I do keenly realize that for many of you my obsession with the Draco Reptilian & Zeta Reticuli Alien Invasion must seem bewildering. Why is this woman — who has spent so many years studying the sacred Sanskrit traditions and even Sanskrit itself — now posting on an Alien ET Invasion? Ask yourself this question: How can we consider ourselves enlightened when we remain unaware of the reality of an expanded universe?

I also write for what I call the ‘Emissaries’ — meaning those of you who have always sensed a very different reality than what you were taught in school and now by the totally controlled Zionist [Draco Reptilian] media. The Emissaries have incarnated here in Third Dimensional planet Earth to experience this Ascension period and to assist in balancing the Invasion assault by raising their individual consciousness to a higher level, a level of consciousness the invaders are not able to reach, to capture us, control or over-ride.

There is a big difference in Enlightenment and Ascension. The Ascension process is periodical and is the amazing mechanism that allows the dimensional realms to move into higher frequencies — to “refresh” so to speak. If the nested layers of dimensional realms could not transform and elevate themselves, life in this universe would soon become very boring for the Imperishable One that has manifested Itself as us and all other forms.

E.M. Nicolay: “Now it is your destiny to access that awareness and regain an understanding of your natural state while you are still in physical incarnation.”

In a polarity universe there has to be a negative polarity. The Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Greys are service-to-self — while as the natural inhabitants of planet Earth, we of the Human Angelic Soul group are Service to Others. These differences are always producing conflict. The Dracos believe that might-makes-right, and they are without compassion for others’ suffering. The Draco Reptilians are said to have been highly successful within the Third Dimensional realms, even beyond Earth. They have used these same strategic invasion tactics on multiple other planets, and thus have a perfected plan, which is now working efficiently here. This fact has been reported to Dr. David Jacobs by abductees many times.

The Law of Non-Interference

The reason that higher being cannot interfere with the Alien Invasion is that our governments and military leaders in the 1940s signed binding contractual agreements with these entities. An exchange was made — technology for our DNA and hormonal secretions. Since the leaders of our planet were so deceived, so blind and greedy to get their hands on the ET technology, which we now realize was an unstoppable Trojan Horse, there is little the higher beings can do beyond observe. Unless…

This is where we who have incarnated into human form at this time come in. Because we are also subject to human vulnerabilities, we are free to raise our consciousness into the higher frequencies, into God Consciousness or Christ Consciousness — whatever term you resonate with – and by emanating those higher frequency waveforms, alter the Invasion.

Thus it is by lifting our own consciousness and remaining in a higher consciousness as much as possible that is our Refuge and remedy.

There is no outward, external solution. These Dracos and the Zetas possess and are using technologies far in advance of anything our military knows. Do you imagine that the ET invaders would give our military warfare technologies we could use to actually defeat them? We can only ‘fight’ them in consciousness — by transcending the three GUNAS (rajas, tamas & sattva), our self-created matrix; and by forgiveness through the understanding everything is the One playing in Time & Space. These enemies, which we term Archons or demons, are in fact also God playing out the drama of the Divine Lila, God’s ‘play’ in this particular polarity universe. There are many more.

I continue to show you evidence of the Alien Invasion through reports from various sources that from the human perspective seem completely insane — however when you train your mind to see these criminally corrupt operations from the perspective of the Invaders, these heinous acts make strategic sense.

For example:
Geoengineering the entire planet for the last 70 years (my lifetime). This is a global operation and I direct you to Dane Wigington’s website Dane has been dedicated to researching and reporting geoengineering for 15 + years. He sticks to ‘credible evidence’ and there are many in depth articles and amazing videos & images.

The worldwide spraying operations are daily dumping nano-particulate sized aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, and other substances coupled in fungi that are toxic to all life on earth — including you and me! These metal oxides are breaking down our immune systems, which is why so many are becoming ill with various chronic afflictions. There is also evidence of viruses and microplastics found is these aerial dispersions.

These chemical dispersions are everyday inundating and saturating our land, all trees, vegetation, the fields where our food is grown. We still want to eat chemical free, but how can there be organic food when the soil itself contains these toxic metal oxides? Our food is filled with chemicals, Monsanto’s GMOs.

The oceans are dying: plankton disappearing, fish die-offs; radiation is still spreading throughout the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima with no end in sight. There are over 400 nuclear power planets world wide, each built on vulnerable water which was intended to cool the heat. Over 160 more are currently being built. Considering that no on still knows how to dispose of the dangerous waste — this is insanity.

The invaders have left no area of our lives untouched. Vaccinations have been proven not to work, but in fact give you the flu, polio, or whooping cough. The pharmaceutical corporations ‘Big Pharma’ have gone mad and are generating more and more prescription drugs that have very harmful “side effects” and literally disrupt the body’s God-given ability to re-balance and heal itself. These monsters are making a fortune, while they are killing us. Do you believe this is entirely accidental, or merely greed and stupidity. Or is it intentional, part of the invasion strategy.

Our governments and court systems are corrupt beyond our wildest imagination. The Draco incarnates, meaning those in the Draco Reptilian soul group who have been taking human incarnations for millennia (since before Atlantean times), are in positions of power — not only in the top echelons of all world governments, but also they are the leaders of the military world wide. Their ‘faith’ is might-makes-right, the strong conquer the weak, and they have used the technology given to them by the Alien Invaders to conquer and rule most of the planet. Tyranny and hierarchy, empire, the group mind, command and control are the dictums they live by.

The Zionists and the Protocols of Zion are a Draco Reptilian organization, filled with Draco incarnates in their leadership. They control the banks. They want war, perpetual war, and especially a nuclear war. The Draco Zionists are using the Christian Zionist Evangelicals and the Zionist movement that has overwhelmed Israel to effect their strategic plans for a nuclear war, a strategy that will result in genocide that will benefit the Dracos and their minions the Zeta Greys.

E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world … once complete the most significant and consequential aspect of their plan would be the next stage, which would call for the temporary enslavement and eventual elimination of the current angelic Soul population in favor of human Zeta Soul incarnates. … like the Draconians, the Zetas’ plans hinge on their ability to compromise the Ascension of the Human Angelic Soul group … particularly at the critical 2012 to 2025 juncture, a pinnacle period in the Ascension process.”

Covering our planet with various forms of destructive radiation is the strategy for blocking us from the beneficial radiation coming from the Galactic Core — the ‘Mother’ of this galaxy — to implement our planetary Ascension process. Using the Lockheed Martin ‘space fence’ created by multiple forms of toxic radiation, including 5G, HAARP, NEXRAD and Digisonde HF Radar Systems, and others like the ‘pods’ beneath all jet fighter planes used in EW electronic warfare — the alien invaders intend to harm and deform our DNA, which acts like an antenna. The invaders are effectively blocking and cutting us off from receiving the necessary for planetary Ascension, the higher frequency waveforms being sent from the Galactic Core during this time.

E.M. Nicolay: “The principle reason why it is so important at this time for each individual, as a carrier of light, to absorb and bring as much light into the physical realm as possible is to balance and harmonize the vibrational energy of the Earth realm.”

Our only Refuge is a higher consciousness. When we raise our own individual consciousness above that of all these pernicious deadly forms of radiation, they cannot reach us. Change your consciousness and come Home. In the sacred stillness of your own Heart, generate an energy, a frequency waveform that will spread out into the Ether, across this planet into the Hearts and Minds of others, those who are ready to receive and come Home. Love is the most powerful frequency over and above all others.

God is Love.

V. Susan Ferguson

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