The Perils of Personifying ‘gods’ / The Morphing of the Rig Vedic Rudra into Shiva / Part I

The Perils of Personifying ‘gods’ / The Morphing of the Rig Vedic Rudra into Shiva

VSF: As many of you who read here may know, I have been teaching myself Sanskrit and endeavoring to translate the Rig Veda for around ten years — where much to my surprise I found advanced ET technology. The Rig Veda was composed in Vedic Sanskrit, which is different than Classical Sanskrit found in the later sacred texts. The Rig Veda is said to be the source of all the metaphysical traditions found in the numerous sacred texts that over the centuries followed. The Rig Veda is a massive cosmic puzzle with multiple layered meanings, and have been diversely bewilderingly translated.

The Cosmogonic Forces

My core conclusion on the Rig Vedic verses is that the ancient Rishis — the visionary Seers who ‘saw’ these verses in the Ether — were in fact invoking the Cosmogonic Forces that dwell within themselves. They were not worshiping ‘gods’ or cows or anything else. They were using the power of sound to invoke the Cosmogonic Forces that generate the universe and exist within each of us.

I have recently begun to understand how perilous it has been for us humans, Earthlings — as E.M. Nicolay would say the Human Angelic Soul group — to personify these Cosmogonic Forces as the ‘gods.’ When you accept the idea that planet Earth has been invaded and infiltrated by ET races, especially the Reptilian race, even before Atlantis, and passed themselves off as these ‘gods’ — then you may realize how our conquerers used this human frailty to their own advantage.

The theme of aliens pretending to be ‘gods’ is well documented in the work of Zecharia Sitchin, the Stargate film and television series Stargate SG1. Also this fraudulent alien-as-gods pretense is primary in my 1995 book Inanna Returns, which was the result of six month of my personal visions of the colonization of planet Earth.

We have been led astray, away from our own powers and into endless delusional belief systems throughout countless millennium. A labyrinth of proverbial off-ramps.

Let us look at the concept of multiple ‘gods’ from the lens of higher metaphysics and electromagnetics. Everything is interconnected. The so-called ‘gods’ are aspects of our own being, the subtle emanations of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, rays of creative power of the one God that dwells within each and everyone of us — and simultaneously pervades and permeates All, this entire Universe.

The Loss of Our Freedom and Power

Once we separate any aspect of the God Force, the Cosmogonic Forces — that we may discuss as electromagnetic in nature — from our own being, our own consciousness, and through our consciousness project that Force out into the holographic Matrix we experience as life, as the appearance of what we accept as reality — we lose power.

In our confused and deluded state, the Cosmogonic Force that we have projected externally is no longer perceived by us as that which we are, and have always been. We begin to worship the now externalized projection of what was once an integral part of us as the God-within us. We supplicate, even beg, and ask it to give us everything from health to wealth. We have forgotten our own power, our original oneness with our Source. We have lost our internal eternal power — our right to be connected to God.

“The notion of different persists…”

The Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita by the Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta, translated by Boris Marjanovic, contains this very illuminating text:
Book Seven Verse 19
At the end of many births, the man of knowledge resorts to Me [the one God-within] realizing that Vasudeva [the indwelling universal God] is all this universe. Such a great soul is difficult to find.

Those who meditate on Me are noble people … Others on the other hand are mean-minded and always on the move to obtain more property (in order to reduce their suffering) … Nevertheless, these people are inferior to the enlightened person because the notion of different still persists in them.

Why is that so? For they still think, “I will ask God to fulfill my desires.” Desires such as this reveal the notion of difference is still dominant in them.

The enlightened person is fully established in God because he doesn’t think that he is different from the Lord [the God-within you] and therefore, the Lord is not different from him. To such a person God is dear and not the fruits of actions. These yogins [those united with God] have their hearts and mind perfected by the realization that Vasudeva [the indwelling universal God] is everything.

We need to stop personifying our inner strengths, thereby directing the inner power of our true Self into ‘gods’ or other idols — such as the rich and the famous. We need to plug our consciousness into the God-within us and stop taking endless off-ramps that lead to more confusion, delusion, pain and suffering.

Like the ancient Rishis, those enlightened wonderful Seers that composed the subtle Rig Veda verses, we have the right to invoke the eternal Cosmogonic Forces within our own individual unique Being. We are the interconnected electromagnetic wholeness that is the core substratum of the integral Universe. Our Source and that which we are — God Consciousness, our true Home.

The Morphing of the Rig Vedic Rudra into Shiva

A few years back I ordered a book from India, but I did not read because it was very moldy. Last summer I was able to get most of the mold out and you can imagine my shock when I read very conclusive proof from a highly respected Indian scholar that Rudra came out of the Assyrian and Babylonian god Adad.

For those of you who do not know, Adad is part of the Anunnaki family. Adad is Inanna’s uncle and the son of Enlil, the son of Anu.

In the cuneiform texts, Adad is portrayed as more demonic than human. Both Adad and the Vedic god Rudra in the Rig Veda have been made to appear as cruel and destructive warlords.

I sincerely have not known how to write about this — and for the last year have been wondering if I should say anything at all. Shiva is dearly love by millions around the world. I myself have benefited greatly from Shaivism, especially Kashmir Shaivism, and wrote extensively on the Shiva Sutras. However the evidence presented by the Indian scholar, now deceased, haunted me. Only this January morning did I begin to understand the value of revealing Rudra’s identity as the Anunnaki Adad, and Rudra morphing into Shiva.

See part II.

The book is still available at Exotic India online:
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