The ‘Pegasus’ spyware software – developed by Israeli NSO Group Technologies

VSF: The full detailed explanation of the ‘Pegasus’ software is below in a video. The source is TruNews, a Christian based view. These men do not understand the Draco Reptilian/Zeta Reticuli Grey Invasion. However they do understand the Zionist Agenda that is the tool implementing the Alien Invasion. What’s embedded in your cell phone, collecting data on you?

Israeli NSO Group Technologies – is known for developing the “Pegasus” software 
11/08/2018 / Via,
US whistle-blower Edward Snowden yesterday claimed that Saudi Arabia used Israeli spyware to target murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Addressing a conference in Tel Aviv via a video link, Snowden claimed that software made by an Israeli cyber intelligence firm was used by Saudi Arabia to track and target Khashoggi in the lead up to his murder on 2 October inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Snowden told his audience:
“How do they [Saudi Arabia] know what his [Khashoggi’s] plans were and that they needed to act against him? That knowledge came from the technology developed by NSO,” Israeli business daily Globes reported.
Snowden accused NSO of “selling a digital burglary tool,” adding it “is not just being used for catching criminals and stopping terrorist attacks, not just for saving lives, but for making money […] such a level of recklessness […] actually starts costing lives,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

Snowden – made famous in 2013 for leaking classified National Security Agency (NSA) files and exposing the extent of US surveillance – added that “Israel is routinely at the top of the US’ classified threat list of hackers along with Russia and China […] even though it is an ally”.
Snowden is wanted in the US for espionage, so could not travel to Tel Aviv to address the conference in person for fear of being handed over to the authorities.

The Israeli firm to which Snowden referred – NSO Group Technologies – is known for developing the “Pegasus” software which can be used to remotely infect a target’s mobile phone and then relay back data accessed by the device.  Although NSO claims that its products “are licensed only to legitimate government agencies for the sole purpose of investigating and preventing crime and terror,” this is not the first time its Pegasus software has been used by Saudi Arabia to track critics.

In October it was revealed that Saudi Arabia used Pegasus software to eavesdrop on 27-year-old Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, a prominent critic of the Saudi government on social media.

The revelation was made by Canadian research group Citizen Lab, which found that the software had been used to hack Abdulaziz’ iPhone between June and August of this year.  Citizen Lab’s Director Ron Deibert explained that such actions by Saudi Arabia “would constitute illegal wiretapping”.

Pegasus Spyware
This malicious piece of programming, as its type would suggest, is capable of spying on a user’s smartphone in a variety of ways. It could monitor incoming and outgoing messages, go through the online history of the user, record phone calls of the user as well as employ various other spying techniques. Once the data is acquired, it gets sent to the hacker who can then abuse it in a number of harmful ways. The gathered info could be used for blackmailing the victim or for direct theft from their online bank account. Furthermore, the targeted user might not even realize what’s going long after the malicious deed has already been carried out. It should be obvious by now just how nasty this Spyware program is and why people should be very wary of it.

How does it get to people’s iPhones?
There aren’t that many ways to breach an iPhone’s defenses and in most cases hackers count on the users’ negligence and lack of care. In this particular case, the method employed is called phishing. Here’s how this scheme works: The cyber-criminal sends an e-mail or some other type of text message to the target. This message contains a malicious link that leads to an exploit kit that remotely infects the device with said Spyware. 
However, the message itself is written in such a way that it may trick the user into tapping upon the link. The message might claim anything. It might tell you that your device needs an update and you should click on the link so as to get it, it might  present you with some kind of offer or anything like that. 
However, no matter how alluring or urgent it seems, do not fall for it. Besides, it is not that hard to spot a fake and potentially malicious message. After all, if it is coming from an unknown sender and it contains a suspicious hyperlink, then it is almost certainly a ruse. 
Therefore, always think twice before you open any shady-looking links that get send to you, because this might expose both your device and your virtual privacy to some considerable risks.

Apple iPhone and iPad users usually believe they are safe. There’s no malware for iOS, they say. Apple does little to discourage the impression — the “fruit company” doesn’t even allow antivirus solutions in its App Store, because, you know, allegedly they’re not needed.
The keyword here is allegedly. There actually is malware in the wild that targets iOS users — it’s been proved a number of times, and in August 2016 researchers proved it again by revealing the existence of Pegasus, spyware capable of hacking any iPad or iPhone, harvesting data about the victim, and establishing surveillance on them. That discovery made the whole cybersecurity world… uneasy.
At our Security Analyst Summit, researchers from Lookout revealed that Pegasus exists not only for iOS, but for Android as well. The Android version is different in some ways from its iOS predecessor. Let’s shed some light on Pegasus and explain why we use the word “ultimate” to describe it.

The TruNews video:

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