Dane Wigington’s Global Alert News Feb.22, 2020 / and… Is it possible that the Corona Virus is being distributed in the aerosol spray operations known as chemtrails? / We are all breathing these toxic metals everyday, breaking down our immune system.

Dane Wigington above in the Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News for Feb. 22, 2020.

VSF: The good people at Trunews have been taken off YouTube, but they are still available at their website:


As I have said, our way of understanding is a little different. They are a Christian based ministry – and I see the return of Jesus as the return of Christ Consciousness. That understood, Trunews is doing some of the best research on the virus available.

Here is one example found at Seemorerocks:


VSF: Both these photos were taken by me. Above: the Olympic Peninsula WA from my home. Below: a book and table in my home showing the metal particulates. Not dust. These metals reflect and refract light. Aluminum, lithium, barium, etc. We are all breathing these toxic metals everyday, breaking down our immune system.

The Draco Reptilian & Zeta Reticuli Grey Invasion Agenda is now in the process of a slow culling of the Human Angelic Soul Group population. They are careful to seek out and preserve those who carry a DNA that can be matched, used and utilized to create a Borg-like AI body they can control, direct, and manipulate as a robotic type of slave race. Know that the ‘little Greys’ are all clones. There may already be many of these merged creations running various operations for them. They may look human, but they have no compassion, are cold, service-to-self tyrants who care nothing for humanity. They serve the Invasion Agenda.

VSF: The question is being raised by many regarding the virus as an intentional bioweapon. Trunews has said that there are many outbreaks that cannot be traced to a ‘patient zero’ as the carrier and spreader. Can the virus have simply come from the sky? We know we are being sprayed daily around the planet with toxic metals, aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium, and others which are often based in fungi – and have been said to contain viruses. Is it possible that the Corona Virus is being distributed in the aerosol spray operations known as chemtrails? Here are a few reports that may make you wonder.

Is the Corona Virus Pandemic Deliberate?


VSF: Qom is the city in Iran where the virus started. Why?

“The city QOM is the largest center for Shiʿa scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage, with around twenty million pilgrims visiting the city every year…”

Reuters [Feb.22]: Iran, which announced its first two cases [corona virus] on Wednesday, said it had confirmed 43 cases and eight deaths, with most of the infections in the Shi’ite Muslim holy city of Qom. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan imposed travel and immigration restrictions on the Islamic Republic.


Qom (Persian: قم‎ ɢom) is the seventh metropolis[3] and also the seventh largest city in Iran.[4] Qom is the capital of Qom Province. It is located 140 km (87 mi) to the south of Tehran.[5] At the 2016 census, its population was 1,201,158. It is situated on the banks of the Qom River.
Qom is considered holy in Shiʿa Islam, as it is the site of the shrine of Fatimah bint Musa, sister of Imam Ali ibn Musa Rida[6] (Persian Imam Reza, 789–816 CE). The city is the largest center for Shiʿa scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage, with around twenty million pilgrims visiting the city every year, the majority being Iranians but also other Shi’a Muslims from all around the world.[7] Qom is famous for a Persian brittle toffee known as Sohan (Persian: سوهان), considered a souvenir of the city and sold by 2,000 to 2,500 “Sohan” shops.
Qom has developed into a lively industrial centre owing in part to its proximity to Tehran. It is a regional centre for the distribution of petroleum and petroleum products, and a natural gas pipeline from Bandar Anzali and Tehran and a crude oil pipeline from Tehran run through Qom to the Abadan refinery on the Persian Gulf. Qom gained additional prosperity when oil was discovered at Sarajeh near the city in 1956 and a large refinery was built between Qom and Tehran. 


VSF: And this one is very interesting … What is going on?

The Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa, California, where the US government just tried to quietly house 35-50 infected coronavirus patients, is a state-run facility for the mentally disabled, with a “shadow staff” of 200 people but only six patients according to official records.
Notably, the center has no biocontainment facilities and no staff trained in level-4 biohazards. It’s actually described as a kind of “prison” by critics who also call it “shoddy” and “run down,” with the “odor” of jail (see source below).
It begs the question: Why would the United States Air Force attempt to relocate up to 50 infected coronavirus patients to a facility with no biocontainment capabilities, right in the middle of a high-density population area near Los Angeles?

Why wouldn’t the Air Force just keep the infected patients at the Travis Air Force Base where they have containment? This idea of “exporting” infected patients into a high-density city near Los Angeles seems incredibly unwise, if not criminally negligent.
Finally: How can there be up to 50 infected patients trying to be moved by the Air Force when the CDC says there are only 35 infected people in the entire nation?
That question, of course, almost answers itself.
The Department of Developmental Services provides services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities through state-operated developmental centers and community facilities.
Although nearly shut down today, the center still has 200 staffers on its payroll (source), and it’s not clear what those 200 people are doing since there are only six patients remaining. (Your own theories are welcomed…)
The center has a history of mysterious deaths and sexual abuse of residents, yet has achieved a 100% vaccination rate among all its residents over the many years it has existed. According to public records, over 43% of patients there are given “hypnotic drugs” and similar pharmaceuticals.
The Fairview facility has 396 beds and has housed hundreds of mentally disabled individuals with autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and other development disorders. In 2016, a plan was unveiled to close the facility, but it remains semi-operational. Gov. Newsom is looking into transforming the entire thing into a kind of homeless camp.
Last week, the U.S. government tried to secretly export 35-50 infected patients out of Travis Air Force Base and deposit them in the Fairview facility. City officials of Costa Mesa got word and filed an emergency lawsuit with federal courts in California, achieving a temporary restraining order prohibiting the transfer of patients there.
The Fairview facility is located just south of Los Angeles, near Huntington Beach / Newport Beach. In their lawsuit, Costa Mesa officials warned the facility was right in the middle of a county of three million people.
“Eight people suffering from schizophrenia, severe intellectual disabilities, and other debilitating conditions died at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa between 2002 and 2011, at least partly because of neglect or lack of supervision, newly released documents show.”

A future coronavirus quarantine prison camp?
A retired police officer from San Diego describes the facility as a “prison camp” with prison-like conditions.
Via the OC Register:
Larry Ingraham, whose brother died in Fairview in 2007 from a broken neck, wants the state to shutter the developmental centers.
“It’s like a prison,” said Ingraham, a retired police officer from San Diego.
“I’ve worked in the jails; it’s like a jail, a county jail. It had the odor of a county jail. It was shoddy. It was run down,” Ingraham said of Fairview.
Perhaps that’s why the Air Force chose it for a coronavirus “quarantine,” but without any isolation facilities, it will be no more effective as a quarantine facility than the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
The fact that the U.S. Air Force was trying to house 50 infected coronavirus patients at this facility should send shivers down the spine of anyone living in Southern California.
But remember, the CDC says there are no “community outbreaks” because they aren’t testing for community outbreaks. And according to the CDC’s published testing guidelines, there will never by any confirmed outbreaks in America, since the CDC prohibits the testing of any American who is infected by another person in America who hasn’t been to China.

VSF: This CODOGNO is the town in northern Italy where the virus started. 35 miles south of Milan. I was trying to figure out why there? Agriculture? Maybe… But here is a company that specializes in high tech ‘fuses’ — a world leader in electrical & electronic products, dash boards, and more. Now shut down due to the virus.
Have a look at their video here:


Covid 19 impact on the production site in Codogno
MTA News – February 2020
MTA has been forced to close its Codogno production plant from today to date to be defined, to follow the Roberto Speranza’s (Italian Minister of Health) Regulations in agreement with Attilio Fontana’s President of the Lombardia Region.The closure of the Codogno production site, which employs about 600 workers, represents an important damage for the company that serves the main OEMs globally. 
Not delivering the goods will, in fact, cause the stop of the three production lines of FCA [FIAT Chrysler Auto] Mirafiori, Cassino, Melfi and those of Sevel already as of February 26. From March 2, all the other FCA plants in Europe and those of Renault, BMW and Peugeot will close too. 
 Should the forced closure arrangement persist, other manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Iveco, CNH and Same would be involved, just to name a few, with irreparable consequences for the company and the staff employed.

In such a context, with the utmost respect for initiatives aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, MTA asked to the relevant authorities to be able to allow 10% of its workforce (approximately 60 people) to return to production activities. The return would take place on a large covered area of 40,000 square meters and subject to daily verification of the health status of each worker, with regard to the symptoms and signs of COVID19. MTA has already dealt with the COVID19 emergency in its Chinese production plant in Shanghai, and therefore knows all the procedures necessary to continue producing in total safety of its workers.

The partial resumption of MTA Codogno’s activities would allow the company to be able to carry out deliveries within the timescales imposed by customers, allowing the Italian and foreign factories of vehicle manufacturers, with whom it collaborates, not to interrupt the production lines, avoiding additional burdens from an economic and social point of view.

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