Those who cannot be ‘human’ in nature have conspired to destroy our connection to the higher fields using aluminum, glyphosate, fluoride, and Wifi.

What is really happening in this world?

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: … there will be a movement by big corporations to take the soul away, to disconnect people from the higher worlds. In order to do that we have to destroy the Pineal Gland [the Third Eye].
The Pineal Gland is the most sensitive part of our central nervous system — and is highly highly sensitive to four things:
Glyphosate [Round up – Monsanto]

These four things have been pushed on everybody. As a result from testing — people have severely calcified the Pineal Gland.

It is very clear that the Pineal Gland is a receiver for higher fields of energy and translates them into thought.

The Pineal Gland actually controls our immune system and our endocrine system. All science.

It is astounding that the telecommunications industry – out of a huge spectrum of frequencies – has selected the frequencies that are absolutely destructive to ourselves and especially to the Pineal Gland [fluoride].

When you inhale aluminum as you do from the geoengineering program [aerosol spray operations around the planet] — the aluminum combines with the glyphosate in the gut and in the blood stream to form six different chemical compounds, where aluminum and glyphosate are hooked up together. And the end point of that compound is the Pineal Gland.
This is a published fact — not my idea.

What is needed for this compound to enter the brain is to open up the blood-brain barrier. And the current frequencies in the WiFi are doing exactly that! They are opening the blood-brain barrier so that toxins that used to stay in the blood stream and in the body below the neck are now entering the brain. This applies to all toxins.

The perfect storm has been created as the WiFI triggers aluminum, glyphosate and fluoride. Were there enough dumb people who made wrong choices over the years?

It is possible that there are higher fields of consciousness that can be both tuned in to the light – or can be absolutely destructive. I believe that enough scientists and politicians have come under the influence of these dark fields of consciousness and are acting accordingly — not knowing [perhaps] on a human level why and what they are doing.

[In other words, they are unconscious tools of the demonic Archontic Forces].

5G is inconceivable to someone who still has a little bit of a brain left. This [dark field] cannot be human in nature. Human nature is life affirmative, loving, wanting to live and make the Biosphere more friendly to Life.

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