The WiFi — soon to be 5G and more — is triggering the chemical compounds created by the combinations of aluminum, glyphosate, and fluoride to pass beyond the blood-brain barrier and enter our brains, thereby targeting specific areas of the brain including our Pineal Gland and our ability to contemplate.

Bhagavad Gita XV.7

A fragment of My own eternal self takes on the form of an individual soul in the world of living beings; it draws to itself the senses with the mind as the sixth, which exists in Prakriti.

Abhinanavagupta: The individual self is part of the totality of consciousness. It is because of the inability of the individual self to experience that totality of consciousness, which is the loss of all knowingness, that the atman begins to consider itself limited.

Excerpted from Abhinavagupta’s Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita translated by Boris Marjanovic, 2002.

VSF: From the above verse, we come to the understanding that every man, woman, and child in this universe is a portion and part of the Creator, our Source, God.

God dwells within all — including those tyrannical service-to-self beings we perceive as demonic, who indeed are destroying our world and the planet we depend upon and love.

I have often asked myself how God would bring about the close of a Cycle of Time. What would the Twilight years of a Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, look like? I have accepted we are now living in such an era.

These days we often wonder how can any man or woman commit such heinous criminal and cruel acts of utter destruction? Who in their right mind would poison the oceans, the land, and even the air we breathe?

E.M. Nicolay talks about the fact that it is the primary Agenda of the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys to cut us off from the frequency waveforms of Enlightenment that are streaming from the Galactic Core at this time to facilitate the Ascension period. To my mind, this is the reason that most cannot understand what is in fact actually occurring — because they do not understand or accept primordial metaphysics and the traditional idea of MOKSHA, liberation in the forms of Enlightenment and Ascension.

The video posted previously on ‘What is really happening in this world?’ with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt provides many answers. Keep in mind that we are all portions of the One, even the darkside demonic tyrants bent on our destruction.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:  … there will be a movement by big corporations to take the soul away, to disconnect people from the higher worlds. In order to do that we have to destroy the Pineal Gland [the Third Eye].

VSF: Isn’t this exactly what E.M Nicolay has said. Those who are hidden from us — the Draco & Zetas — are manipulating their minions to create an environment on this planet that will disconnect our consciousness from our Source, from the frequency waveforms coming to us from the Galactic Core.

The Pineal Gland is the most sensitive part of our central nervous system — and is highly highly sensitive to four things:
Glyphosate [Round up – Monsanto]

VSF: Aluminum along with barium, strontium, lithium, and many other variations of toxic nano-particles have been raining down on us from the skies in ongoing geoengineering operations for decades now. Our bodies are carriers, swimming in these metal oxides that are known to cause dementia and worse. Often based in fungi, these ever tinier particles can also include viruses and bacteria. Why?

These four things have been pushed on everybody. As a result from testing — people have a severely calcified Pineal Gland. It is very clear that the Pineal Gland is a receiver for higher fields of energy and translates them into thought.  The Pineal Gland actually controls our immune system and our endocrine system. All science.

VSF: In the traditions of the sacred texts of eastern mysticism, the Pineal Gland is known as the ‘Third Eye’ and is said to be the master control mechanism of the Spirit Body that allows us to perceive what is Real beyond the limitations of Five Sense Perception. Who wants to calcify and destroy the Third Eye in the human race — the Human Angelic Soul group? Who benefits?

It is astounding that the telecommunications industry has selected the frequencies that are destructive to our out of a huge spectrum of frequencies that are absolutely destructive to ourselves and especially to the Pineal Gland [fluoride].

VSF: I feel most of us would agree that this ‘selection’ of 5G etc. is beyond astounding — it is diabolical. When you look at a 5G distribution map, you will notice a correlation between intense outbreaks of the coronal virus infections and 5G.

The abductees regressed by Dr. David Jacobsen have said that this Alien Agenda to take over our planet Earth has been done countless times throughout the Third Dimensional realms. The Dracos have a plan that has been successful many times before. It works! It is happening to us now.

When you inhale aluminum as you do from the geoengineering program [aerosol spray operations around the planet] — the aluminum combines with the glyphosate in the gut and in the blood stream to form six different chemical compounds, where aluminum and glyphosate are hooked up together. And the end point of that compound is the Pineal Gland.
This is a published fact — not my idea.

What is needed for this compound to enter the brain is to open up the blood-brain barrier. And the current frequencies in the WiFi are doing exactly that! They are opening the blood-brain barrier so that toxins that used to stay in the blood stream and in the body below the neck are now entering the brain. This applies to all toxins.

The perfect storm has been created as the WiFI triggers aluminum, glyphosate and fluoride.  Were there enough dumb people who made wrong choices over the years?

VSF: From Dr. Klinghardt we realize that it is the WiFi — soon to be 5G and more — that is triggering the chemical compounds created by the combinations of aluminum, glyphosate, and fluoride to pass beyond the blood-brain barrier and enter our brains, thereby targeting specific areas of the brain including our Pineal Gland and our ability to contemplate.

Who can think clearly or contemplate much of anything when the majority of the population has their eyes & mind stuck on their smart phones, their iPads, etc. Surfing the internet for around 15 minutes will activate the frontal lobes of the brain and leave you without the ability to access the areas of the brain that allow for contemplation, meditation, and especially the opportunity for soulful communication with the God-within you — who is always there, hoping you will turn within, patiently waiting.

Read “What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains: THE SHALLOWS” — by Nicholas Carr, 2010. We are left with little or no concentration or attention span, concerned with endless ever changing information, trivia, confusion and conflicting opinions — none of which lead to the Wisdom Knowledge that will guide us Home. We have become the literal prisoners of technology — a technology brought to our planet by the ET Invaders whose real goal is total conquest and our enslavement or death.

Possible that there are higher fields of consciousness that can be both tuned in to the light or can be absolutely destructive. I believe that enough scientists and politicians have come under the influence of these dark fields of consciousness and are acting accordingly — not knowing on a human level why and what they are doing. 

VSF: In other words, they are unconscious brain-dead tools of the demonic Archontic Forces. This explains how so many of our so-called leaders are behaving as if they have lost their minds and are leading us into an abyss. They have been invaded, altered. They are the controlled minions of the darkside forces that are bringing about the close of this cycle of time. They are insanely lying to us in a tsunami of continual propaganda. Perhaps they have been indoctrinated to believe in genocide, that the planet will be better off when most of the human race has been rendered docile, obedient, brain dead or actually dead. They are slaves to the Draco/Zeta Agenda, minions, disposable tools.

5G is inconceivable to someone who still has a little bit of a brain left. This [dark field] cannot be human in nature. Human nature is life affirmative, loving, wanting to live and make the Biosphere more friendly to Life.

VSF: We are all portions of the One. Find the Love in your Heart. This time is designed to encourage those who are ready to move to higher ground. Be grateful for the Grace of Wisdom you have been given. Love God — and God will love you. When this cycle concludes, those who have the God-given ability to “see” will realize that nothing has happened. The temporal illusory holographic universe will begin again and go on. World without end. Where do you want to be?

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