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E.M. Nicolay: I am constantly reminded these days about something Samuel said long ago when they were informing us all that the most important thing we can do during this time is to keep our vibrational state and the highest possible resonance through consciousness, meditation, connection and a state of grace:

“When your consciousness, your vibrational integrity and your resonance is high, negativity, evil and disease cannot see you.

The Starseed Transmissions – Raphael through Ken Carey / 1986 / excerpt

Identifying with the Being behind all Life, you realize that the particular form that you are conscious of projecting through at the moment is not really who you are. As you begin to see your body as an exquisite exploratory instrument, designed for the expression of your spirit, you begin to relax. Your preoccupation with survival begins to fall away. It is not that the body becomes unimportant, but rather that a fundamental identity shift has taken place.

You are not your body. You are not your thoughts. You are not what you feel, not your role or your experience. You are the Spirit of Life itself, dancing in the clay, delighting in the glorious opportunity of in- carnation, exploring the realms of matter, blessing the Earth and all therein.

The psychological process that triggers this awareness takes place in the present moment. You must be there, fully present, to experience it. This is not difficult. Simply be aware of whatever you are doing.. If you are slicing the bread, do not be thinking of your thirst. If you are listening to a friend, do not be thinking of what you are going to say next. If you are eating a meal, do not be thinking of what you are going to do when the meal is over, but show the Earth the appreciation of your fullest attention.

In whatever activity you engage, be there fully in Consciousness also. This will draw you into the Presence of God, and quickly show you what areas of your life are most in need of adjustment. The question is not howmuch of the Presence of God can you bring into your life, but how much of your life can you bring into the present. The Presence of God is everywhere. You have only consciously to embrace it with your attention.

Once you have learned to focus your attention in the present moment, you can begin to refer to your intuitive faculties for direction. These intuitive sources are your direct link with the totality of your being. Trust them. They will not fail you. They arise involuntarily from the depths of your being like the breath you breathe. They inform you instantly of all you need to know in any situation. They supply you with a read-out, based on the infallible wisdom of your Creator, that tells you the optimum behavioral pattern available to you in each circumstance. They cannot help you in the future. They cannot help you in the past. But they can be your invaluable pilot in the present moment.

It may be that following these intuitive impulses will break many of your previous behavioral patterns, but do not think twice, let them fall away. Proceed with the faith of a child. It will be far better for you to break the patterns in your life that are not in harmony now, on your own, than to wait until the increasing vibrational intensity that is enveloping the Earth’s atmosphere breaks them for you.

The information you need is encoded in the structural make-up of every single cell in your body. Contact it there. The interval of hesitation that exists between your initial Life-impulse and its eventual implementation or rejection may seem like a little thing, but when you consider how many such intervals exist in the course of an average day, and how much collective human energy is poured into these intervals, it is staggering. This is the opening through which your entire species is being drained of its very life-substance. In order to do the work that is ahead, you cannot afford such waste.

Your cultural conditioning has convinced you that withdrawal of attention from rational consideration of past precedent and future possibility would cripple you in your ability to carry out your responsibilities. In truth, it will free you to carry out your real responsibilities.

Your responsibility is to be yourself, to express the essence of your innermost spirit, to express the Lord in form on Earth. To do this, you must be in His Presence [the God-within you!]. Consider all the various issues of your life in the brilliance of the living light that springs from His Being. All that is real in your life situation will remain, and all that is unreal will no longer exist — such an easy way to solve problems!

At this time, your reason is too unwieldy, too permeated with ego values, too slow and open to manipulation to satisfactorily resolve your increasingly complex problems, be they personal or global. Look to the Light of your soul, to the illumination of your own spirit for the answers, and allow whatever does not stand up in this light to dissolve back into the darkness from which it has come.

If one day you find yourself suddenly waking up as if you had experienced the psychological process, but you sense that you are not yet firmly grounded in the new reality, lie low during the days of your centering.

Do not use the powers that you have gained in ways that will draw attention. The time for action will come soon enough. You will know with a certainty when it does. In the meantime, do not intentionally restrict your spirit, but go about your business lightly, with a minimum of personal involvement, keeping centered on the living spirit within.

As you become secure and steady in your ability to maintain yourself in the Presence of God, you will find supreme fulfillment in simply doing what is required of you in the moment.

In the state of grace, your false identities will fall away, and there will remain, during the times of your in-form-ation, an individual identity much more flexible and much more functional than any you now embrace. This identity will not be an exclusive identity that feels separation from the rest of its kind, but a cooperative identity that understands its own uniqueness to be the mechanism through which it might serve the greater whole.

full book as a PDF here:


‘The Starseed Transmissions’ Books
Channelled by Ken Carey

(Ken Carey: Dec 1, 1949 – Jan 5, 2017)

Ken Carey, a contemporary New Age medium and channel, was a postal worker as a young man. Frustrated, he and his family moved to a farm where they lived without most modern conveniences such as electricity, plumbing, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Carey apprenticed himself to an Amish farmer. At one point in the later 1970s, lying in bed with a severe cold, he felt a presence and heard a low humming he described as an energy field. Then a voice spoke to him.

During the winter of 1978-79 he channeled for 11 days. The entities that spoke through him sometimes appeared as angels (including the Archangel Raphael) or extraterrestrials. However, during the later sessions, an entity declared “I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness…. I am the bridegroom, spoken of old. I came to you first through the man named Jesus.”  The transcripts of these sessions were published as The Starseed Transmissions in 1982 and became an early channelled New Age classic. The popular response led to the publication of further volumes based on the channelings.

The entities who spoke through Carey emphasized the central New Age message. They had emerged in order to assist human evolution. It was time to lift the spell of matter and to bring forth a new planetary being. Humankind, Carey argued, is poised on the brink of a momentous transformation: The earth is ripe for harvest. Two resources are available to assist humans in the transformative period: the advanced intelligences, such as those channeling through Carey; and the creative power of thought. As with other New Age channellings, Carey’s emphasizes the problems of over-reliance on rational thought in problem solving and living with guilt imposed in younger years.


E.M. Nicolay: As the bio-weapon’s impact proliferates, both its creators and its victims have taken advantage of the turmoil by rolling out additional plans to use it as convenient cover for introducing unpopular or unsavory initiatives.

There are many already in the works, from the use of the crisis as an excuse to conceal the demise of a global economy that was on the verge of collapse; to the implementation of new digital monetary systems worldwide; to the bankrupting of the most vulnerable among you to hasten the demise of the middle classes; to introducing permanent new monitoring, movement and border restriction protocols; to mandating new methods of obtaining population DNA samples and obliging future vaccination; to covering voter suppression schemes intended to ensure predetermined outcomes; and even including, as you shall see shortly, new excuses for nationalistic isolation and, eventually, global World War.
Forewarned is always forearmed. While you may not be able to single-handedly prevent or avoid these challenging mass events, particularly the ones that change your world forever, you can rest assured that disengaging from the emotional discharge and refusing to participate in the creation of such a reality is where your most significant power rests.  Understanding that the coming Third Dimensional reality is being remodeled for those Young Souls who wish to have these parameters to explore in the discovery of their own Soul growth (challenging though the events are) is a step in the direction of ensuring that you remain untouched by them.
Take reasonable, rational and realistic precautions without Fear, whether they be related to protecting your health and well-being or related to your personal security and maintaining Faith in a volatile society where the future is uncertain. This becomes your principle responsibility, and also becomes your own vehicle for potential Soul growth, whatever the outcome may be.

Meditate; find guidance; ground yourself; stay in the “now”; avoid thought form projections of the future; neutralize your emotions; disengage from your fears and the fear mongering around you; find like-minded Souls; engage with your community at the grass roots level; and, above all else, Keep Calm and Carry On.

VSF: Time is an illusion — time does not exist.
Whenever you live in the future and create expectations for the future — you set yourself up for failure. Because the future does NOT exist — only the NOW. Therefore you know you are in limited mind.
Be in the ongoing unlimited NOW of the Eternal Forever!

A higher consciousness, the Enlightened state of God-Consciousness is our only Refuge.

Remember who you are! Thou Art That! TAT TVAM ASI.

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