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Kashmir Shaivism: Spanda-Karikas — Verse 19

… when he becomes identical with Spanda, the Divine Creative Pulsation … by means of the introversive and extroversive [meaning knowing everything is sacred, everything is God] meditation … by the process of recognition [recognizing that you are a portion of the One, God] rises to the state of the Supreme Experient that he [she] already was (satim eva).

This verse describes the end of the journey. A spark of the Diving flame [you] descends into matter and forgets its divine origin. Like an exile it wanders into distant lands and different forms. … sows his wild oats, reaps the consequences and learns the inexorable laws of life in the bitter school of experience.

A time comes when he is filled with nostalgia [a longing for Truth and our real Home], and now begins his journey homeward. He has not to go far. He has only to throw off the mask of the pseudo-I [the small identity ego-based data-collecting vehicle] and enter his essential, real I, which is the Spanda, the heart beat [of All] … He now becomes what he always was. The universe is no longer a foreign land.

This is an experience for which there is no word in the human language.

Spanda-Karikas, The Divine Creative Pulsation, translated into English by Jaideva Singh; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi India, 1980, 1991

E.M. Nicolay

… over the course of the coming two hundred to two hundred and fifty years, you will coexist in a world that is diverse and rapidly separating … Increasingly … there will be great separations and the potential for conflict in your world, and these separations will be based on those moving forward [to a higher more expanded consciousness] and those wishing to remain locked in step [deluded by the false promise of the hive-mind] or who defend the old structures.

… your measure of whether something is of the new higher dimensional world or the current dimension should be based on whether it is something that individualizes you, protects your freedoms, improves your right to make your own choices, and increases your ability to expand consciousness — or if it is attempting to control and limit you ‘for your own good’ with the added excuse of needing to defend old loyalties [enslavement to an empire disguised as patriotism], monolithic and patriarchal structures [tyrannical bureaucracies feeding off those who do real work adding value to the society], and failing power paradigms [collapsing empire], even if these appear to be on the cutting edge because they are cloaked in new ideologies and technologies …

The concept of global unity, one world government and uniform thought [hive-mind] is an example of this. When viewed carefully it becomes clear that this concept is more about a new way of envisioning a return to old power structures [tyranny in the form of AI artificial intelligence and mind-control] …

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions, New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of the Human Angelics, by E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang, A Handbook to Higher Levels of Spiritual Guidance; Forethought Publishing, Oley Pennsylvania. 2012

VSF: Regarding the Virus, there are so many conflicting reports coming at us like a tsunami — it is difficult to find what may be true. I believe that there are multiple agendas being used by layers of power to control and manipulate the world populations. We are all aware that the so-called ‘elite’ want a one world government — in other words these power mad entities desire to own and control the entire planet. They believe that AI and total surveillance will provide them with the technology they require to rule us all, while those who will not submit will be eliminated. These plans fall perfectly into the agendas of the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys who have successfully invaded our Earth.

While I do not believe that the Virus is a ‘hoax’ as many do, I do feel that it’s numbers are being exaggerated and manipulated by those in control using the monopoly media — and this article from Global Research will give you evidence of that. Consider what is being said here with an open mind. I am not denying that many are suffering and thousands have indeed died. But is the Virus an excuse to implement a totalitarian hive-mind governance in the Land of the Free and many other countries around our planet?

Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19 – Global ResearchGlobal Research

The following is from a medical forum. The writer, who is a widely respected professional scientist in the US, prefers to stay anonymous, because presenting any narrative different than the official one can cause you a lot of stress in the toxic environment caused by the scam which surrounds COVID-19 these days. – Julian Rose

I work in the healthcare field. Here’s the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. Not specifically for COVID-19. There are no reliable tests for a specific COVID-19 virus. 

There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual COVID-19 virus cases. This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to COVID-19 is based on totally flawed data and we simply can not make accurate assessments.

This is why you’re hearing that most people with COVID-19 are showing nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. That’s because most Coronavirus strains are nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. The few actual novel Coronavirus cases do have some worse respiratory responses, but still have a very promising recovery rate, especially for those without prior issues.

The ‘gold standard’ in testing for COVID-19 is laboratory isolated/purified coronavirus particles free from any contaminants and particles that look like viruses but are not, that have been proven to be the cause of the syndrome known as COVID-19 and obtained by using proper viral isolation methods and controls (not the PCR that is currently being used or Serology /antibody tests which do not detect virus as such). PCR basically takes a sample of your cells and amplifies any DNA to look for ‘viral sequences’, i.e. bits of non-human DNA that seem to match parts of a known viral genome.

The problem is the test is known not to work.

It uses ‘amplification’ which means taking a very very tiny amount of DNA and growing it exponentially until it can be analyzed. Obviously any minute contaminations in the sample will also be amplified leading to potentially gross errors of discovery.
Additionally, it’s only looking for partial viral sequences, not whole genomes, so identifying a single pathogen is next to impossible even if you ignore the other issues.
The Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals, at best, tell analysts you have some viral DNA in your cells. Which most of us do, most of the time. It may tell you the viral sequence is related to a specific type of virus – say the huge family of coronavirus. But that’s all. The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.

And that’s not even getting into the other issue – viral load.
If you remember the PCR works by amplifying minute amounts of DNA. It therefore is useless at telling you how much virus you may have. And that’s the only question that really matters when it comes to diagnosing illness. Everyone will have a few virus kicking round in their system at any time, and most will not cause illness because their quantities are too small. For a virus to sicken you you need a lot of it, a massive amount of it. But PCR does not test viral load and therefore can’t determine if it is present in sufficient quantities to sicken you.

If you feel sick and get a PCR test any random virus DNA might be identified even if they aren’t at all involved in your sickness which leads to false diagnosis.

And coronavirus are incredibly common. A large percentage of the world human population will have covi DNA in them in small quantities even if they are perfectly well or sick with some other pathogen.
Do you see where this is going yet? If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic – pick a coronavirus.

They are incredibly common and there’s tons of them. A very high percentage of people who have become sick by other means (flu, bacterial pneumonia, anything) will have a positive PCR test for covi even if you’re doing them properly and ruling out contamination, simply because covis are so common.

There are hundreds of thousands of flu and pneumonia victims in hospitals throughout the world at any one time.
All you need to do is select the sickest of these in a single location – say Wuhan – administer PCR tests to them and claim anyone showing viral sequences similar to a coronavirus (which will inevitably be quite a few) is suffering from a ‘new’ disease.
Since you already selected the sickest flu cases a fairly high proportion of your sample will go on to die.
You can then say this ‘new’ virus has a CFR higher than the flu and use this to infuse more concern and do more tests which will of course produce more ‘cases’, which expands the testing, which produces yet more ‘cases’ and so on and so on.
Before long you have your ‘pandemic’, and all you have done is use a simple test kit trick to convert the worst flu and pneumonia cases into something new that doesn’t actually exist.
Now just run the same scam in other countries. Making sure to keep the fear message running high so that people will feel panicky and less able to think critically.
Your only problem is going to be that – due to the fact there is no actual new deadly pathogen but just regular sick people, you are mislabeling your case numbers, and especially your deaths, are going to be way too low for a real new deadly virus pandemic.
But you can stop people pointing this out in several ways.

  1. You can claim this is just the beginning and more deaths are imminent. Use this as an excuse to quarantine everyone and then claim the quarantine prevented the expected millions of dead.
  2. You can tell people that ‘minimizing’ the dangers is irresponsible and bully them into not talking about numbers.
  3. You can talk crap about made up numbers hoping to blind people with pseudoscience.
  4. You can start testing well people (who, of course, will also likely have shreds of coronavirus DNA in them) and thus inflate your ‘case figures’ with ‘asymptomatic carriers’ (you will of course have to spin that to sound deadly even though any virologist knows the more symptom-less cases you have the less deadly is your pathogen.
    Take these 4 simple steps and you can have your own entirely manufactured pandemic up and running in weeks.
    They can not “confirm” something for which there is no accurate test.

VSF: Connecting Vodaphone, 5G and the Virus
The video I tried to post yesterday and was taken off YouTube, was saved in part by brilliant Seemorerocks.
Do listen.  — S

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