Two very unique views of the claims of modern medicine in relation to the Virus and what causes disease.

VSF: This post is for those of you who are looking for truth among the endless contradictions and confusing explanations of the Virus. Most of us know that our western medical system is deeply flawed, a money greedy criminal enterprise that often doesn’t work. Unless you have a broken bone or some other more ‘mechanical’ injury — modern medicine will proceed to cut out the offending part, inundate you with prescription drugs (side effects include) that are expensive and often toxic, deadly. Looking back on medicine in history, we see numerous accepted treatments (including chemotherapy & shock treatment) that we now find laughable at best and barbaric at worst.

What if a virus is really something designed to help us, to help cleanse the cell of toxic materials?

The HOW YOU GET A “VIRUS” Aajonus Vonderplanitz video says that virus are solvents inside us waiting to act to cleanse our cells of toxins.

In spite of this being a completely radical idea, it makes sense to me. A virus is neither alive or dead. Yet it is said here to be a part of our body and our body is our best and greatest immune system. When we give our body a chance — meaning good organic nutrition and no chemicals — we usually get well.

People die in hospitals and lose all their money, often ending up in debt. It’s all about money today. And our bodies now are overwhelmed by toxins in our food, waters, and the air we breathe. Geoengineering operations worldwide are aerial spraying the planet with toxic metal oxides like aluminum, barium, strontium, and lithium, including fungi and other unknown particles. We have become walking collections of multiple toxic particles that are destroying our immune system. Slow death — along with loss of cognitive function, memory loss, autism, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Could it be that 5G along with WiFi, 4G, etc., our toxic bodies, food, air & land have summoned the virus inside us to cleanse us of the toxic imbalance we have accumulated. This would explain the spectrum of symptoms in reactions to the pandemic.

These videos give a very different view of modern medicines claims. The ‘Coocoos Nest’ audeo from Crow777 gives a radical perspective on what causes illness based on extensive research.

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