How FEAR is being used to implement the Agenda under the cover of the Virus pandemic / Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Reveals Current Tests Don’t Prove COVID-19: How to document a death certificate / Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance

E.M. Nicolay / [FEAR Inc.]
Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension, The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra; E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang, Forethought Publishing, Bernville, Pennsylvania, 2015

The enormous fear generated by a virtual police state mindset before and during the war [WWIII] had dominated the national US psyche for decades, and perhaps this could be seen as the single most important factor exhausting the populace psychologically and speeding the country towards national collapse.

To the majority of younger Americans, Federal or National collapse now seemed preferable to living life in a continuous state of fear, suspicion and loathing, especially the kind fermented by the last seated Federal government. The institution was mocked widely for being blinded by its own dictatorial controls and endless edicts, which were designed merely to prolong government dominance as long as possible and enrich its leaders via totalitarian and secret tactics.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Reveals Current Tests Don’t Prove COVID-19–Mass Panic Should Stop
Start at 5:30 / CDC info @ 12:00
How to document a death certificate
“Driving the numbers to maintain the agenda.” Keeps the panic churning…

Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance
April 6, 2020

By Spiro Skouras
We are in the middle of the worst global health pandemic of our lives according to the Media, the Government and the United Nations. We are witnessing an unprecedented global lockdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak known as COVID19.
The global population living in Western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a constant state of fear ever since 9/11. We have been encouraged to sacrifice our liberty for a false sense of security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the state for protection, and now many of us find ourselves relying on the state to pay our bills.
Despite the government’s budget and deficit continuing to grow exponentially every day… some are beginning to see that there may be more to the official story than what we are led to believe. The very few may have seen this coming and are waiting for the next phase of what very well could be another step closer to global governance. The very men and women, the exact same individuals and government agencies, in addition to global institutions who stand to benefit the most, are the ones calling the shots…
Welcome to COVID-1984 and the official rollout of the New World Order
video here:

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