Fear & Plague / Nicolay: “That which does not evolve naturally in your realm is sadly being used currently to create havoc and fear, for the purpose of keeping the vibrational levels of consciousness lowered so that Ascension and evolution might be curtailed.”

Fear & Plague

As the nefarious motives by the power-elite continue to be revealed, as day-by-day we see how we are being lied to and the media used to cast the world into a state of Fear — once again E.M. Nicolay provides wisdom. In his third prescient book written in 2012, Nicolay talks about “physical illness and plague such as the much feared universal flu.” [The insertions in brackets are mine.]

Nicolay: “… the organism and microbes [such as viruses, bacteria, etc.] in your world are intended to assist the physical reality. …as they cooperate with you and you cooperate with them, in general, they are beneficial in some manner.”

There have been ‘alternative’ physicians who have said much the same about the thousands of viruses that peacefully exist within each of our bodies. These viruses have a function to keep a balance in the body. God is everything! Even a virus. A virus is not evil — unless and until it may have been artificially mutated by human intent. The Corona Virus CV is said to contain a strain of HIV, which could only have gotten into the CV by the CRISPER technology.

There are some 400 labs in the United States alone carrying out bio-technology research under the guise of improving human health — but which is always inevitably used to make bioweapons. They create a new ‘novel’ virus and then make up a vaccination to combat it. The vaccination is patended, an expensive process [Fauci owns many of these kind of patents], and promoted through fear and advertising to the general public.

The result is big profit for Big Pharma. We all know how useless the flu vaccination has been – and how the Gates Foundation’s vaccination campaigns in India and Africa have caused misery and death. But the monsters don’t care about us humans — only their profits and control.

Think of these ‘organisms and microbes’ in our body as God. They are!

Just as we are portions of our Creator, so are these invisible living energies are God. Everything is! God pervades and permeates the All. Perhaps it is useful to think of God at the Core as a subtle system of interconnected electromagnetic energetic fields. These electromagnetic fields are constantly responding to our thoughts and feelings, collecting in forms that we perceive through five-sense perception. Each human through our thoughts, is constantly generating our own world, our personal experience of a holographic temporal reality show unique to us.

This is why there are so many ‘versions’ of God and countless religions. India understands this and it could be said that in India there is a ‘religion’ for every man, woman & child in India. I don’t believe that God cares how we worship our Source, our Spirit. It is only the limited mind of man that tries to force their one way on others to the point of death.

Bhagavad Gita IX.29
I am the same in all beings;
There is none disliked or dear to Me.
Indeed those who worship me
with devotion are in Me,
and I am even in them.

Nicolay: “… Like you, the microbes and organisms are also raising their vibrational level, and thus [due to the increased energies coming from the Galactic Core during this Ascension period] like you, they are exponentially more powerful than they may have been in the past. If you are in a state of fear, and if you believe that these microbes and organisms can do you harm, you … can become [their] food.”

Nicolay explains that these microbes and organisms are part of the Elemental World. As a part of God’s Creation, they have consciousness and purpose. When we are not evolving and raising our own vibrational level, we can become out of sync with them — then indeed, “you are susceptible to whatever you perceive as possible in whatever way you believe.”

In regard to the manipulation of our DNA and the creation of bioweapons, Nicolay says that “there is within our dimension a violation of the genetic properties … human manipulation of these same microbes and elementals … When the elementals are not respected and are genetically manipulated … there is in fact a rebellion of those substances that are not naturally evolved.”

I would venture to say that if I were a virus, I would not appreciate or want a foreign-to-me virus — like HIV or others — inserted into me by a human created technology such as CRISPER.

Nicolay: “That which does not evolve naturally in your realm is sadly being used currently to create havoc and fear, for the purpose of keeping the vibrational levels of consciousness lowered so that Ascension and evolution might be curtailed.”

This idea of locking us into Third Dimensional Planet Earth is far more concerning than locking us in our homes. Most simply do not take metaphysics into account and thus have no real understanding of the actual intent and agenda —- which is to keep us from Ascending, to keep Third Dimensional Planet Earth in a frequency that is comfortable for the Draco Reptilians and their minions the Zeta Reticuli Greys.

Our alien Invaders have no reason to reveal themselves, keeping their presence secret serves the invasion. Meanwhile the Draco Incarnates and Zeta Hybrids continue to spread around the planet — especially in positions of power and the military. When you read something that makes no sense whatsoever from the human point of view, you can be sure it is a part of their covert Agenda.

Nicolay wisely leads us to understand that these occurrences and situation we are currently experiencing are there to assist in our own Enlightenment. They serve as ‘tests’ in these days as we are faced with lies and confusion which we must overcome with the Discernment we have sough to perfect for years.

Nicolay: “…such a test is also the means by which you become enlightened, forcing you to choose higher consciousness, and reject what you have come to know is not truth, or remain gullible, locked a state where you are vulnerable to the visions and possible nightmares created by those who (in an illusory manner) are attempting to drain you of your Essence — your connection to the Light.”

Yes, these entities are like psychic vampires. The geoengineering aerosol spraying going on worldwide may contain more than metal oxide based in fungi nano-stuff. It could easily contain bioweapon viruses directed to specific locations with planes or drones.

Our Refuge is a higher Consciousness.
Choose Faith — Not Fear.

V. Susan Ferguson

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