E.M. Nicolay : The Thing About Cures… Part I, II & III / “…when you keep your vibrational energy high by whatever means, evil and dis-ease simply cannot see you.” / Dr. Zach Bush

E.M. Nicolay: Do not allow Fear to permeate your heart or alter your vibrational integrity. Do not allow it to inhibit your Third Eye, to block your guidance, to lower your immunity, to clog your mind or control your decisions. Be grateful, be vigilant, be conscious, be compassionate, be meditative and be prepared. And always remember that when you are on your Essence Path, when you remain True to who you are at the highest levels of consciousness and when you keep your vibrational energy high by whatever means, evil and dis-ease simply cannot see you.

VSF: E.M. Nicolay has just posted three new reports on our current experience. I have provided a few excepts and urge you to read the entire articles, which will shine light on the true intention of the virus and the core soul meaning of these times. The empire is collapsing. Our Refuge is a higher consciousness.

E.M. Nicolay : The Thing About Cures… Part I

Whether you believe it or not, you currently live in a world that has weaponized almost everything you once held precious. From the metallization of the sky and destruction of the nutrition in the soil that renders your sustenance null, to the exploitation and use as fodder of cultural or natural human genetic differences, to the use of atmospheric electromagnetic principles to unleash every kind of un-natural natural disaster, using the natural world as a covert agent in the one sided war being waged against humanity has reached epic proportions.

Nowhere is the use and weaponization of natural events, substances and processes more evident or problematic to the human condition than with the current pandemic and, coming to you soon, the question of a vaccine that carries a “cure.”

If clouds can be manipulated so they carry scalar impulses that cause unnatural, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis; and if bacteria and viruses can be genetically modified, manipulated and turned into bio-agents of war that affect millions globally; is there any doubt that the purveyors of these technologies would hesitate to also weaponize a miraculous cure created and offered in record time? And similarly, would they hesitate to use whatever means necessary, from testing and collecting your DNA to using innocuous vaccines as an unsuspected delivery system, to succeed in their real objectives?  Let us investigate with you a few such possibilities.


The Thing About Cures.. Part II

While many are watching for UFO’s and space invaders coming from the skies, the fact is the invasion is occurring before your eyes as a bio-phenomenon. Now more than ever before, there are those walking among you who are incarnated in physical bodies, and for all intent and purpose they are human beings who are guided by different intrinsic principles and values by virtue of their Soul connections. Many of these beings have been born into positions of great wealth, power and prestige globally, which adds another level of complication since many of them today run vast corporate and media empires, political organizations and governmental structures.

… recently there have been advancements made by covert organizations that not only allow them to identify who you are physically through your DNA, it allows anyone in possession of your DNA to track you wherever you might be on the planet.

This is done through scalar impulses that can trace DNA back to its source anywhere in the world. This is not much different from the technology used to track your cell phone location no matter where it is in the world with one exception — tracking your DNA requires it to be registered somewhere.

… perhaps more importantly from the standpoint of our previous discussion concerning the incarnations of Alien Souls into human physical bodies, these advancements in identifying DNA also allow those who wish it to identify who you are at a Soul level. Such information would be considered important to those looking to isolate or segregate individuals by virtue of their Soul group affiliation. This is similar to the enslavement and segregation of different ethnic and cultural groups that is a hallmark of the past 2000 years in the modern era.  In some ways, segregation by Soul race through DNA, for whatever purpose, could be seen as the karmic effect of these issues now being balanced at higher, cosmic levels.

… The karmic implications aside, possessing your DNA and the information it contains also permits the possibility of generating a kind of energetic fence around you that is specific to you and blocks you from the natural connection you have with your Guides, your Higher Self and, in a manner of speaking, God.  At the extreme, this energetic fence can be implemented to block your higher spiritual connection not only while you are residing within your physical body but also when in the dream state and even after you have departed the physical body in death.
Such fencing has enormous impact with respect to Ascension, which is the process of Universal evolution. Pinning you in a state of limbo following departure from the body keeps you penned in the Third Universal Dimension and the lower Astral planes cycling through physical incarnations, ultimately preventing you from the Ascension that is your Soul’s divine right. 


The Thing About Cures.. Part III

… it could be said that the COVID-19 pandemic is not the cause of these circumstances but the largest symptom of them globally that you have seen thus far. It will be followed (not in quick succession, but in waves) by economic collapse, famine, World War and ultimately the disintegration of your current society, governments and standards. For those familiar with religious and metaphysical mythology, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse would not be a far off metaphor for describing many of these current and future events.

… a choice has been created that pits the service-to-self against the service-to-others Soul orientations.

… if you believe that a bio-weapon was created in order to kill large swatches of the population, you are only partially correct. Though it may do so, which certainly is happening, its primary development and implementation has far more insidious implications.

… What does any of this have to do with pandemic and “cures”? The quick answer to that question is the registration of your DNA. The more complex answer is to provide a cure that also carries nanoparticles with the ability to infiltrate your DNA. The combination of these two steps allows anyone with the proper scalar wave technology to locate you using your now registered DNA and vibrational signature, and activate, at will, the nanoparticles covertly implanted in your physical body as part of the pandemic “cure.”

… it is also highly possible that Human Angelic Guardians will intervene to ensure failure of this plan, which is being principally implemented by Alien Soul races through their human incarnations and in cooperation with Alien technology derived by shadow government agreements and alliances. 
Such long-term interference will not be permitted.


VSF: From the very core of our conditioned assumptions, we need to change the way we think. All of us. Especially the way we think about Nature on this planet and our relationship to it. Dr. Zach Bush is a remarkable intuitive-intelligence, with a highly expanded mind. He is saying this pandemic situation is a metaphor and symbolic of our condition — a symptom of our imbalance with Nature, a toxic imbalance that is also occurring within our bodies. This disease is a symptom of our wrong thinking. The virus is compared to the weeds in our garden seeking to balance our wrong understanding of Nature.

Dr. Zach Bush start @59:00

Big Tree talks again @ 2:17:00

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“What an amazing interview with Dr Zach Bush. Brought me to tears. His words are closest to God I have ever heard. I’m in complete awe.”

Here is the Dr. Zach Bush website:

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