Geoengineering the West Coast of America and the Fires in California: Weather Warfare shown on NASA Worldview / Breathing metals …

Smoke from the wildfires in California Aug. 20, 2020

VSF: Once again California is burning! I want to share a few of my NASA Worldview screenshots of the West Coast with you.  I have been taking these for over four years and currently have over 4000 of them — so I have gotten pretty familiar with anomalous and/or repeating patterns. I painted landscapes for many years and I am very familiar with clouds in the sky and cloud forms in art history. This is why I studied plasma and atmospheric physics.

I share my screenshots with Dane Wigington:

What I hope you will see here is the manipulation of moisture through Ionospheric Heaters (like still in use HAARP) that are being used to ‘cool’ the eastern USA — and to intentionally drought out CA. These secret operations must have been implemented with the cooperation of Russia, China, Israel, NATO. The corporation supplying the toxic metals in the sprays appears to be American Elements:

For example aluminum, which is known to cause dementia, Alzheimers, and weaken the immune system.

There is a ‘gag order’ and no one is allowed to admit that geoengineering has been going on for over 50 years — although their technologies have changed, advanced in the last 10. When I first began noticing the particles (Navy chaff) were big enough to photograph, now they are nano sized.

This shot shows these totally unnatural ‘ribs’ of cloud forms that are produced by zapping moisture with radiation — either radio-frequency r/f or more likely scalar wave technology (a black ops tech). These are the islands off LA.    / CA Islands / Aug.1, 2020

This (above) pattern of a rectangle off the coast is typical and has continued for months. The pressure system caused by the Ionospheric Heaters keep the moisture off CA and the drought conditions go on. Evil.
They take the moisture from the Pacific and push it north over western Washington State, which is why the Olympic Peninsula had such a cool cold summer. Weather warfare. China, Russia, Israel, NATO, etc. all have this technology. So there has been cooperation, complicity. Now they are using it against each other.

Again a high pressure ‘hole’ off the California coast generated by radiation, Ionospheric Heaters.

The fat lines (above) are ‘chemtrails’ sprayed from ships out on the Pacific — containing (samples were tested) aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, nanoparticles formed in fungi, and perhaps even viruses. These covert operations have been going on for decades under the pretense of cooling the planet — but now used to bully & threaten nations, weather warfare, kill crops for disaster capitalism, and even spread disease.   / EOSDIS Worldview: Pacific Ocean – West coast / June 30, 2020

A really good example off the California coast of ‘rib’ cloud forms generated by radiation from Ionospheric Heaters. There are at least 90 DIGISONDE heaters around the planet. On the left are ‘spirals’ — like helical resonators.    / EOSDIS Worldview: Northern CA coastal / June 19, 2020

This close up (below) shows the crazy straight lines & ‘holes’ the radiation makes in the cloud forms. Bizarre. Completely unnatural.

Another good example (below) of a high-pressure system keeping CA bone dry. Also spray track lines from ships on the left.

(below) Again another good example of a high-pressure system keeping CA bone dry. This pattern has been going on for months! No moisture gets to California.
NASA Worldview: West Coast / March 13, 2020

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