Toxic Skies over the Olympic Peninsula / “Even we never dreamed how easily the entire population could be duped and controlled by our FEAR propaganda into believing everything we have lied to them about.”

This is a photo taken by me from my house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Note the ‘rib’ like cloud forms which are the result of radiation such as radio-frequency or more likely scalar radiation (a black technology). Radiation from emitters is used to turn the atmosphere into a computer and facilitate both electronic warfare EW and geoenginerring.

My photos taken from my windows facing west.
I have four years of photos showing the development of their Electronic Warfare technology.
These are the kind of forms I am mostly seeing here now. I term them ‘dripers’ for obvious reasons. The brightness & contrast have been increased by me to reveal their form more clearly. I assume these diaphanous ‘driper’ patterns are the result of the toxic nano metals (aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium nanoparticles based in fungi) being further decreased into nano-sized particles — as evidenced in their (revolting!) deposits around my home especially on black surfaces.

VSF:  Isn’t it bewildering astonishing amazing how easily we humans have been suckered, went for, succumbed to this Virus scam! Yes there is a contagious disease – however it is being used to destroy our freedoms.

Even the wicked perpetrators must be overwhelmed by their success. I can imagine them laughing their socks off and toasting to our gullible stupidity: “Even we never dreamed how easily the entire population could be duped and controlled by our FEAR propaganda into believing everything we have lied to them about. Even when the CDC admitted the masks are useless — the clueless sheeple are so terrified, they continue to wear them.”

Truth from a retired doctor, who has understood the ‘game’ and flat-out says that we are systematically being lied to. Anything that is safe and inexpensive — other than the Gates/Fauci/Moderna etc. vaccines — might interfere with their investment portfolio!  In other words, these vicious ratzoids are counting on us continuing to cower in fear and subject our already compromised immune systems to multiple forced vaccinations – so they can rake in millions in profit.

Yet the deranged evil globalists, who want to reduce the world population by planned genocide, are NOT willing to volunteer themselves. If Fauci and others were not irrevocably corrupt, then millions of people would not now be suffering (loss of businesses, jobs, income, home), tens of thousands would not be dying (ordered into nursing homes and wrongly placed on machines that eventually killed them!), and this Virus pandemic would have been over by April.

The mask is very bad for your ability to breathe properly and the health of your immune system; it also is psychologically very damaging, especially to children.

These monstrous humanoid tyrants are beyond immoral and heartless — they are insane. Little do they realize that when the Draco/Zeta Agenda is through using them — they will face a dark future.

Some enhancements to the contrast & brightness were made by me to reveal the bizarre form of the cloud more clearly.

We are breathing toxic-to-all-life nanoparticles in engineered cloud forms that are ‘raining’ metal oxides down on us every minute of every day. Aluminum, barium, lithium, etc. are all making their way through our lungs, passing the blood brain barrier, and weakening our immune system — making us more vulnerable to disease. Perhaps even spreading viruses.
Take a flash light and shine it on a dark surface, like your computer screen or a black table surface. The metals refract/reflect light. This was a dark tinted light bulb. These metal nanoparticles are what we are breathing.

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