E.M Nicolay: QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations / Part 1 & 2 / “Rest assured that the choices you make now have everything to do with the size, shape and potential disruption of the events you personally encounter in the future.”

VSF: E.M Nicolay has posted a three Part series on what is occurring in our current reality. As many of you may know, I have great respect for E.M. Nicolay. He is both an enlightened telepathic visionary and what we term a remote-viewer. His work is grounded in the ancient traditional Sanskrit teachings. He spent many years studying with various enlightened masters in the far east. I have no quarrel with what he is teaching — in fact he resonates with my own understanding based on my years of reading the sacred Sanskrit texts and my visions of the ET alien Invasion (see ‘Inanna Returns’ and “We Lost the Planet.”)

These three posts by E.M. Nicolay are key to our current predicament, with insight into the purpose of this era and the endless machinations that are ongoing to block us from Ascension, prevent our own individual Enlightenment, and permit the bio-invasion of the alien ET Invasion Agenda.

I have posted a few excerpts and encourage you to go to the links I have provided for the full articles. I will post the third article. Also read E.M. Nicolay’s books. The Truth does set us free!

E.M. Nicolay: QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations / Part 1
September 4, 2020


The following Three-Part Blog is based on recent thoughtful questions received from readers (our thanks to SM and SF) concerning the validity, pertinence and higher meaning of situations and events emerging now on the timeline of the Third Universal Dimension:

“… Those currently making references to a “deep” state in an attempt to undermine their opponents are in fact the original “deep” state. By masquerading as something other than what they truly are, their mission is to detract from the damaging initiatives they are implementing in order to undermine current social and political structures and standards in order to impede the possibility of any enlightened alteration to their long-range plans.”

“… let us inform you definitively of something else that is becoming more and more important to understand within the current state of affairs. There is NO such person and NO such thing as “QAnon”. This initiative is in fact a psychological operation (PsyOps) perpetrated by the current cabal that is in power in order to create a platform to disseminate disinformation, spread propaganda, incite division and mislead certain populations.”

“… It is up to you to consider carefully if what you are hearing, seeing and experiencing is Truth that resonates for you, or if it does not.

“Your awareness in this, and the choices you make based on these considerations, will either serve to free you from future tyranny or will place you directly in its clutches so that your future Soul growth comes via additional karma you generate and will need to balance. Whatever side, cabal, organization or group YOU choose to trust and follow, and whichever group you adhere to or see as visiting “tyranny” and chaos on you and your loved ones, is a reflection primarily of your consciousness and your Soul age. And that will determine how you navigate the coming tribulations.

“Rest assured that the choices you make now have everything to do with the size, shape and potential disruption of the events you personally encounter in the future. Your beliefs, your choices, the state of your own consciousness, your vibrational integrity and your ability to rise above mass conscious emotions, division and fear will have tremendous impact on your Soul growth as well as your proximity to these events as they increase and crescendo in the future, as we shall now explore…”


E.M. Nicolay: QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations / Part 2
September 5, 2020


“We have told you in the past that the current pandemic was planned in order to incite fear, target specific genetic groups and create a catalyst for collecting and registering DNA. While the first two references here do indeed have short term impact that should be considered, it is the latter that has the most significance as it pertains to the long term strategy planned by these groups – the “cabals” if you prefer – including those in power currently and those that are not. Though you perceive the various sides as divergent, in fact except for the superficial surface trappings, each has the same long-term intention of fostering population control and populace domination, delivered in varying measures and in different ways globally.”

“When perfected these methods will be used to re-engineer your DNA so that communication with your Higher Self is curtailed and suppressed in favor of whatever impulses those organizing these initiatives wish to replace them. Early efforts to non-physically implant subliminal influences reach back over 75 years, and the desire for this or that product or brand can be seen as the successful use of these strategies to the point where now your preferences are seen as a normal function of your personal desires. In fact, products now use “influencers”, to sway the desires of audiences, an interesting selection of terminology when considering what is transpiring. Nano technology that modifies the DNA takes subliminal influencing to the extreme, and incorporates new and dangerous uses for controlling thought, desire and, ultimately, entire populations.

“To enact this new method of interference and “influence”, the first step requires registration of an individual’s DNA, an enormous feat to be sure. However, in the chaos and panic caused by an actual pandemic, such global registration of DNA can be done quickly under false, or at the least, dual pretense easily achieved through voluntary participation. Collecting DNA, with names attached in order to test for viral infections or for the purpose of contact tracing quickly achieves registration of a named individual’s DNA, and this then serves as a person’s primary identifier.”

“… such a Nano-trigger that attaches to your DNA could be easily introduced widely via vaccination, a concept already known to effectuate change in the human body.”

“With respect to the emerging timeline, these younger Souls have opted to learn about freedom by having their freedoms curtailed, and such will be the many world scenarios created until the great reset of the timeline in the 26th Century when civilization as you know it will cease to exist and will begin over again.

“Until then, the Draco-Reptilian hybrid agenda will predominate. This is propagated in large part by that Soul species, incarnated currently as they are in human bodies within positions that allow them to orchestrate control of large swatches of the world’s political and economic power establishments. The agenda is quite simply to control and dominate the newly incarnating population of Human Angelic Souls, while creating the ideal biologic and atmospheric environment to enable establishment of a future hybrid population for their own Soul species.”


I painted this in Texas high school in the early 1960s. Their eyes were originally black – but since I found them somewhat disturbing, I painted them white.
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